Jasper Vs Fraser Engines, which one to pick?

Jasper and Fraser Engines, this discussion will be between two of the most popular engine brand. Specifically, many renowned automotive manufacturers like Ford and Toyota use these engines in their cars. So, one can predict how well-designed and performative these are.

However, they do share similarities as well as differences. Moreover, one will find that Fraser is more popular than Jasper. It is because they offer more at an affordable price range. Furthermore, one will have to look below to know more.

Jasper Vs Fraser Engine

Jasper Vs Fraser Engines

Specifically, Jasper is a USA-based remanufacturer industry popular for engines established in 1942. From the beginning to this date, they are well known for their continuous production of quality products. Also, the service they provide to their customers is widely praised. They offer engines of many types including diesel and petrol to many renowned manufacturers.

Most people like their engines because they are designed in a simple manner. Besides, maintaining the engines such as regular cleaning and oil changing is extremely easy. Also, the engines are extremely reliable with computer assist dynamometer testing.

As with the other one, Fraser is a USA-based manufacturer which is established in 1961 after Jasper. So, in a point of view, Jasper is with more experience than Fraser. However, this brand offers more variety and more options in an affordable range. Also, their warranty and customer policy are far better.

Moreover, one can completely trust their product which is 100% accurate. Besides, those will provide long-lasting wonderful performance in various trims. Furthermore, let’s have a look at the details below to know more about the topic.

Table: Jasper Vs Fraser Engines

Jasper EnginesFraser Engines
This is a remanufactured engine type.This is a remanufactured engine type.
Price is a bit expensiveFeatures an affordable price range
For both marine and other engines, durability is 100,000 milesFor other engines 100,000 to 120,000 miles and marine engines 24,000 miles
Comparatively, provide a good performancePerformed better
Effective enough compared to othersExtremely effective
OEM standardOEM standard which is extremely accurate
Used in automobiles, differential, marine engines, house appliances, transmissions, turbochargers, etc.Used in marine engines, transmissions, accessories, automobile engines, etc.
Save fuelsExtremely fuel economic.
Warranty is up to three yearsWarranty is till 5 years.

Overall, both brand provides almost similar kind of engines. However, the main difference they share is that the engines of Jasper seem to lose their performance after a few months. However, the best thing about jasper is one will have a different variety, unlike Fraser. According to the research of our experts, customers are more likely to like the Fraser over Jasper.

Well, the reason is clear since this one is a more affordable one with more options. Also, this one is thoroughly tested with maximum accuracy. Besides, one will get more performance as well as a warranty with this brand.

In the end, the users will have to decide what they want. Mostly, they should use the engine that they got in their factory specifications. If the car is featuring Fraser as the factory engine, they should go for that. However, if they think they are not okay with the performance of it then they can switch it.

Jasper Vs Fraser Engines, product remanufactured

Both the brands are remanufactured brands producing engines for different criteria. They always come up with the latest technology in their engines to offer the best to their customer. Moreover, let’s see what they have to offer.

Jasper EngineFraser Engine
-Marine engines
-Gas engines
-Axle assemblies
-Complete sets of domestic engines
-Transmissions transfer cases
-Highway diesel engines for delivery trucks, refuse trucks, snow removing vehicles, etc.
-Diesel and air components like fuel pumps, injectors, and turbochargers.
– Accessories for brands like Ford, and GM.
-Sterndrives with brand new bearing, u-joint, seals, upper water pump housing, and water pump impeller.
– Customized engine.
-New camshaft
-Valve springs
-Lifters -Pushrods
-Oil pump
-Pistons and rings
-Connecting rod bearings
-Main bearings
-Cam bearings
-Timing chain and timing gears
-Reconditioned cylinder heads -Gaskets.

What engines are available for the automotive industry in Fraser?

Being in the row of performative yet affordable makes the Frasers the best choice for many manufacturers. Let’s see the engine options which are popular in Fraser.

Remanufactured engines of Fraser2.4L GM
2.7L Dodge
3.5L GM
3.6L Chrysler or Dodge or Jeep
3.6L GM
3.7L Chrysler or Dodge or Jeep
3.7L GM
3.8L Jeep
4.0L Ford
4.0L Jeep
4.2L Ford
4.6L Ford
4.8L GM
5.3L GM
5.4L Ford
6.0 GM
6.8L Ford


Overall, both of the engines are wonderful options to choose from. If one is going to replace their old dead engine with a new one, they can choose any of these two. However, first, they need to understand properly about Jasper Vs Fraser Engines.

This distinguished discussion will help them decide what they want based on their circumstances. They will know which features of this engine will be beneficial for them and which not. Hopefully, they will make the right decision using all this information.

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