Difference between Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class VS Mercedes-AMG E63

There is hardly any lacking of luxuriousness in the car models Mercedes. And the CLS and E63 take part in this segment too. Some rich quality, design, and next-level performance compel these two models to look unique on roads.

They literally contain more than everything that is available in a premium-level car. But the best one is yet to come. Moreover, a single model might get considered the perfect one or not. Still, this discussion gets named Mercedes CLS vs E63 among the curious souls. And that’s probably a perfect naming for this finest comparison.

Mercedes-Benz CLS
Mercedes-Benz CLS

CLS vs E63 Specs

When they are two individual models, specifications are the only things that can make difference. For that reason, both these models have been placed with their legit features and specifications below.

Factors             CLS          E63
Vehicle type  SedanSedan
Engine displacement5.5 liter V8 Twin-turbo4.0 liter V8 Twin-turbo
Maximum horsepower545hp@ 550RPM604hp @5700RPM
Maximum Torque530nm @1800RPM640NM @4000RPM
Transmission system7-speed automatic9-speed automatic
Drivetrain SystemAWDAWD

These are all the overview facts of these two models. Starting from the beginning, they belong to a similar sedan category. The CLS comes with a higher engine capacity than the E63. But however, the E63 delivers more torque and quick acceleration.

CLS probably has the higher-performing ability. That’s because; the E63 gain maximum power by reaching a higher RPM. However, the listed spec above shows the moderate performance rate of CLS.

Thus, it can definitely provide maximum power with higher acceleration during the performance.

Talking about the transmission system, E63 is formed up with a 9-speed automatic speed. Through this efficient gearbox, the ride has a symmetric and accurate speed-gaining ability for each gear. Simply perfect cruising through any road or area.

Fuel system and range

PetrolFuel type  Petrol
17MPGFuel economy in City17MPG
22MPGFuel economy on the highway23MPG
21.1 gallonsFuel Tank capacity21.1 gallons

Both these models come with a remarkable fuel rate. Being the sedans, petrol is the only source to run both these models. Even though the E63 comes with better power delivery, it behaves almost the same as like CLS.

And that is why; the fuel delivery is the same for both models. On top of that, the E63 brings out a little bit better fuel economy than the CLS. And that’s for its compact engine performance.

Mercedes CLS

It is mainly known as the Mercedes Benz CLS. This is a four-seater sedan/coupe that provides some great facilities with the finest level of comfort. Although it majorly belongs to the Third generation, CLS still comes with upgraded models.

Starting from 2005, CLS has had a great demand and popularity among the users till now. In fact, the Company also claims it is one of the highest-selling models in the market.

Mercedes E63

E63 is broadly known as a mid-sized sedan with some cool and efficient features. In another way, some experts claim this is the updated variant of CLS.

But this time, it has been replaced with an eight-cylinder v8 engine. And that is what relates to a powerful engine and aggressive exhaust note.

 Apart from that, the stylish aero style tweaks make it looks like a complete sports sedan. Wheels also come under the changes. And that is why; E63 has been upgraded with a multi-functional sports steering wheel. Nevertheless, this ride has not left with any fewer requirements for the performance.

Costing of both models

Even though they perform almost similarly, there is a huge pricing difference get seen. The CLS is a highly demanded model with better features, performance, and fuel feedback. And the pricing is ranged from $54k that lasts till $137k. However, the pricing follows variations depending on yearly CLS models.

Talking about the price of E63, some models cost almost twice even thrice as the CLS! And they start from $95k that last for around @291k!

That is probably one of the highest-priced models from Mercedes. Since AMG is the most luxurious and expensive variant in Mercedes, E63 holds the title in the costing.

Practical driving feedback

Nothing can be greater than having a practical usage. Fortunately, our expert crew members are perfectly done with driving both these machines.

Describing the CLS first, it feels great on-road with superior performance. Above all, it feels so luxurious and rich to drive. High-quality and premium leather seats with handy steering feel awesome on roads. In addition, a functional air suspension system let the rider free from any shaking at all. Even at higher speed, the inner part cabin will literally not gather any wind noise at all.

Maximizing the speed, it will feel like the typical one to drive. Too much comfortable and relaxing to drive on every road, that is what the riders claim.

Now coming to the E63, this one literally provides an aggressive performance with an accurate response. The very first thing that comes to mind while driving, is the superior level of smoothness. E63 delivers the best and finest acceleration and comfort.

While pushing the paddle, it can deliver a 0 to 100-speed range within 3.5 seconds. That’s nothing much to explain about it.

From the interior, it has been formed with next-level comforts and rich elements. A multifunctional display with a rich color coating let the user feel energetic for driving all the time.

Functional sports mode features turn this soberly driven vehicle into a crazy beast. Furthermore, the exhaust note follows some ferociousness during driving in this mode.

Most of the time, the ride behaves like a drag and drifting machine that require no binding to perform. In some real fact, the same E63 model gets used in the racetracks with great intention.

But the superior level of power and performance requires an efficient and functional braking system.

That is why; it comes with ceramic braking with six-piston front caliper. With this great braking ability, the ride can easily be lowered down from higher speeding anytime anywhere. In final, the E63 appeared a lot more advanced and functional in performance than the CLS.

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Final Statement

One is a proper symbol of luxury and the other one is an affordable compact. That is how the CLS vs E63 can be identified. They are undoubtedly great to perform.

CLS performs the best within this pricing. There is no doubt about it. But being a higher pricing one, the E63 is not enough efficient and worthy to perform. Still, users with no budget concerns will likely go for it.

The rest of the selection is up for you guys. Think by your know what are you searching for. A budget-friendly model, or a high-priced luxurious unit.

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