Bilstein B4 Vs B6, which one will be a preferable suspension?

Bilstein B4 Vs B6, this title has two of the best suspension of passenger vehicles manufactured by Bilstein. Since both of them have almost similar performances, people get confused about which one to pick. Specifically, the B4 suspension is the factory replacement that uses the standard spring.

On the other hand, the B6 is an upgraded version of the other one. That means it will provide better performance using the original spring. Also, this one will give battery performance in sports cars too. If one is looking for more information then the discussion below will be helpful.

Bilstein B4
Bilstein B4

Bilstein B4 Vs B6

If one counts or searches for the best manufacturer to design and manufacture the best shock absorber, they will find the German Manufacturer Bilstein in front of them. Bilstein has been around for more than a century, although it just entered the vehicle sector in 1954. One of the first corporations to enter the automobile sector is this one. With their professional engineers and years of experience, they have quickly taken over the market.

Moreover, the build quality gives the consumer their initial impression, and this is an area where the manufacturer can make a significant difference. To compete with the rest of the world in the same category, one can focus on the product’s build quality. Amazingly, Bilstein pays close attention to the quality of their products’ construction. The fact that their shock has such a long lifespan is indicative of their dedication to this sector.

With all of the features and materials they employ in the manufacturing process, it will be difficult for their competitors to outperform them in terms of performance. Whatever the customer’s needs are, Bilstein will always have a solution. With thousands of series to choose from, this category has something for everyone. This manufacturer has a solution for every difficulty, from on-road to off-road, from SUV to heavy load, with the promise of the greatest performance.

Luckily, one will get a different option for almost every vehicle that exists in this world. However, in this article, we will be discussing the B4 and B6 shocks and will try to distinguish this two to find out the best possible one.

Specifically, the B4 is a damper in simple words it is an OEM replacement.  This means this is built to replace the factory shock absorber with batter performance and reliability. Mostly, every vehicle of every manufacturer will suit this B4 absorber.

On the other hand, the B6 shock absorber is for people who are looking for something more than the B4. This is a gas pressured absorber which will be the perfect point between the performance and comfort. Even if the demand is high or the road is the worst, the superior build quality of this suspension will not deceive the users.

Next, we will illustrate an organized table trying to stand the differences between B4 and B6 shock absorbers.

Table: Bilstein B4 Vs B6

Bilstein B4Bilstein B6
This is designed to directly replace the factory absorber.This one is upgraded with more power than the other one called the sport shock absorber.
Reverse extremely high power for maximum safety.It will provide maximum safety even in the frequent and bumpiest journey.
It features high OE quality.This one also features high OE quality.
Provide perfect traction with precise handlingProvide excellent traction with precise handling
Use the standard springUse the original spring
Optimum grip and stabilityExcellent grip and stability even on the worst road
Black paint exteriorYellow paint exterior
Not for extending the original height of the vehicleIt can be used to extend the height of the vehicle.

From the discussion above one can say that both of the absorbers are built with high-quality material. Also, the manufacturer provides great care in designing the shock for excellent performance. So, one can be sure about the built quality of two of these suspensions.

Also, the lifespan of these shocks will blow people’s minds. Normally, the shocks wear out before time. But with Bilstein, one can easily run with this shock for more than the recommended time. For this, they need to take care of the shock properly. Inspecting the shocks from time to time will increase the lifespan.

Moreover, choosing one absorber between these two is easy because these are supposed to work at different levels. In case one is looking for a factory replacement then they should go for the B4 option. On the other hand, looking for something extra will lead to the B6.

Besides, if one wants to extend the height of the car from the ground or from the wheel, the B6 is a perfect option to choose. This sporty performative absorber will provide the best experience mixing up comfort, performance, and stability.

Bilstein B6
Bilstein B6

What are the best features of Bilstein B4 and b6 shock absorbers?

Bilstein B4Bilstein B6
– Standard replacement of factory setup.
–  Use the standard springs.
– Perfect performance and lifespan that justify the value of money.
–  Better performance than the factory setup
–  Higher in quality than the standard version.
–  It will upgrade the factory setup.
–  Roughly 20% stiffer than a standard chassis shock.
– it  is a standard height shock
–  Use the original springs. –  Frequently found with internal bump stops.
–  Perfect for fast and frequent roads.
– Use in the sports car or competitions


Installing the right shock absorber in the vehicle is extremely necessary. If one chooses something of poor quality then they will end with an uncomfortable and irritating road experience. Mainly, driving the car off-road requires the highest quality suspension.

Specifically, the German manufacturer Bilstein is a renowned and trustworthy option for suspension. In initial passenger vehicles, B4 and b6 are suitable options. However, the B4 is a factory suspension and the B6 is something more than the B4. Hopefully, one has found enough information from the discussion Bilstein B4 Vs B6 to know which one they will need.

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