What will be the Porsche Panamera Oil Change Cost?

Porsche Panamera oil change cost will vary, and it will depend on some facts. Mainly, if one goes for the official dealership of Porsche, then the cost will be the highest. To cut off the cost at least by half, one can go for any reliable mechanical workshop. They will do the job perfectly at a low cost.

Moreover, the lowest cost of changing the Porsche Panamera Oil will be at the home garage without any help from an expert. Just some simple instrument and courage will do the job. If one wants to know every single detail on it, they may scan the information below.

Porsche Panamera Oil Change Cost

Porsche Panamera Oil Change Cost

Oil change in the Porsche is like any other luxurious car. There is nothing complicated one may worry about. No repair will also be needed while changing the oil. In case people do not know about the oil change of any car, it is the engine oil that requires replacement.

When one drives the car, the engine uses the engine oil to save the instrument inside friction-free. The time of working all the things inside moves extremely fast where there is metal to metal connection. If the oil is not present in the engine, the metal-to-metal friction will create fire and damage everything inside.

Well, as we said earlier that changing the oil is not something rocket science, neither it requires so much. That’s why one must know the cost as well as the way of doing the job. Firstly, if one goes to the dealers of Porsche for the oil change, they will charge between $350 and $450. This will vary according to state to state, and also the mileage of the car.

For a cost-effective way, one can go to any suitable mechanical workshop. They will charge not less than $200 and not more than $300 depending on some circumstances. Overall, the cost of changing the Porsche Panamera oil will be,

PartPorsche Mechanic Costs
Synthetic oil (6 to 10 quarts)$48 to $80
Oil filter & sealing ring$30
Drain plug seal$4
Parts Total$82 to $114

The price mentioned above is the original price of changing oil. A labor cost and service cost will be added according to the choice of the workshop of the owners. Besides, one can change the oil of their Porsche Panamera in their home garage without any help from the experts because this job is one of the easiest maintenance jobs for this car. By this, one will not have to pay any labor and service charges for the job, which is huge.

To do the oil changing job at the home garage, one will require a certain instrument. Those are,

Oil changing parts for Porsche-Foxwell NT530 Diagnostic Scanner
-Mechanic’s Tool Set -Oil Filter Socket
-Hex Bit Socket for Drain Plug
-Torque Wrench -Low Profile Oil Drain Pans, Pair
– 6 Quarts Capacity Each -Vehicle Ramps
-Wheel Chocks
-Long Neck Fluid Funnel
-Disposable Gloves

Once they arrange all those required parts, they can proceed to do the job. However, this work requires some basic knowledge, and one will have to do it by marinating the proper steps. Let’s have a look at the steps.

1. First, arrange everything together, warm up the car, and raise the car if one feels like having extra clearance.

2. Now, remove the underbody panels of the car.

3. Remove the drain plug and drain every single drop of oil from the tank.

4. Replace the oil filter at once.

5. Once the oil is drained, reattach the drain plug with a new O-ring gasket.

6. it’s time to fill the empty tank with fresh engine oil.

7. Reinstall the underbody panel and clean everything.

As one read, the work is easy, as we state. For more clarification, one can watch some tutorials on YouTube, which will help them visualize the work. Now, it is time to make the decision about what they want to do.

How often should one change their Porsche Panamera engine oil?

Changing the engine oil of the Porsche Panamera is one kind of maintenance that is extremely important. This oil change has a fixed schedule that one has to maintain. Specifically, the owner of the Porsche Panamera will have to change the engine oil every 10,000 miles, or 15000 miles, or every one year, whichever comes first. The schedule may come before the time but not more than this. One will have to change the oil before the time ends to save their engine from damage.

What will happen if one does not change the engine oil of the Porsche Panamera?

In simple words, extremely bad things will happen if one does not change the engine oil of their Porsche Panamera on time because the oil prevents the corrosion of the engine and saves the metal from friction. Also, this oil will help reduce engine heat, as well as help keep the engine clean. If one does not change the oil, the engine will not get the mentioned benefit. Resulting in the sudden death of the engine, and many more unhappening can happen.


Changing the oil of the engine is extremely important maintenance no matter whichever car one owns. Even if it is one of the most expensive cars Porsche Panamera with one of the strongest engines, they will have to change the engine oil on schedule.

Since changing the oil will cost, which is not constant, one must get an average idea before going for any option. Hopefully, the above discussion on Porsche Panamera oil change cost has helped to make the right decision.

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