Audi S7 vs Rs7: Is Audi RS7 the same as S7?

The S7 and RS7 from Audi are two greatly known models in the automobile sector. Moreover, they come under the “Luxurious Sedan” segment. Both these cars are great to deliver all the functionality and amenities under this class. However, a single version between them will provide better performance than the other one in an overall way.

Audi S7 vs RS7 is why can be titled and named to this discussion. Through it, you people will be able to know about the individual performance state, some rankings, and the pros and cons of these two models.

Fasten your seatbelt because the entire journey is about to begin now.

In a real sense, both these models are almost similar in their appearance and performance. But S7 provides some better facilities. Briefly, larger size, more comfort, and higher on-road performance are the actual nature to observe from this model.

On the other hand, RS7 provides a proper level of performance. But definitely not as much higher as the S7 model.

About Audi S7

Larger size, faster speed, and more comfort are the real things that an Audi S7 offers. Some professional German hands have made this great machine with so many facilities.

On top of that, this model is mostly known as the Audi S7 Sportback. However, it has to be considered one of the finest-looking sedans. And why not?

Stylish and prominent design with cutting-edge technology and premium color coating only define this ride’s posh vibe and luxury class design. Enough of talking about the design. Let’s have a look at the specs.


Facts  Details
Engine type2.9liter Twin-turbo V6 engine
Maximum horsepower  445Hp
Maximum torque442nm  
Transmission system8-Speed Automatic  
Drivetrain patternAWD(all-wheel drive)  

Fuel Economy:

Facts  Details
In city17Mpg approx  
In highway  29Mpg approx
On average  23Mpg
Fuel tank capacity19.3 Gallons  

The majority of the time, all these facts from above are the real ones to observe and make a difference. However, they undoubtedly let the car declare the S7 Sportback. Though this is the 4-seater variant, it comes with some updated variants too.

About Audi RS7

This can be called the R6 Avant sedan version. That means RS7 is the updated version of R6 with some standard features and specs. Apart from that, this is a sedan version that delivers complete facilities and performances to the user.

While talking about the on-road performance level, it’s good enough and moderately remains active on the road. On top of that, the manufacturer has applied the entire previous high-performing hardware mode along with an outrageous engine pattern.

Keeping some previous functions in this model was the main intention performed. Still, the RS7 has gained some good demand from true Audi lovers. Even if the performance level wasn’t enough great to observe, it was still enough to sober and worthy of finding out through overall judgment.

Let’s know about the engine in detail.

Factors  Details
Engine type4.0-liter Twin-turbo V8 engine
Maximum horsepower592hp  
Maximum torque590nm  
Transmission typeEight-speed automatic  
Drivetrain patternAll-wheel drive  

Fuel economy:

Factors  Details
In city  16Mpg Approx
In highway  22Mpg Approx
In average  19Mpg
Fuel tank capacity19.3 gallons  

So these are some typical and common factors available in the Audi RS7 model. However, the S7 is mainly known as the Sportback version Sedan. On the other hand, the RS7 is highly known as the pure Sedan version. Though the S7 is much more powerful in spec, the older version RS7 has got more power under the hood. And that really means.

Major sectors that create distinctions

So now it’s confirmed that these two models have some differences. Apparently, all the factors are enough legitimate and worthy to measure. And none of them are avoidable from counting. Have a look at the below to learn about all the facts.

Vehicle pattern

That’s the beginning thing to witness as the difference. They both might seem to belong to the similar sedan category. Nevertheless, they are completely different. The S7 is mainly a Sedan that comes with both four-seaters and five-seater models.

But the RS7, on the other hand, is a Sportback variant. That means it makes a similar combination as Sedan. But on the opposite, it comes with lower internal room and space. So shortly, the RS7 can be named as the semi-hatchback version too. In appearance, it is a little bit smaller size than the S7.

Engine performance: Some old version R7 models may come with lower engine performance. But overall, the R7 variant is higher and faster in performance than the RS7. Later the times of old production, it was upgraded with a stronger and better engine version than previous times.

And eventually, the company is upgrading both the internal and external performance of this model. However, this is now the faster version rather than the other model.

Color mode

Although that’s not a major fact, it still matters a lot. A proper color can sometimes allow for selection above everything. In that case, the S7 comes in a standard quality for being a typical sedan.

In actuality, the standard leveled color format is chosen and applicable by everyone. Moreover, they relatively suit with every surrounding item too.

But the similarity didn’t get seen in the RS7 model. In a complete appearance, it shows a sportier color format and looks. That entirely gets seen in the Sportback design. Furthermore, the color format perfectly suits the ride.


There are definitely some great differences that get seen in the design. And that is what brings the separation between these two models. Firstly, the second generation S7 contains its typical and standard cool look from before.

In addition, the Sportback version is the better-looking and more designed one. Upfront air intake system with aggressive lower body kit and blackout exterior rims let the ride feel great and eye-catchy on the road all the time.

On top of that, the silently done quad exhaust system and 21 inches sized wheels are relatively awesome. That probably made the ride feel more aesthetic and general on-road more than any others.

Since everything on the design makes a great effort, the pearl white color mode last fulfills it. Surprisingly, the color can easily fill up with the rest of the other corners of the car. In overall appearance, the design is surely one of the best things to observe in the car.

For RS7:

It holds some upgrades in different ways. And the latest version holds a five-seater model rather than the previous times. Luckily, this simple upgrade made the car feel better and more perfect than in previous times.

The blackish interior grille system with higher air intake mode and narrow headlight design are related to the pure racecar pattern. From this, it gets the title of the angrier and more aggressive-looking ride than any others. Coming down to the wheels, these are bigger than in previous times. And that’s 22 inches! Aren’t they huge? And for these wheels, the ride looks awesome and great rather than any other model.

Another great chance to see this model is the rear side design. That’s literally awesome and very unique than previous times. In fact, the bumper is also perfectly beefed and shaped.

However, there are no major changes to observe for the internal area too. Some users even claim that the S7 and RS7 hold almost a similar look from the internal area. Nonetheless, the RS7 holds high quality and standard sports seat design compared to the other one.

For that reason, it is available with honeycomb stitched sports seats for both driver and side passengers. And the steering system, in addition, holds better functionality too.

However, both these models definitely hold better design and features. Still, the better one is hard to measure.

Pricing according to features

That’s probably the superior and most effective thing to judge.

Even though the S7 holds pure Sedan intention, it has the basic on-road price starting from $115k that can last up to $146k. Higher features with better facilities let the pricing increase accordingly.

Having the higher price certainly relates some great functions. First of all, it comes with a keyless ignition system Aka a push-button starter.

Secondly, it has wide and fat 21 inches tires to rule on the road. Both rare and front-sided glasses are perfectly tinted for the finest privacy too. And the matrix-styled front-sided headlamps are another great reason for having variations in the pricing.

Keeping all these things aside, the 10.1inches sized multimedia system can perform the best functionality along with the best navigation system. Carplay support from Apple, android auto connectivity, and universal charging modes are some features that let the price increase in great number.

Luckily, these are all the options that come under the basic version. While measuring the extra versions, performance level models usually contain more pricing and facility than the typical ones.

For that reason, the pricing faces some upgrades too. And the ceramic brakes are one of those finest upgraded things to observe. It can significantly deliver better and improved braking rather than the stock ones. Therefore, it prices more and gets attached with the basic range one.

But the RS7 can be priced up to $200k! That is definitely a higher-priced one than any typical Audi model. Being a Sportback version is not the only reason for higher pricing. The entire pricing is held on overall appearance, quality, and features. As it has been explained earlier, 22 inched-sized wheels with Matrix LED laser lights with highly build red caliper systems.

What are the basic things to observe thing come even for the standard version too? However, the lowest pricing range of $160k approx is not featured with all these functions.

Moreover, the RS7 comes underpricing according to the internal benefits. The very first thing to measure is the instrument cluster with a wireless display system. It makes a good variation in pricing along with better functionality.

But still, there are not enough exceptional features to observe at all. And in actuality, the pricing is not legitimate enough and worthy to claim by some users. So thinking about the pricing, the RS7 is not much efficient and valid to go for most of the time.

The 2022 S7 and RS7

You might know about Audi and its upgrading. Following the sequence, both these models come with upgrades too. For a quick and better understanding, have a look at the overall specs and details through a chart.

4.0liter Turbocharged V8Engine pattern4.0liter Turbocharged V6
8-speed autoTransmission systemEight-speed auto
Five seats  Seating typeFive seats
AWDDrivetrain typeAWD  

This is a complete overview of both these models. However, there are not very many distinctions to see between these two models. An almost similar engine pattern like the previous time as well as the similar driving pattern mode doesn’t bring any changes at all. However, the biggest change to observe is the cost.

Previous models were available with higher pricing and costing in the market. But these latest ones are surprisingly lower in cost.

On top of that, the company provides all those functions and facilities just like the older versions too. And all these things get done to be affordable and legit among the users.

S7 vs RS7 is the best one to achieve

It becomes quite complicated to select an individual one among two models. And that mostly gets seen in the models with almost similarity. Although both the S7 and RS7 belong to different species, they still have enough related things.

But in short words, the S7 sedan is the complete package and the worthy one to go with. It comes with a better internal and external space along with a higher comfort level and more power.

Though the upgraded RS7 holds much power and accuracy, the S7 can be judged perfect in overall nature and practical performance.

RS7 is also a great and perfect model to deal with. But all you have to do is, go for the latest ones. They have higher pulling ability rather than the older and previous models.

Above all the facts, the S7 is the affordable one that delivers a standard and overall pricing for all the versions. That is what all the things matter in choosing the perfectly shaped sedan model.

Not an interested one, but still, some users demand to know about the Audi 4.2 timing chain. There are some conditions and problems that can be solved by reading out this entire article. So don’t miss the chance at all.                      

Final Verdict

It’s a properly granted issue that Audi S7 vs RS7 is a hot cake comparison in the market. Unless having proper knowledge about both these models, it can be difficult to find out the perfect one.

Eventually, users have an obsession with a Sportback version rather than the sedan one. Sedan, for being a typical and common version, can’t make any demand among people with lower performance.

However, the S7 has totally changed the thought and intention. And surprisingly, it makes more selling marks rather than the RS7 for being faster, more comfortable, and fuel-efficient.

The rest of the decision is based on your budget and requirement. Consider yourself one of those lucky Audi owners through any of these two models.

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