How much does Audi 55,000 Mile Service Cost?

A service from Audi is enough for the ride to feel like the new one. But you can’t define their particular service cost. Plenty of different models and versions will not let that thing done at all. However, Audi performs the task in some individual way.

Audi 55,000 mile service cost is hardly a known fact even by the users. Therefore, we are here to talk about it and find out some other things too. Along with that, you will be clarified whether this servicing cost is worth it for you or not.

Let’s start from the beginning.

55,000 Mile servicing cost

55,000 Mile servicing cost

Having a 55,000-mile servicing means, the ride has been performed with some previous services. So in a calculation, this is simply the third or fourth servicing period of the machine.

Anyways, coming to the costing, it can be done in two different ways. Authorized dealership centers and aftermarket repair shops are the ways to perform the task. Considering both these sectors, the total servicing cost has been given in a chat.

Terms  Costs
Total labor cost  $250 to $300
Total parts cost  $80 to $180
In total$330 to $480  

So this is the average costing that gets seen during the servicing. It shows that majority of the expense is stated for labor costs. On the other hand, some minor parts are required during the servicing. However, they cost enough low in price.

The entire cost remains around $330 to $480. But some other efficient factors bring variation in pricing.

Servicing cost of each model

The cost given above is an average one for the Audi models. Luckily, there will be a chart given now that will highlight all the models along with their approx servicing cost. And all the costing come under the 55k mile running range.

ModelsTotal Estimated service cost(for 55k miles range)
2006$200 to $250
2007$240 to $330
2008$355 to 480
2009$390 to $492
2010$950 approx
2011$990 approx
2012$835 approx
2013$925 approx
2014$873 approx
2015$350 approx
2016$380 approx
2018$250 approx

This is the entire listing that shows all the Audi models with the servicing cost. Some of these models price higher for having better features.

 Moreover, they might have some complications during the servicing too. But some update level models price lower for the service. Having simple features and performing ability is the main reason behind the lower price.

Individual servicing area

Though Audi is known as a premium brand, they can be easily done to services from different areas. And depending on area differences, the pricing has some distinctions too. Most of the time, two different areas are available for the service. They are:

1. Dealership center

2. Aftermarket Shop

Dealership Center

Audi comes with an authorized servicing point in every area. Apart from that, these service centers are perfectly formed with skilled and professional technicians. They go through all the possible training and lessons. For that reason, any type of model from Audi can be done to work with the finest level of accuracy and quality.

Nevertheless, they literally cost higher for everything. Servicing charge along with the parts prices is also included. On top of that, some authorized centers even come with some hidden charges too. Still, they can assure to provide the finest level of work on the rides.

Aftermarket shops

This is the servicing center with less and affordable costing. As a matter of fact, aftermarket ones charge enough low for the labor costing. Sometimes, the less pricing can even get seen for the parts too. But the thing that makes a worrying issue is the performance.

Since the authorized dealers are trained on a particular brand, they only work on them. However, aftermarket technicians make services for a variety of models. Moreover, that may leave with some less efficiency in servicing the ride.

Fortunately, some aftermarket shops nowadays are offering better working facilities. Having trained and skilled mechanics successfully let the performance be done easily.

Serviced things for 2004 to 2016 models

As Audi follows some legit terms and policies, they have been set with some servicing tasks. On top of that, these services are available in 2004 to 2016 models. Here’s what these models can attain within the 55k mile ranged service time.

The minor ones:

  • Brake system checkup. Measuring the thickness and condition of the discs
  • Resetting the service reminder display for next time
  • Changing engine oil and oil filter
  • Measuring the wheel alignment
  • Repairing the tires if necessary
  • Refilling complete fluid in brakes
  • Washing the windshield and polishing
  • Overall external inspection
  • Checking tire pressure and adding

These are the general works that get done under the 55k mile service time. Considering all these service modes, they can surely be called the minor ones.

Major ones:

Now it’s time to look at the major services that come under 55k mile service time. And here they are in the sequence below.

  • Checking out the transmission system whether there is any leakage or not
  • Battery observation, terminals check and replace if necessary
  • Headrest check and cleaning
  • Refilling the coolant system and checking out the fan
  • Checking boots of the driving shaft and ensuring effortless rotation
  • Exhaust system checkup and fixing any leakage or damage
  • Cleaning or replacing the air filter
  • Checking out all the lighting modes for easy usage. Fixing them if necessary
  • Observing both front and rear axle and lubing
  • Checking out instrument cluster and all indicator accuracy
  • Sunroof system check
  • Cleaning interior area and spraying
  • Checking out water drainage of the fuel filter
  • Adjusting the timing chain and internal clicking sounds
  • Spark plugs checkups and changes if necessary
  • Replacing or checking horns
  • Underbody checkup for any leakage or damage

These are the entire minor checkups during service times. And the company still applies them for the lengthy used and higher-running vehicles.

The typical maintenance cost

It’s obvious to have a higher cost in servicing as it delivers an overall checkup and replacements. But typical maintenance cost is simple and easy to perform.

Apart from that, it can easily ignore any major or minor issues of the ride properly. Anyways, the typical maintenance cost starts from around $150 to $300. It mostly gets seen for the low-running models.

As long as the rides become lengthy in performance, they deliver higher costing. And later of the time, the cost can even cross more than $1,000. Some parts come under this maintenance segment. Here they are:

Braking: it’s the most common thing in minor maintenance. Costs around $350 to $400. And they get replaced during $30k to $65k of running times

Air filter: A minimum running range of $8k to $12k mile allow for the air filter changes. And it costs around $80 to $125.

Engine oil: That’s another crucial thing to change within 4k to 5k mile range. $135 to $150 is the maximum cost for the oil.

Tires: Although they get changed within a lengthy period, they come under the typical maintenance segment. Stock tires can be used for a great long time until they’re completely done. A complete tire set changing costs around $750 to $1500. 

Following all these parts and changing them can surely deliver the better and safe performance of the ride. Apparently, they will also ensure better durability of the vehicle.

Sometimes, some concerned Audi users face a problem with their keys. For that reason, they show interest in the pricing. To avoid that situation, don’t forget to have a proper idea about the Audi Replacement key cost. You can easily find out the cost.

Final Verdict        

Service costs were never a major thing of concern. However, Audi 55,000 mile service cost was an unknown fact even to some Audi users. Probably the doubts are now clear. There is nothing left to explain about the cost.

As a simple lifesaving hack, some professional Audi users recommend providing the typical and timely maintenance. It will surely keep the ride feeling new even after the lengthy usage. Assure to follow the statement for having some better feedback.

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