Jeep liberty vs patriot, which jeep will be more convenient to use?

Jeep liberty vs patriot, these two jeeps share major differences in many aspects. Initially, the liberty is a little larger than the patriot. Also, the fuel tank of liberty is way too much than the patriot. Along with these major differences, both cars will have a different driving range, fuel economy, and so on.

Moreover, the eye-catchy difference in the performance is that the liberty is perfect for both on-road and off-road. However, the patriot will perform a stable performance on the on-road. Because of the transmission and ground clearance, it can be unstable on aggressive roads like off-road. Furthermore, one has to look below for detailed information.

Jeep liberty vs patriot
Jeep liberty

Jeep liberty vs patriot

These two jeeps are compatible for two different situations. In case one is looking for an SUV-style jeep for their new extended family, the jeep liberty is the option. However, for a day to day use in regular life such as going from one place to another, picking up the groceries, etc. a jeep patriot is a good-to-go option. 

Moreover, the liberty will provide a comfortable SUB feel both on-road and off-road. While the patriot will provide a comfortable ride in the city life or regular life. Also, this option is the most affordable jeep option which makes it perfect for daily life use with reliability.

In case one is still confused about these two amazing jeeps, they should look below and observe the detailed information.

Table: Jeep liberty vs patriot

Jeep LibertyJeep Patriot
It has 6 cylinders and 24 valves.It has 4 cylinders and 16 valves.
The fuel type is gasoline direct injection.The fuel type is gasoline direct injection.
Engine Displacement is 3.7LEngine Displacement is 2.0L
The maximum horsepower is 210 HP at 5200 rpmThe maximum horsepower is 158 HP at 6400 rpm
Maximum torque is 235 lb-ft at 4000 rpmMaximum torque is 41 lb-ft at 5000 rpm
4-speed automatic transmission.5-speed manual transmission.
The top speed is 121 mph.Top speed is 112 mph.
The drivetrain is a rare-wheel drive.Drivetrain is front-wheel drive.
The fuel tank capacity is 19.5 gallons.Fuel tank capacity is 13.5 gallons.
Cruising Range is 312 miles in the city.Cruising Range is 312 miles in the city.
Cruising Range is 429 miles on the highway.Cruising Range is 394 miles on the highway.
The wheelbase is 106.1 inches.The wheelbase is 103.1 inches.
The length of the car is 176.9 inches.The length of the car is 173.6inches
The width of the car is 73.1 inches.The width of the car is 69.2inches
The height of the car is 71.1 inches.The height of the car is 65.5inches
The maximum ground clearance is 10.1 inches.The maximum ground clearance is 8.1 inches.
Passenger seating capacity is 5.Passenger seating capacity is 5.
The fuel economy in the city is 16MPGFuel economy in the city is 23 mpg
Fuel economy on the highway is 22 MPGFuel economy on the highway is 30 mpg
Fuel economy combined is 18 MPG.Fuel economy combined is 25 MPG.
Carbon emissions are 10.4 tons/ year.Carbon emissions are 7 tons/ year.
The towing capacity of this one is 2000 lb.The towing capacity of this one is 1000 lb.
The standard price range of this one is $23,395The standard price range of this one is $18,000

Let’s drive deep into the specifications of these two jeeps to dig out detailed differences here. This will help the seeker separate the perfect option for them.

Jeep patriot

Engine option

The output of the engine or the power the engine provides is the primary factor for many buyers. In that case, liberty did an incredible job. With a 3.7L engine, it will provide a maximum horsepower of 210 HP at 5200 rpm. Also, the maximum torque will be 235 lb-ft at 4000 rpm.

On the other hand, with a 2.0L engine, the patriot will provide a maximum horsepower of 158 HP at 6400 rpm. Besides, the maximum torque will be 41 lb-ft at 5000 rpm. Therefore, if the buyer is seeking power then they should choose liberty over patriot.


The transmission of the vehicles indicates the best performance of them in different road types. In this case, different transmission clearly states that both will have different performances in different circumstances. As for the liberty with 4-speed automatic transmission will offer powerful sole than the patriot.  This one will handle greater power and potential abuse on the road.

However, the 5-speed manual transmission will not be as good as the other one. Also, this one will not provide reliable performance aggressive roads.


Mileage is an important aspect for the people who often travel from place to place. Normally, the vehicles with large fuel tanks tend to travel more mileage which is true in this case too.  Specifically, the liberty with 19.5 gallons fuel tank the cruising Range will be 312 miles in the city and 429 miles on the highway.

On the other hand, the patriot with 13.5 gallons fuel tank can travel 312 miles in the city. Besides, the driving range will be 394 miles on the highway.

Fuel economy

One of the big factors in the long run or annual maintenance cost is the fuel economy. If one chooses anything but fuel economy, they will end up paying a fortune in fuel annually. As for liberty, the fuel economy in the city is 16 MPG. Besides, the fuel economy on the highway is 22 MPG, and fuel economy combined is 18 MPG.

On the other hand, the fuel economy of the patriot will be different from the other one in a positive way. Specifically, the fuel economy of a patriot in the city is 23 mpg, on the highway, it is 30 mpg. Finally, combined it is 25 MPG.

One may think that liberty is the loser from the fuel economy perspective. Well, the reason behind being less fuel economy than the patriot is the extended size. One may have noticed that the liberty is larger in dimension than the patriot which causes the burning of more fuel.

To justify the well-being one should look for the carbon emission of these two jeeps. Here the liberty will emit 10.4 tons of carbon per year while the patriot will produce 7 tons per year.

Ground clearance

To know the capability of the performance in different road conditions one will need to know the ground clearance. Here the liberty will provide ground clearance of 10.1 inches which is pretty impressive. That means one can drive the car both on-road and off-road with stability.

However, the patriot feature 8.1 inches of ground clearance which I perfect for city life and regular use. This one may not provide stable performance on the aggressive roads.


Both of the jeeps share an extreme difference in the price range. In case of an affordable and reliable option, one can go for the patriot option which is only $18000. However, one will face some eye-catchy limitations with these vehicles.

In case of more versatility with comfort and reliability, one will have to go for the liberty option. This one will cost around $23,395.

Jeep liberty vs patriot, which jeep will be more convenient to use?

Both of the jeeps share major differences which make them suitable for different circumstances. While the liberty with extended body size and ground clearance has a perfect impression for both on-road and off-road driving, the patriot is perfect for the on-road only. Because of the ground clearance and transmission, this one cannot tackle the abusive roads.

Therefore, the preference of the jeep between this two will depend on the choice of the user.


 Jeep is perfect for seating capabilities for new families as well as carrying different things. However, choosing the right one from various options is the trickiest job. But one can choose the jeep according to their need which will be easier and more effective. As for the choice between liberty and patriot, one should go for liberty if they are looking for versatility and reliability.

However, for a more affordable option with trust, reliability, and regular use one needs to go for the patriot option. Hopefully, the discussion above on Jeep liberty vs patriot will help them make the right decision.

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