Land Rover Discovery 1 Vs 2, which criteria do they distinguish from each other?

Land Rover Discovery 1 Vs 2, in this discussion one will be searching for the differences between the two series of the first generation. After the launch of the first generation of discoveries, the Land rover manufacturer categorized it into two series to improve the performance of the first series.

In short, the manufacturer designs series two to improve series one. So, it is obvious that both of them will have major differences. Furthermore, one will have to look below in the illustrated details for more information.

Land Rover Discovery 1 Vs 2
Land Rover Discovery 1

Land Rover Discovery 1 Vs 2

The renowned British automotive manufacturer Land Rovers has come up with a Mid-sized SUV in 1989. In the beginning, they designed the car based on the 1970 Land Rover. Then it becomes the first off-road family car in the industry. We are mentioning the term off-road which means this one will be suitable for both on-road and off-road with perfect performance.

Though they have designed the series as an everyday useable four-wheeler, it can be used as a utility vehicle. Moreover, this Land rover discovery has five-generation so far but we will discuss the first generation. The first generation has two series which are called discover 1 and discovery 2. Along with describing both the series we will illustrate the differences both their shares. It will make things easier for the buyers.

As we mentioned the first generation of discovery started in 1989 and continued till 2004 with the end of the series 2. Here the first series of the first generation continued from 1989 to 1998. After that, they launched the second series which was in production till 2004.

The main difference one will notice between these two is the dimension of the ar. Though both of the cars are designed and manufactured for a day to day family use, discover 2 will provide more performance. At first glance, one will notice that series two is longer and more spacious than series 1. Overall, disco 2 will be more comfortable and performative compared to disco 1.

If one looks beneath the surface or at the main mechanism of the car, one will notice that both of the series shares major difference. Specifically, the manufacturer introduced a new engine in their series two which was more powerful than the series one. moreover, one can use the full electric off-road driving system offered by Land rover with series two which was not possible with series one.

For a clear understanding, our experts have illustrated an organized table below on the differences. One will get all the key information from the table.

Table: Land Rover Discovery 1 Vs 2

Land Rover Discovery 1Land Rover Discovery 2
The production year is 1989 to 1998.The production year is 1998 to 2004
Dave Evans, Mike Sampson, Richard Bartlam, Mike Brogan, Mehmet Ozoturk, Alan Sheppard, and George Thompson designed this series.Mike Sampson designed the second series of discovery
The body style is a 3-door estate, 3-door van, and 5-door estateThe body style is a 5-door estate.
Engine options are, 2.0 L T-Series I4 (petrol) 2.5 L 200Tdi I4-T (diesel; 1989–94) 2.5 L 300Tdi I4-T (diesel; 1994–98) 3.5 L Rover V8 (petrol) 3.9 L Rover V8 (petrol) 4.0 L Rover V8 (petrol)Engine options of the series are  4.0 L Rover V8 (petrol) 4.6 L Rover V8 (petrol) 2.5 L Td5 I5 (diesel)
Engine displacement is 2495 cm3 or 152.3 cu-inEngine displacement is 2495 cm3 or 152.3 cu-in
Maximum horsepower is 113 PS or 111 bhp or 83 kW at 4000 rpmMaximum horsepower is 137 PS or 135 bhp or 101 kW at 4200 rpm
Maximum torque is 265 Nm or 195 lb.ft at 1800 rpmMaximum torque is 340 Nm or 250 lb-ft at 1950 rpm
Transmission options are 4-speed ZF 4HP22 automatic and 5-speed manual.Available transmissions are 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual
The wheelbase of the series is 100.0 inchesThe wheelbase of the series is 100.0 inches
The length of the series is 178.7 inchesThe length of the series is 185.2 inches
Width of the series is 70.6 inchesThe width of the series is 74.3 inches
Height of the series is 77.4 inchesThe height of the series is 76.4 inches
The curb weight of the series is 2020 kg to 2720 kg.The curb weight of the series is 2061 kg to 2220 kg.
The fuel tank capacity of the series is 23.5 US GallonsThe fuel tank capacity of the series is 24.6 US Gallons
The driving range of these series is 662 miles.The driving range of these series is 615 miles.
Fuel Consumption Combined is 32 mpg UK / 26 mpg-USFuel Consumption Combined is 30 mpg UK / 25 mpg-US
Fuel Consumption the highway is 38 mpg UK / 31 mpg-USFuel Consumption the highway is 34 mpg UK / 29 mpg-US
Fuel Consumption in the city is 25 mpg UK / 21 mpg-USFuel Consumption in the city is 25 mpg UK / 20 mpg-US.
The carbon emissions rate is 234 g/KmThe carbon emissions rate is 262 g/Km

From the above discussion, one can confirm that series one is lacking in some configurations more than series 2. In short, the performance of series two will be better compared to series one. Let’s have a look at the figure below illustrated by the experts from their experience.

Land Rover Discovery 1 Vs 2
Land Rover Discovery 2

What differences between land rovers discover 1 and 2 shares in performance?

In case one is specifically looking for the performance differences of discovering 1 and 2, we can shorty say that the series two is more performative than the one. Let’s see the performance of these two below.

 Land Rover Discover 1Land Rover Discover 2
Top Speed146 km/h or 91 Mph157 km/h or 98 Mph
Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph)18.5 s15.3 sec

What type of engine modification one will get in the Landrover Discovery series 1?

The manufacturer first start manufacturing the Discover back in 1990 but launched it as the Land rover discover back in 1998. During the first generation, they have come up with quite changes in the engines. One will know the details from the table below.

ModificationYearEnginePowerFuel cons.Gearbox
Land Rover Discovery 300 TdiJan 1990 — Dec 19982.5 Diesel113 HP8.9 l/100kmManual (5 gears)
Land Rover Discovery 300 TdiApr 1994 — Dec 19982.5 Diesel113 HP9.9 l/100kmAutomatic (4 gears)
Land Rover Discovery V8iOct 1990 — Jan 19923.5 Petrol155 HP15.6 l/100kmManual (5 gears)
Land Rover Discovery V8iJan 1992 — Apr 19943.5 Petrol155 HP15.6 l/100kmManual (5 gears)
Land Rover Discovery V8iApr 1994 — Dec 19983.9 Petrol185 HP16.4 l/100kmManual (5 gears)
Land Rover Discovery V8iApr 1994 — Dec 19983.9 Petrol185 HP16.3 l/100kmAutomatic (4 gears)


Land rover discovery is one of the successful series of the British manufacturer Land Rover. After the first lunch of the series in 1989, the manufacturer is still producing and supplying cars under this series but with a different generation. Moreover, two of the oldest and beginning series of the first generation discoveries are the 1 and 2.

One may think since they belong to the same generation, they will have more similarities. Well, this is not the case here for the discovery because they share major differences. Hopefully, one has understood all the details on the topic of Land Rover Discovery 1 Vs 2 from the above discussion.

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