Porsche 991.1 vs 991.2, which area should be in consideration?

Porsche 991.1 vs 991.2, these two-phase belong to the Porsche 911, which is a replacement for Porsche 997. As promised, they always bring something exciting in their every new edition, which attracts everyone. This is the case with this 911 series too. Looking for differences between the most extraordinary cars, 991.1 and 911.2, the first thing one will notice is the engine.

After that, the PerformancePerformance of these two will be different. The 991.2 will have more performative features than the other one. Also, they have changed the exterior design of the second phase with a more stylish look. Furthermore, one may look below for details information regarding the topic.

Porsche 991.1 vs 991.2
Porsche 991

Porsche 991.1 vs 991.2

If one picks the best car manufacturer from all over the world, Porsche will be on the list. Because of the excellent design and PerformancePerformance yet affordable price, they gained popularity within a blink of an eye. Moreover, they have different categories maintaining the versatile choice of the user. One of the popular categories is sports with a different generation.

For now, the 911 sports car of the seventh generation is the gossip of the town. Specifically, the 991.1 and 991.2. The manufacturer first reviled the car back in 2011 in a motor show and announced the production. They have also stated that this series is the replacement of 997 with extraordinary features, which was true. However, they ended the production in December of 2019 with a vast number of production.

Now let’s have a look into the differences between the 991.1 and 991.2 shares being the amazing cars of the same series. First of all, 991.1 is the first phase of the 911, and 991.2 is the second phase of that series. That means the 991.1 came into the market first and then the second phase.

The production year of the first phase was 2011 to 2016, and the production year of the second phase was 2015 to 2019. During this time, they have launched cars of different models with different engines, power, interior, and exterior. That’s true. One will get more options in these two options.

Porsche 991.1 vs 991.2 in terms of engine

In the manufacturing year of the 911, Porsche designed and launched different models under 991.1 and 991.2 with extraordinary features. As for the engine, they have launched different models with different engines and power. One of the main focuses of their new model was increasing the PerformancePerformance of the engine.

Table: Comparison of engines between 911.1 and 911.2

991.1 or First  PhaseCarrera3,436 cc345 HP at 7,400 rpm390 N⋅m at 5,600 rpm
Carrera S3,800 cc395 HP at 7,400 rpm440 N⋅m at 5,600 rpm
Carrera GTS/S424 HP at 7,400 rpm440 N⋅m at 5,600 rpm
GT33,799 cc469 HP at 8,250 rpm440 N⋅m at 6,250 rpm
GT3 RS4,000 cc 4,000 cc493 HP at 8,250 rpm460 N⋅m at 6,250 rpm
911 R
Turbo3,800 cc513 HP at 6,000 rpm660 N⋅m at 1,950 rpm and  710 N⋅m in over-boost
Turbo S552 HP at 6,500 rpm700 N⋅m at 2,100 rpm and 750 N⋅m in over-boost
991.2 or Second PhaseCarrera, Carrera T, Targa2,981 cc365 HP at 6,500 rpm450 N⋅m at 1,700 – 5,000 rpm
Carrera S, Targa S414 HP at 6,500 rpm500 N⋅m at 1,700 – 5,000 rpm
Carrera GTS, Targa GTS444 HP at 6,500 rpm550 N⋅m at 2,150 – 5,000 rpm
GT33,996 cc493 HP at 8,250 rpm460 N⋅m at 6,000 rpm
Speedster503 HP at 8,400 rpm470 N⋅m at 6,250 rpm
GT3 RS513 HP at 8,250 rpm470 N⋅m at 6,000 rpm
Turbo3,800 cc533 HP at 6,400 rpm660 N⋅m at 1,950 – 5,000 rpm and 710 N⋅m in over-boost
Turbo S572 HP at 6,750 rpm700 N⋅m at 2,100 – 4,250 rpm and 750 N⋅m in over-boost
Turbo S Exclusive Series599 HP at 6,750 rpm750 N⋅m at 2,250 – 4,000 rpm
GT2 RS, GT2 RS Club sport, 935690 HP at 7,000 rpm750 N⋅m at 2,500 – 4,500 rpm

From the table above, we can see that Porsche has changed their engine performance so frequently in the 911 series. According to the data, the biggest engine was in the GT3 RS and 911 RS which was 4000 cc. Moreover, both engines will provide 493 HP horsepower at 8,250 rpm and 460 N⋅m torque at 6,250 rpm.

The smallest engine is the 2981cc in three of the model, with different horsepower and torque. Moreover, the most powerful engine is in the GT2 RS, GT2 RS Club sport, 935 of second phase or 911.2. These cars with 3800cc engine will provide 690 HP horsepower at 7,000 rpm and 750 N⋅m torque at 2,500 – 4,500 rpm

Porsche 991.1 vs 991.2 in terms of Performance

The most important category of picking an individual car or stating which car is perfect is its PerformancePerformance of it. While calculating PerformancePerformance, one has to consider certain features of the car, such as transmission, top speed, acceleration, and CO2 emissions.

Besides, one can consider the fuel economy in both cities and highways. Here we will state the CO2 and avoid the fuel economy because the carbon emission rate is another way to find out if the car is economical or not. Specifically, if the carbon emission is low, that means the car will be fuel economy.

Table: Comparison of Performance between 911.1 and 911.2

 ModelTransmissionTop speedAcceleration 0–100 km/hEmissions CO2
911.1 or First Phase PerformanceCarrera7-speed manual180 mph4.8 seconds212 g/km
7-speed PDK178 mph4.6 seconds194 g/km
Carrera Cabriolet7-speed manual178 mph5.0 seconds217 g/km
7-speed PDK176 mph4.8 seconds198 g/km
Carrera S7-speed manual189 mph4.5 seconds224 g/km
7-speed PDK188 mph4.3 seconds205 g/km
Carrera S7-speed PDK191 mph4.0 seconds205 g/km
Carrera S Cabriolet7-speed manual187 mph4.7 seconds229 g/km
7-speed PDK186 mph4.5 seconds210 g/km
Carrera 47-speed manual177 mph4.9 seconds201 g/km
7-speed PDK176 mph4.7 seconds177 g/km
Carrera 4 Cabriolet7-speed manual175 mph5.1 seconds236 g/km
7-speed PDK174 mph4.9 seconds206 g/km
Carrera 4S7-speed manual186 mph4.5 seconds216 g/km
7-speed PDK185 mph4.3 seconds192 g/km
Carrera 4S Cabriolet7-speed manual184 mph4.7 seconds208 g/km
7-speed PDK183 mph4.5 seconds192 g/km
Carrera GTS7-speed manual190 mph4.4 seconds212 g/km
7-speed PDK189 mph4.0 seconds188 g/km
Carrera GTS Cabriolet7-speed manual189 mph4.6 seconds212 g/km
7-speed PDK188 mph4.2 seconds188  g/km
Carrera 4 GTS7-speed manual189 mph4.4 seconds216 g/km
7-speed PDK188 mph4.0 seconds192 g/km
Carrera 4 GTS Cabriolet7-speed manual188 mph4.6 seconds216 g/km
7-speed PDK187 mph4.2 seconds192 g/km
Targa 47-speed manual175 mph5.2 seconds223 g/km
7-speed PDK174 mph5.0 seconds204 g/km
Targa 4S7-speed manual184 mph4.8 seconds237 g/km
7-speed PDK183 mph4.6 seconds214 g/km
Targa 4 GTS7-speed manual188 mph4.7 seconds220 g/km
7-speed PDK187 mph4.3 seconds196 g/km
GT37-speed PDK196 mph3.5 seconds289 g/km
GT3 RS196 mph3.3 seconds296 g/km
911 R6-speed manual201 mph3.8 seconds308 g/km
Turbo7-speed manual196 mph3.6 seconds257 g/km
7-speed PDK196 mph3.2 seconds227 g/km
Turbo Cabriolet7-speed manual196 mph3.7 seconds257 g/km
7-speed PDK 7-speed PDK 7-speed PDK196 mph3.3 seconds227 g/km
Turbo S198 mph2.9 seconds227 g/km
Turbo S Cabriolet198 mph3.0 seconds227 g/km
991.2 or Second Phase PerformanceTurbo S Exclusive Series7-speed PDK205 mph2.7 seconds212 g/km
Turbo S Cabriolet205 mph2.9 seconds216 g/km
Turbo S205 mph2.8 seconds212 g/km
Turbo Cabriolet199 mph3.0 seconds216 g/km
Turbo199 mph2.9 seconds212 g/km
Targa 4S7-speed manual188 mph4.4 seconds208 g/km
7-speed PDK187 mph4.2 seconds184 g/km
Targa 4 GTS7-speed manual191 mph4.1 seconds220 g/km
7-speed PDK190 mph3.7 seconds196 g/km
Targa 47-speed manual180 mph4.7 seconds206 g/km
7-speed PDK178 mph4.5 seconds182 g/km
Speedster6-speed manual193 mph4.0 seconds317 g/km
6-speed manual196 mph3.9 seconds302 g/km
GT3 RS7-speed PDK194 mph3.2 seconds291 g/km
GT36-speed manual199 mph3.9 seconds290 g/km
7-speed PDK198 mph3.4 seconds288 g/km
GT2 RS7-speed PDK211 mph2.7 seconds269 g/km
Carrera T7-speed manual182 mph4.5 seconds215 g/km
7-speed PDK181 mph4.2 seconds193 g/km
Carrera S Cabriolet7-speed manual190 mph4.5 seconds202 g/km
7-speed PDK189 mph4.3 seconds178 g/km
Carrera S7-speed manual191 mph4.3 seconds199 g/km
7-speed PDK190 mph4.1 seconds174 g/km
Carrera GTS Cabriolet7-speed manual193 mph4.2 seconds214 g/km
7-speed PDK191 mph3.8 seconds190 g/km
Carrera GTS7-speed manual194 mph4.1 seconds212 g/km
7-speed PDK193 mph3.7 seconds188 g/km
Carrera Cabriolet7-speed manual181 mph4.8 seconds195 g/km
7-speed PDK180 mph4.6 seconds172 g/km
Carrera 4S Cabriolet7-speed manual188 mph4.4 seconds208 g/km
7-speed PDK187 mph4.2 seconds184 g/km
Carrera 4S7-speed manual190 mph4.2 seconds204 g/km
7-speed PDK188 mph4.0 seconds180 g/km
Carrera 4 GTS Cabriolet7-speed manual191 mph4.1 seconds220 g/km
7-speed PDK190 mph3.7 seconds196 g/km
Carrera 4 GTS7-speed manual193 mph4.0 seconds216 g/km
7-speed PDK191 mph3.6 seconds192 g/km
Carrera 4 Cabriolet7-speed manual180 mph4.7 seconds206 g/km
7-speed PDK178 mph4.5 seconds182 g/km
Carrera 47-speed manual181 mph4.5 seconds201 g/km
7-speed PDK180 mph4.3 seconds177 g/km
Carrera7-speed manual183 mph4.6 seconds190 g/km
7-speed PDK182 mph4.4 seconds169 g/km

What will be the scenario for the maintenance of the Porsche 911?

Porsche indeed is one of the most stylish and elegant cars one can find in the automotive market. As with the luxury of it, the maintenance will be more than the regular American or Japanese car. Because the parts used in this stylish car are quite expensive, in case one needs to replace or repair anything, they will have to pay a handsome amount for the job.

Is the Porsche 911 the most performative car in the world?

If one has heard that Porsche is the most performative car in the world, then it is not a lie. The amazing design, build quality, and PerformancePerformance of the 991 Porsche 911 got the best performative car award or title back in 2012. Also, the GT3 of the 911 was awarded the title Car of the Year in 2014. Those are excellent achievements of 911, and this victory created a huge fan base for Porsche all over the world.

Are Porches 991.1 and 992.1 reliable?

Luckily, the Porsche 911 series, which contain the 991.1 and 991.2 phase, is voted the most reliable series. According to the dealers, customers have tremendously loved the cars of this series. Also, the Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS) states in their report in early 2022 that the 911 Porsche is the most reliable one. Since it’s proven logically with real-time experience, one can say it is reliable.


Finding the differences between two-phase Porsches’ best performer series 911 is not hard. Because Porsche is clear about their design and the benefits they will provide in each series, each phase in every model of the car, that is also true for the 991.1 and 991.2 phases of 911. One will get a different engine in these two phases with different levels of performance. Hopefully, the discussion above on Porsche 991.1 vs 991.2 will clarify the confusion regarding these two.

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