MATV Vs. JLTV: What is the main difference?

MATV Vs. JLTV, some may think since they are trucks of the same manufacturer, creating differentiation is illogical. However, this is a misleading way of judging any truck or vehicle. Because they may be manufactured to serve a similar purpose, they have some primary differences.

Most of all, JLTV is better than MATV in the case of a high-speed ride with extreme protection. Even it can run on the water. As for MATV, if one is looking for a warm option with heavy-duty construction, it is the best fit.

If one is looking for more details, they should scan the whole article to get all the relevant information.

MATV Vs JLTV                                    

The world has various weather and soil condition in its different parts. Some of the parts of the world have a clean and well-constructed road. Some others are muddy, stony, and watery. Human not only lives in a well-constructed place. They also live in places where it’s hard to run a regular vehicle.

Imagine living in an area where one has to cross a 1 feet river, heavy muddy roads, and stony roads with a regular passenger car. That’s quite impossible to drive a regular passenger car on that type of road.

For this kind of road, one will need a combination of beast and comfort. A vehicle that will be comfortable as the passenger car but strong like a truck. Otherwise, one cannot go here and there on feet. It’s not impossible to get the best one of described features.

If one looks for a car on those specifications, they will get Matv and Jltv as preferable options. Both of the truck is quite comfortable and strong as a beast. They can run on the water. Also, they can withstand a heavily muddy road.

Besides, the journey in a hilly road of stone bed will not be hard for these two to dominate. One will find it comfortable and easy to drive in all those difficult scenarios with these vehicles. Moreover, these two have more meaningful applications.

The defense system of many countries uses these two vehicles. Because they need to travel through jungle, lake and many risky roads. As we mentioned above, riding a passenger car on that road is not possible.

Besides, Matt and Jltv are heavily armed. One can add many arms in the cars to fight the enemy. They are designed to deflect bomb blasts and gunshots in a heavy war zone from birth.

Moreover, both of these wonderful beasts are of Oshkosh Crop. They are a global truck manufacturer founded in Oshkosh. They have a century-long history and reputation in truck manufacturing that no one has or is close to them.

According to the Vice President of Oshkosh Corporation and President of Oshkosh Defense, the M-ATV and JLTV are engineered with industry-leading suspension and protection systems. Also, those can support a spectrum of C4ISR suites, mission kits, and every possible weapon system requires for a war.

He added that these vehicles represent a technological leap forward in off-road mobility, safety, protection, lethality, and great communication. That means it plays an important part in many ground operations in different weather.

That company is manufacturing vehicles for the USA defense system, both army, and marine. They are under a contract of $6.7 billion with the ministry. As for the record, they will build at least 17,000 JLTV for the US defense system.

The USA defense system is using cars does not mean the general people cannot. But, those will be designed without firearms features. People living in a rainforest area, snowy area, muddy area, or any area that does not allow normal passenger cars love to have one of these.

Some people living in the highly constructed area also love this vehicle. However, they cannot afford both of these, or they do not want to have both of them. In that scenario, they always search for which one will be better in between.

That means they look for the differences between MATV and JLTV. Though the purpose of these two vehicles is the same and they have been made to serve the same purpose, they have some basic differences.

Firstly, JLTV means Joint Light Tactical Vehicle,and M-ATV meansMRAP All-Terrain Vehicle.

Table: Comparison table of the configuration

M-ATV special forcesM-ATV assaultM-ATV EngineerM-ATV CommandM-ATV UtilityGeneral Purpose (GP)Heavy-Gun Carrier (HGC)Utility (UTL)Close Combat Weapons Carrier (CCWC)

According to the configuration comparison table, the JLTV is designed with new levels of the protected mobility system. Also, it supports advanced networking, C4ISR suits, and increased firepower.

Besides, the weapon system of JLTV is equipped with an EOS R-400S-MK2 remote weapon system integrated with Orbital ATK’s M230 LF 30 mm lightweight automatic chain gun. Its purposeis to demonstrate the ability to support increased lethality with a caliber weapon system.

As for the MATV, it offers the best combination of protection and mobility on the off-road. This car is equipped with a Moog Reconfigurable Integrated-weapons Platform (RIwP). Here, the purpose of the system is to expand the overmatch and lethality of all types of war.

Specifically, the RIwP is equipped with a Javelin missile, an M249 machine gun, an Orbital ATK M230 LF 30 mm lightweight automatic chain gun, and a DRS Long Range AIM target acquisition sensor suite.

Table: Comparison of Payloads

M-ATV lineupsPayloadsJLTV  typePayloads
M-ATV Special Forces5,500 lbsCombat tactical vehicles (four passengers)3,500 lbs
M-ATV Assault4,400 lbsCombat Supported vehicles (two passengers)5,100 lbs
M-ATV Engineer4,400 lbs
M-ATV Command4,400 lbs
M-ATV Utility7,000 lbs

As for payloads, the MATV is way better than the JLTV. This one can hold at least 11 passengers, and the highest payload is 7000 lbs which is huge. Meanwhile, the JLTV can carry 5100 lbs in the maximum range. However, both cars will ensure 400 operational miles in different road conditions.

Another benefit of JLTV over MATV is running over 60 inches of water. Normally, it requires a lot of energy to run on water. Driving on 60 inches of water is a huge deal. Also, it will be extremely useful for the military system.

Now, let’s look at an overall comparison of these two.

TypeMRAP-Mine Resistant Ambush ProtectedMRAP-Mine Resistant Ambush Protected
LookBigger than JLTVSmaller than MATV
LoadHeavyLighter than MATV
Weight18 tons11 tons
Payloads7000 lbs5100 lbs.
SuspensionTAK-4 independentThe TAK-4iTM intelligent independent
CapacityUp to 11Up to 6
Ground clearanceAverage 16 inches of ground clearanceAround 20 inches of wheel travel
Transport LevelAverageGood
Performance on waterNot so goodExcellent
Weapon SystemRIwP is equipped with a Javelin missile, an M249 machine gun, an Orbital ATK M230 LF 30 mm lightweight automatic chain gun, and a DRS Long Range AIM target acquisition sensor suitean EOS R-400S-MK2 remote weapon system integrated with Orbital ATK’s M230 LF 30 mm lightweight automatic chain gun
Heat resistance capacityExcellentNot so Good
SpeedQuite good70% faster.


Hopefully, one has got all the relevant answers about MATV Vs JLTV. Both vehicles are amazing options for heavy-duty rides. However, for extra protection and speed, one can choose the JLTV. Also, if one is going to drive on the water of the highest 60 inches, no option is better than JLTV.

However, MATV is best known for its heat-restoring capability. Soldiers taking shelter inside the truck will stay warm and cozy even in the worst weather. Now, the choice is the reader what they think will best fit.

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