The main difference between Toyota Fipg Vs Permatex

Toyota Fipg Vs. Permatex is one of the concerns of TOYOTA users. Since the Toyota professionals use both sealers, people often get confused about these two. However, both the item defers in many ways that people can choose based on those.

Initially, the Permatex is the option when dealing with high temperatures and heavy acid. On the contrary, if one has to leak oil and needs a heavy oil resistance sealer, FIPG is the option. Both of them are best in a similar and different scenarios. The user needs to decide what they want. To know more about these sealants, have a look below.

Toyota Fipg Vs Permatex

Toyota Fipg Vs Permatex

Toyota Fipg vs. Permatex is an extended argument. Both of the elements are sealants used in many different and similar scenarios. If one asks the differences between these two, the first thing that will come is the making process and the element of those.

Moreover, the word FIPG stands for Form In Place Gasket. On the contrary, PERMATEX stands for PermaShield Fuel Resistant Gasket Dressing and Sealant. They are chemically manipulated paint sealants used in automobile cars like Toyota.

Specifically, sealants in the automobile industry are synthetic chemical products used in different car parts. The primary purpose is to protect the car from any harm like an oil leak. Those sealants act as a protective barrier against dirt, dust, and other harmful component.

Moreover, the FIPG and Permatex sealant also protect the Toyota from UV exposure. Also, moisture and acidic substance are greatly resisted by those sealers.

Since both FIPG and Permatex refers to sealant, people want to know the difference between these two. So, they are,


Both FIPG and Permatex are made of artificial silicon substances. Though their manufacture is different, the substance is almost similar. As a result, both sealers are suitable for sealing oil leaks, water leaks, acid resistance, oil resistance, etc.

However, if the substance is too hot and too acidic, then the Permatex can be the better option.

Sensor Safe

Since Toyota is one of the renowned brands that use so much modern technology in their car, having so many different sensors in the whole body is normal. So, if one uses something high temp sealer like FIPG and Permatex, they have to make sure those are safe to the sensor.

Luckily, both of the product is sensor safe. Therefore, one can use both without worrying that they will harm the sensor.

Maximum Protection

Both FIPG and Permatex gives high protection against the different substance of the car. However, if one is looking for tall oil resistance, then both FIPG and Permatex is the best option.

In case of high temp protection, then Permatex is the option. It can tackle more than 7000F temperature.


In the case of odder, both FIPG and Permatex are free of odder. Therefore, one does not have to worry about bad odder. However, since some people are highly vulnerable to odder, their main concern becomes the odder when they try something new.

Luckily, both items will not give any edgy feel by their odder. One can comfortably use both of them. In case one is looking for something colorful, Permatex is the option.

Cure Time

While choosing the automobile sealers, one of the main things one has to consider is the cure time. It is a crucial part of the game. Some of the sealers take too long that the user gets disappointed. Also, one of the sealing options requires holding the equipment.

Imagine holding a pipe for 3 to 4 hours. It is impossible. So, one has to consider what they will do and how long it will take. FIPG is the best option if the work requires holding because it takes around 5 minutes to cure.

If one does not have to hold it and requires a heavy-duty sealer, then Permatex is the option. Though it takes hours to cure, it is the hardest sealer.


If one is concerned about the product’s price, they can go for the Permatex because Permatex is less expensive than FIPG. However, since FIPG is a genuine product of TOYOTA, it costs more.


Sealants are one of the essential accessories of the automobile industry. Different manufacturer of car has their authentic adhesive. As for Toyota, the professionals use FIPG and Permatex in other vehicle parts. FIPG is perfect for high oil resistance, and Permatex is ideal for high temperature and acid resistance.

Hopefully, one has got all their answers about Toyota Fipg Vs. Permatex from the above discussion. We have tried to cover all the details about FIPG and Permatex. As for choosing the one, it will depend on many scenarios and the user’s needs.

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