Chevy Traverse 2LT Vs LTZ, which one to choose?

Chevy Traverse 2LT vs LTZ, the major point of this discussion will be the price. Among all the differences, the eye-catchy difference is their price which is distinguished by a large amount. While the LTZ is more expensive, the 2LT is more affordable. Yet the LTZ will offer so much more than the other one.

However, the LTZ will be more luxurious yet they share so many similarities in terms of physical and mechanical appearances. In the case of the recent Chevy Traverse, the differences will be too considerable than the previous version. For more detailed information, one has to be with us till the end.

Chevy Traverse 2LT Vs LTZ

While choosing the best vehicle for the family for purpose of traveling, Chevy Traverse 2LT and LTZ are two of the most common pick. With maximum passenger capacity, mileage, and usability consumers tend to choose these two over any other cars of the same category.

In these two, the whole family along with necessary things together can travel. Also, having an outdoor picnic far from the home will be easy with these two. However, choosing one in between these two is quite hard. That’s why we have illustrated some major and basic differences between these two. Hopefully, it will help the buyers select their best fit.

Dimension and Physical Appearances

One will not find so many differences in the dimension or the physical appearances of these two cars. Initially, both of the cards have the same shade of interior and exterior color options. Also, the material used in the cars is exactly the same.

However, the length of the 2LT is 204.3 inches, the height is 69.9 inches, and the width of the car is 78.5 inches. Meanwhile, the LTZ has a length of 203.70 inches, the height is 69.9 inches, and the height is 81.2 inches. Here, both of the cars have the almost same dimension. Moreover, they share the same size of wheelbase which is 118.90 inches.

Engine and Transmission

Searching for differences for engine and transmission in these two will go in vain. Because both of the cars share a 3.6L V6 gas engine with a fuel type of gasoline. Also, they have the 6-Speed A/T transmission with FWD and AWD style.

However, they have differences in the power they produce as output. The 2LT will provide a Horsepower of 281 HP at 6300 rpm and a Torque of 266 ft-lb at 3400 pm. Meanwhile, the LTZ will provide Horsepower of 288 HP at 6300 rpm and torque of 270 ft-lb at 3400 rpm.

Fuel Economy

Some of the people concerned about the cost of their overall maintenance and the environment look for fuel economy. Well, these two cars will provide fuel economy like all the other cars out there. Not so different they will share in terms of fuel economy.

Fuel economy for the 2LT will be 24 mpg and 23 mpg for the LTZ vehicle. They distinguish by only one mpg which will not have a great impact.


Here, the capacity will be the passengers, towing, and payload capacity of these two cars. In these three terms, both of the cars will have a difference in only one. While 2LT offers a seating capacity for 8 people, the LTZ offers a seating capacity for 7 people.

However, the towing and payload capacity of these two cars will be the same. Usually, both of them have a max towing capacity of 5,200 lbs and a max payload capacity of 1,618 lbs.


Here is another major difference between these two. While buying a car with a fortune one looks for the best features at an affordable price. If one is planning to buy the Chevy Traverse 2LT, the starting price will be around $36,865. However, the starting price will be $43,255 for the Chevy Traversals LTZ. That means the LTZ is $6390 which is a huge amount.

FeaturesChevy Traverse 2LTChevy Traverse LTZ
Fuel Tank Capacity          22.0 gal22.0 gal
Horsepower281 HP at 6300 rpm.288 HP at 6300 rpm.
Displacement   3.6L/217
Torque266 ft-lb at 3400 rpm.270 ft-lb at 3400 rpm.
Transmission6-Speed A/T6-Speed A/T
DrivetrainFWD and AWDFWD and AWD
MPG19 combined19 combined
Fuel Economy24 MPG23 MPG
Front Tire SizeP255/65R18P255/55R20
Rear Tire SizeP255/65R18P255/55R20
Seating8 seats7 seats
Color9 exterior9 exterior
Wheelbase118.90 in118.90 in
Length204.3203.70 in
Height69.9 in69.9 in
Width78.5 in81.2 in
Max Towing Capacity5,200 lbs.5,200 lbs.
Max Payload Capacity1,618 lbs.1,618 lbs.
Starting price$36,865$43,255
Table: Chevy Traverse 2LT Vs LTZ

Chevy Traverse 2LT Vs LTZ, which one to choose?

Initially, both of the cars is two of the best choice one can make. However, for a cheaper option, one can go for the Chevy Traverse 2LT. it will be around $6390 less than the LTZ. However, one will have to sacrifice so many benefits like sun protectors, rain sensors, and so many other modern technologies. In case one does not feel the necessity of luxury, they can surely go for the 2LT since it is the same as the other one in major features.

If one is looking for a more luxurious option with all the modern technology and price is not an issue, LTZ will be the best fit for them. They will have all the other luxurious features that 2LT will not offer with the LTZ option. Overall, the decision is on the buyers to make according to their wishes and situation.


Overall, Chevy traverse 2lt and ltz are the best value car with all the necessary features a human can ask from their vehicles. Also, the LTZ will offer some other luxury features that will take the experiences of the users to another level.

However, the LTZ will be more expensive than the 2LT yet this will have so many technological features. Overall, one will have to decide on Chevy traverse 2lt vs ltz and what they want. Hopefully, this article will be informative enough to help with the decision.

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