Blistein 5125 vs 5100 Tacoma

A perfectly playing shock absorber is a much-needed item for a four-wheeler out of many essential things. Especially for those tracks that face uphill/downhill roads or even no roads at all. Blistein 5125 and 5100 Tacoma is two models of shock absorbers. On which professional truck and SUV drivers have faith.

With a good demand and necessity, there will be a brief discussion along with a collation between Blistein 5125 vs. 5100 Tacoma. Let’s begin with the topic.

A small introduction of Blisten 5125 and 5100 Tacoma

It is not essential even for extreme truck drivers to know about a high-performing shock absorber. But whenever the topic is about solid, high responsive, durable suspensions, Blister 5125 and 5100 are the common names to hear.

These two models are the performing shock absorber for professional truck drivers. They are known for going with their trucks on different roads and areas. As the built-in shock absorbers don’t feel suitable for their users, Blister 5125 fulfills the necessity. 5100 is another type of shock absorber used mainly for the Toyota Tacoma trucks as it comes with an accessible installation mode.

Work efficiency

Although both of these shock absorbers belong to the same Company, some differences get found in them.

For modification of the SUV and truck to have a dope look with improved performance, the 5100 suspensions can play a great role. They deliver a good look in heavy trucks as the rear wheelbase gets lifted for a few inches. Besides looks, they gain enough performance ability in the tough areas and roads. As the roads contain a lot of unstable and rough surfaces, the stock shock absorber for the trucks may not work efficiently compared to the 5100 model.

On the other hand, the 5125 gets considered an equal type of shock absorber as the 5100 one. It is also suitable for the trucks to lift from both the front and backside. But the main difference between these two models is the 5125 is available in different sizes. This is made with a higher level of driving ability. Any type of off-roading that a truck wants to perform can quickly get done with this shock absorber. In the matter of work efficiency, the 5125 model can be named as the off-roader one.

Required areas

Both shock absorber models can be used easily on almost every type of road and area. But regarding the comparison, the 5125 can be used broadly at any surface. No matter if the SUV goes fishing in the rain forest or climbs up the rugged mountain. Various can be done quickly through any of these models.

Whenever the truck or SUV gets used for lifting heavy materials or items, 5100 modeled shock absorbers at that time play a game-changing role. It may increase the length of the truck from both sides. But there is no chance of friction between the wheels and the body.

In short, the 5100 model is suitable for lifting the truck and SUV for the supply purpose, whereas the 5125 may appear as the standard suspension but can work easily in every type of area.

Blistein 5125 in details                                            

Blistein Company has declared this shock absorber model as the ideal one for rough surfaces. For that reason, high-quality monotube gas pressuring design with a 46mm length delivers great performance and feedback. Any higher driving level, extremeness, or aggressive riding is nothing against them.

With the relevancy of higher technology, durability also makes no differences or compromises at all. The next-level zinc coating on this suspension doesn’t fade down the color even after a long usage time. And thinking about maximum stability and performance on rough roads, the finest upside-down technology has taken this suspension to its highest-performing ability.

5100 Tacoma in Details

Regarding the majority of installation, the 5100 model of suspension has been used in Toyota Tacoma SUV for its easy installation process. Apart from that, it gets used for the other four-wheeler models too. Those trucks that come with bigger-sized rims and tires are the best ones for this model.

While comparing with 5125, this one also contains almost the same features, configurations, and materials. Comfortable riding posture stable breaks at any area with the least amount of vibrating are the major nature of 5100. As in the previous one, 5100 also gets operated through the gas pressure technology. Also, the USD(upside down) suspension system doesn’t require any kind of shaking or instability that the driver wants to receive. Even after all these great functions, the Company let each unit go through extreme tests and experiments so that not a single one gets left in performance. Quick responsive and maximum flowing pistons play their role to avoid the major or minor types of harshness from the internal area.

Ratings from the professional riders

Here is a rating below that formed with two different opinions. One of them is given by Johnson from California. He is a passionate trail visiter and loves to trail in other extreme places with his Ford Ranger. A couple of days ago, he recently upgraded his vehicle with the 5125 suspension model. As he needs to lift some essential goods most of the time, this suspension appears very worthy. Now he’s sharing the rating as helpful material towards interest buyers.

And the other opinion is given by Harry, who lives in Australia. He’s been working as a professional fisherman who hunts fishing in different areas. Recently, Harry has completed the Moreton Island journey placed in Queensland. 5100 model of the suspension has played a significant role with his Toyota Tacoma, as he ensured.

Objects along with rating(out of 10)Opinion of Jonathan (5125 users)Opinion of Harry (5100 users)
Performance in rough areas8 out of 108.5 out of 10
Lifting ability  9 out of 106 out of 10
Controlling ability in terrain areas7 out of 109 out of 10
Durability in extreme roughness9 out of 108 out of 10
After installation appearance10 out of 107 out of 10( As Harry installed the stock-sized suspension, there are not enough changes in the appearance.

So which one is the best to choose? 5125 or 5100?

After all the explanation and description, the actual factor is none of them can be avoided from choosing. The price is almost the same, delivers good durability, and performs for a long time without any issue. All is now depends on the users and their requirements.

For all areas traveling with comfortable riding ability,  Blistein 5125 is the best choice. The actual performance of the vehicle comes through it.

And for any lifting or carrying, 5100 is surely the necessary one. The rest of the activities now depends on the user’s intention.

Final Words

Anesthetic SUV traveler once said, why you don’t take your four-wheeler ride into the jungles through bigger holes and muddy surfaces. They are made for those areas. Now his statement gets proven in reality. Blistein 5125 vs. 5100 Tacoma, none of them is a great performer comparing each other.

All is needed to make the decision, choose the desired model, unplug the stock ones, and install them. Here you go, your SUV/truck is ready to roll.

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