What to know about Toyota Sienna Camper Conversion?

Toyota Sienna Camper Conversion will be one of the most amazing decisions of one’s life. It will create a running hotel or house for two-person. They can live on the road exploring exciting things and enjoying life.

Moreover, one will have a bed, dining, kitchen, and everything necessary to live. Also, at night they can park the car somewhere safe and sleep inside the car in their bed. However, users may have to pay handsome money to do the work, which will be worth it.

Furthermore, one can look into the details to know everything on a camper and the conversion of their Sienna.

Toyota Sienna Camper Conversion

Before starting and diving deep into the topic, one has to know about the camper van. The idea of a camper van comes from the people living in their cars for some time. In this type of car or van, there will be everything in small portions to live for one or two-person. 

Mainly, couples or families of two people, even single travelers, tend to carve for this type of van. They can travel as long they want with this van. The interesting fact is that they will not have to stay in any hotel, which will cut the expense.

Recently, this type of car has gained huge popularity not only in the USA but in many countries of the world. Mostly, people choose the Toyota sienna camper and customize it according to their needs. Being one of the most popular manufacturers, Toyota provides quite a reliable experience with this vehicle.

Specifically, the car offers 150 cubic feet of cargo space inside it. Also, it will be 78 inches wide with a 71-inch height. Moreover, it can carry a 4′ x 8′ sheet of plywood. In addition, the roof rack provides additional carrying capacity.

Simply, it will provide enough space for two-person to live in this car for as long as they want. Amazingly, they can get all the facilities here as like the home in a small portion but comfortable way. However, they will need to get a conversion as their wish.

The facilities one can add to their Toyota Sienna Camper

For living in the car, one will have to add some must features which they cannot survive without. If there is enough space, they can add some luxury accessories for more comfort inside the car and live without compromising anything.

1. One can arrange to seat for four to five people while driving.

2. They can have a foldable master bed for two or three people with the measurement of 26”x 74” on the passenger side and 26”x 68” on the driver side.

3. Attaching storage under the bench seat with a foldable door will not be an issue.

4. One can set up a kitchen behind the car, which can be dragged and opened outside the car for cooking.

5. It is possible to fit a small refrigerator in any part of the kitchen.

6. Besides the cooking area or under the stove, one can have compartments for the cylinder and other cooking materials.

The accessories one can have in the Toyota Sienna Camper

Living in the van is new lifestyle people are adopting during their vacations. The motto of the camper van is making it feel like home. For living in the car, one will have to add some must features which they cannot survive without.

 If there is enough space, they can add some luxury accessories for more comfort inside the car and live without compromising anything. So the accessories they can have in that van are,

1. Moveable roof in the back of the car to increase space for versatile use.

2. Bike racks on top of the car to attach bikes for caring for them in case they want to have a bike ride on the beach.

3. Rechargeable Electrical system which will get power from the battery and the solar system.

4. Solar panel attached on top of the car or the side of the car.

5. Refrigerator to store food and drinks.

6. Stove and cylinder to cook food as well as a small sink for cleaning purposes with a water tank.

7. Removal kitchen table so that they can cook outside the car if there is enough space.

8. Slide the outdoor compartment into a different part of the car to store different things.

9. Convertible Seating arrangement and table for a different purpose.

10. Roof racks for carrying things as well as having roof tents in case one wants to sleep on the roof.

What will be the possible cost of Toyota Sienna Camper Conversion?

For the Toyota Sienna Camper Conversion cost, one will have to decide what they want first. Because the total cost will depend on what facilities and accessories one wants to add to their van. If one is planning to add more luxury to their van, the cost will be much more than the average.

Initially, for an okay setup to live inside the car and have a long road trip, one will have to have a budget of around $8000. Moreover, the cost will increase with the increasing demand for comfort and accessories.

Moreover, one can add all the possible accessories and comfort to their van by costing around $12000. This is the maximum range one can expect from any dealer. However, doing it at home may be cost less or more depending on the situation.

What are the benefits of converting the Toyota Sienna into a Camper?

Honestly saying, one can convert any van or truck into a camper van by costing money. However, the proper sizing of the van will bring more versatility and comfort. So, people will ask about the benefits they will get from the Toyota Sienna, which may not be the case with other vehicles.

Therefore, the exciting advantages one will have with the Sienna are,

Flat Roofs

One of the juicy benefits of the mentioned minivan is its flat roof. Most of the vans out there have a sloppy roof which decreases the space inside the car. Also, one can easily put mountain bike racks, roof racks, and solar panels on the flat roof.

Removal Seta’s

Another important feature the Toyota Sienna Camper Conversion provides is quickly removing the rare seats. One will find it super easy and not time-consuming. Also, they will not need any tools or mechanical skills for the job.


In a campervan, one will have to block the side doors. In some minivans, it will be hard to get inside and outside the car if they block the slider doors. However, with our mentioned vehicle, there is an extra door to enter the car.

What are the disadvantages of converting the Toyota Sienna into a Camper?

Along with so many benefits, one will have some cons in converting the Sienna into a campervan. However, those may not be an issue since all the minivans will be the same as its disadvantages. The cons of the Sienna camper are,


No matter how much customization one does with their Sienna, they cannot increase the height of the car. That means the user will not be able to stand and walk inside the car. Some may feel uncomfortable at first, but they will get used to it sooner or later. Technically, this is not something to consider a disadvantage.


This model of Toyota will lack much in features compared to the other model. They will not get an entertainment facility, weather-controlling facility, and many more. However, the lack of facilities increases the space to get customized according to the need of the users. So, it is not properly a con to consider.

Therefore, one can say the cons it offers may not be a term of cons for many users. Those common things will happen with all the minivans out there.

How much time will it take to install all the accessories for Toyota Sienna Camper Conversion?

Technically, it is supposed to take two weeks, even with a less experienced person. Depending on the number of accessories one will add to the van, the time will vary. In the case of complex functionalities, the time will be more.

Initially, it will take one to two weeks to complete the job. If one is doing it from any dealer or company, they will estimate the date according to the customer specifications. In case one wants to do it at home, the time will depend on the manpower and skill level.

Doing the work alone with less skill will take more time, maybe months if two or more people with almost okay skills can do the work within a couple of weeks.


Overall, the decision of Toyota Sienna Camper Conversions worth taking. Even though it will cost a handsome amount of money, one can enjoy every second of their experience with this camper van on the road.

With all the facilities, one can cook, sleep, eat, and do regular things in their van. Also, it will cut the cost of the hotel and give them the liberty to move anywhere they want. Hopefully, from the above discussion, one has got all the necessary information and idea on a campervan.

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