Ferrari 355 Vs 360, which one to choose?

Ferrari 355 and 360 is the argument to distinguish two different vehicles of two different periods of Ferrari. Moreover, the 355 came into the market before 360 so one can predict that 360 will have something the other one lacks. It is the law of automotive that the newer version will have more benefits.

Here both of the cars have benefits and losses which makes things easier to select. If one is looking for top speed, then they must go for 355. However, for more power, they will have to go for the 360. Looking for more information? Have a look below for the information.

Ferrari 355 Vs 360

Ferrari 355
Ferrari 355

One of the most popular and luxurious manufacturers is Ferrari which is an Italian manufacturer. They are in the industry for quite a time and manufactured a tremendous number, genre, and quality vehicles over time. In the affordable and maintenance cost criteria, people often choose the Ferrari 355 and 360. In case anyone wants to buy any of this one, they need to know the benefits they will provide and what features they distinguish in.

Specifically, the 355 model which is a sports car of type F129 manufactured by this company back in 1994 and continued till 1999. Mainly, this was the replacement car for the Ferrari 348 with better exterior and performance. In reality, this option is a significant improvement of performance in Ferrari with better drivability in a wide range of speeds and different environments.

Designed by Pininfarina which is a famous Italian car designer, this model has a 2-door Berlinetta, a 2-door Targa top, and a 2-door convertible body style.

On the other hand, Ferrari 360 is a two-seater type F131, a mid-engine sports car with rear-wheel drive. The manufacturer designed and manufactured this one as a successor to the Ferrari 355 and the replacement of the Ferrari F430 back in 2004. This one is also designed by the car designer as the other option with only one body style with two doors. Already we are seeing that the 355 have more option than the 360 Ferrari.

Let’s demonstrate every feature of these two cars and find out which one will be better to choose.


From the table below we can see that the 360 has a different option in the engine for its different model. Moreover, the performance of the 360 is more than the 355 in lower RPM. That means the engine in Ferrari 360 will be more durable and performative than the other one,

Ferrari 355 Vs 360
Ferrari 355 Vs 360


To measure the performance the acceleration of the vehicle is necessary. Suing this term, one will know how fast and how responsive the car will be. Here both of the cars seem to have almost similar performance in acceleration.

Speed & distanceFerrari F355Ferrari 360 Modena
0 – 30 mph1.8 s1.9 s
0 – 60 mph4.5 s3.9 s
0 – 100 mph10.5 s8.9 s
0 – 150 mph27.0 s29.6 s
Est. 1/8 mile9.3 s at 92.0 mph8.9 s at 95.1 mph
1/4 mile12.8 s12.2 s at 113.5 mph
1 mile32.6 s at 154.1 mph32.6 s at 152.5 mph


Top Speed

To measure the overall performance of the car one will have to know the top speed of the car. The higher the top speed the better the performance. Here the 360 will have less top speed than the 355 and distinguish by 5 km/h which is a point to consider.

Ferrari 360Ferrari 355
It features 290 km/h / 180 mph top speedFeatures 295 km/h / 183 mph top speed

Fuel economy

According to the data below 3655 have bigger fuel tanks than the other ones with more fuel economy. Also, this one will cover more range burning less fuel. Another important feature in which the 355 is a winner is the carbon emission which is insanely lower than the 360. That means the Ferrari 355 will be more convenient to use in terms of fuel economy.

KeyFerrari 355Ferrari 360
Fuel Economy Combined15.5 L/100km or 15 mpg-US  17.9 L/100km or 13 mpg-US  
Range567 Km or 352 miles458 Km or 285 miles
Fuel Tank Capacity88 L OR 23.2 US gallons  82 L or 21.7 US gallons  
CO2 emissions370 g/Km428 g/Km



Since Ferrari is a luxurious and fashionable car, one will not need so much space inside the car. However, for a comfortable ride, it is necessary to have enough space or room to place the body inside the car. In that case, the Ferrari 360 with more wheelbases will be more comfortable to sit for a long time.

AreaFerrari 355Ferrari 360
Length4,249 mm or 167.3 inches            4,477 mm or 176.3 inches
Width1,900 mm or 75 inches1,922 mm or 75.7 inches
Height1,171 mm or 46.1 inches1,214 mm or 47.8 inches
Wheelbase2,451 mm or 96.5 inches2,600 mm or 102.4 inches


Ferrari 360
Ferrari 360

When one is buying any luxurious car with almost similar performance or look, they must consider the price range. Here the 355 Ferrari will cost less than the other option. If one looks for the features and benefits the cars will offer, they can justify the price value of the cars properly.

Ferrari 355Ferrari 360
$120,050 – $135,020                $153,133 – $154,340

According to the discussion and information above one can choose what they want between these two. Moreover, one will have to pay fewer maintenance costs with the 360 than with the 355 in the lifetime of the car. If one only considers the routine maintenance, then the Ferrari 355 will cost so much more than the other one.

Also, the 366 is more reliable than the 355. According to user reviews, experts, and critics, the 360 Ferrari does not have any major problems. However, the owner needs to pay great attention to some of the specific parts of the Ferrari 355.

Overall, the choice of the user or the buyers to make. Even if the maintenance cost of the 355 is more than the 366, it is lower in buying price too. So, before buying one has to calculate every pros and cons according to the circumstances and needs of the car.


Having or owning a Ferrari is a dream of every automotive enthusiast because of the luxury it offers. However, the car this manufacturer offers is not of heavy use. As for the Ferrari 360 and 355, both cars are not for heavy use.  

With different price ranges, specifications, performance, and many more, both of them will serve different. Mostly, cars are preferable for a different group of people. Hopefully, the discussion on Ferrari 355 Vs 360 helped to select the suitable one.


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