Selec Trac Vs Quadra Trac, which one will provide better performance?

Selec Trac Vs Quadra Trac, this discussion is on two of the most popular mode of the drivetrain of jeeps. Specifically, the selec track and quadra track is a full-time 4WD drivetrains with various modes. However, the selec trac has a 2WD mode which is absent in the quadra trac.

People may look for the benefits they will get comparatively from these two. Well, this is an argumental statement to make, which requires discussion. Hopefully, the discussion we have made below out of our real-time driving experience will help the seekers.

Selec Trac Vs Quadra Trac
Selec Trac

Selec Trac Vs Quadra Trac

Before going into the deep discussion of differences between selecT track and quadra track, one will need to know the meaning and the connection of those with the system of any vehicle. Below we will illustrate and discuss every point related to the topic to make a clear understanding for the readers.

Initially, the term Trac is what one will have to know and how it is connected with the system. Well, the TRAC is the Traction Control system that switches the traction control ON/OFF in need. The purpose of this thing is to prevent wheelspin and downshifting when one is driving. This term is directly connected to the drivetrain of the car.

In case one does not know about the drivetrain, it is a whole system with the transmission, driveshaft, axles, CV joints, and wheels. This entire system will work together to help the power generated in the engine to reach the wheels. Without the drivetrain of the car, there is no way for the power of the machine to reach the wheels.

 To know about the track and illustrate the differences between selec track and quadra track, it is necessary to know the types of the drivetrain. As for now, the drivetrain is divided into all-wheel drive or AWD, four-wheel drive or 4WD, two-wheel drive or 2WD, front-wheel drive or FWD, and rare wheel drive or RWD

All-wheel drive and 4WD are kinds of similar because, in these two types, four of the wheel will get power from the engine. However, the 2WD, RWD, and FWD is something similar because here, two of the wheel will get power from the engine. But in FWD, only the front wheels will get the ability, and in RWD, only the rare wheel will get the power.

Now it’s time to know about the selec trac and quadra trac as well as the differences they share.

Table: Selec Trac Vs Quadra Trac

Selec TracQuadra Trac
It offers various 4WD modes.It offers less variation than the selec trac.
In regular driving, it will be in a 2WD mode to save fuel.It does not have 2WD features, but in regular driving, it will be in 4WD, which is also fuel economical but less than the other one.
In 4WD mode, it will split the power into 58% for the rare and 42% for the front.In 4WD mode, it will split the power 50/50 or equally for both sides.
It does not offer to transfer side-to-side power.It offers a side-to-side transfer of power.
Perfect on every type of road.Climbing in the sand may not be a good choice with it.

Firstly, the selec trac first introduced in 1983 in SJ is a 4 X 4 trac system. It will allow the drivetrain system to automatically switch from 2WD to 4WD and vice versa in need. This system will automatically know that the car needs 4WD to overcome the environment or road barriers such as snow, mud, rocks, etc. The purpose of adding 2WD to that system is to save fuel when 4WD is not necessary.

Moreover, the system will first be in the 2WD mode transferring all the power to the rare-wheel drive. However, as soon as the wheels get into any difficult road like snow or mud and the rare wheels get stuck into the obstacles which stop the car, the selec trac system will immediately take action and shift the drivetrain into 4WD. Everything will happen automatically according to the situation of the wheels. Then it will transfer 58% of the torque to the rare axles, and 42% of the torque will shift to the front axles.

Another amazing feature of this system is the BLD or brake lock differential that allows great traction to avoid slipperily. In off-road driving, this system works wonderfully to provide a comfortable driving experience. For example, if any of the rare wheels get into a slippery surface, the system will transfer all the power to the opposite wheel.

To understand the BLD of selec trac properly, let’s assume the rare wheel as r1 and r2 and the front wheels as f1 and f2. While driving, if the f1 axle gets into any obstacle and is unable to move, the system will transfer all the energy to f2. Also, if the r1 and f2 get stuck in snow or mud, the system will transfer all the torque to the opposite axle to bring the vehicles out of the obstacle and keep it moving in a stable condition.

In addition, this system will also offer N or neutral position, which offers zero torque but still the wheels move. It is for attaching the car to another towing where the engine is off, and it is in an N situation, but it still allows the wheels to spin.

On the other hand, the quadra trac, which is first introduced in 1973 in BW is also a 4 X 4 system. This system includes a vast number of mechanical wet clutches. This system will allow the drivetrain to transfer 100% of the drive torque to the RWD and FWD for the best performance.

Moreover, it split the power into 50/50 for RWD and FWD at a time. In this position, the RWD axels will get 50% of the torque, and the FWD will get the other 50% of the torque. This is perfect for regular life driving, smooth and comfortable.

Another feature of the quadra trac system is the BDL which works similarly to the selec trac. When the wheels meet any slippery, snowy, or muddy roads, the system shifts into the BDL for better performance, this all-weather condition system will transfer torque to the wheels according to the need as we explained above in the selec trac. It will always transfer the power to the axle with great traction. Even it can put all the power to a single axle if the other three are occupied by obstacles.

Selec Trac Vs Quadra Trac, which one will provide better performance?

Well, both of the drivetrain modes is two of the best performer of all. If one is specifically looking for the best in between this two, they may go through some specific situation because not every system will be suitable for these two. Since the quadra is for the 4.7L and the selec is for the 4.0L. They will always defer from each other.

However, the selec trac has a 2WD mode which is absent in the quadra trac. In case one is looking for a versatile automatic option, they should go for this one. On the contrary, the quadra trac will perform great in both off and on roads splitting the power wisely, which is also true for the selec trac. But the fact that the quadra trac can transfer 100% of the torque to a single wheel makes it unique and quite a fighter in the mud and snow.


The driving system of any vehicle has many small to big facts that require consideration. Any of those systems may alter the overall driving experience into hell. One of the important factors of the total driving system is the drivetrain and its trac.

The selec trac and quadra track are two of the most popular with tremendous advantages. Above, we have discussed all the possible information. Also, we have illustrated a logical explanation of Selec Trac Vs Quadra Trac.

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