What is the Toyota Corolla Spark Plug Socket Size?

Toyota Corolla Spark Plug Socket Size is precious and varies from vehicle to vehicle. Normally, the socket size is 5/8″. However, it varies according to some vehicles. Some of the Corolla have socket sizes of 9/16”.

If the mentioned size is not the one, people can take the longest socket and measure the depth of the cylinder. By this, they will get an idea about the exact size. In the process, they have to remember that they must not use several extenders at a time.

Toyota Corolla Spark Plug Socket Size

Toyota Corolla Spark Plug Socket Size

Spark Plug is one of the crucial parts of the car’s internal mechanism. It is situated into the cylinder head. This one is for discharging a high-tension ignition system to form a spark. That spark will ignite the air-fuel mixture inside the cylinder.

Moreover, the spark plug socket fits and removes the spark plug from the system. Sometimes, they also have a foam rubber to help prevent the spark plug from getting any damage. However, that socket is not something that will last forever.

After sometime, people have to change that socket. That time they get the confusion about the size of it. Since the socket is two types, one is a magnet, and the other one is rubber, the deep socket of the plug is something different.

Most of the Toyota corolla use deep sockets in the car. That makes the removal and installation easier. As for the size, one will not get hundreds of options. Only a handful of options are available. However, the exact size of the spark plus socket is extremely important.

The too-long or short socket will not help or serve its purpose inside the car. Most of the Toyota use spark plug sockets of 5/8”. The size can be different according to the country and the model of the car.

However, if one does not know the exact size, 5/8″ can be the starting point, they can simply increase or extend the size and keep trying. Usually, the size falls in 13/16″ and not more than that.

If still, they cannot reach the plug, an extension of 3/8” will be a good option. However, it is better not to use multiple extensions if they do not know the depth of the car because any part of the extension that can fall inside the cylinder will be a mass.

Trying to measure the size with a long one at first is the wisest way to find the exact size. One must keep in mind that the spark plug socket is extremely vehicle-dependent. Maybe one driving the same car in Australia has a different socket size than the one in America.

However, let’s see a chart of all the Spark Plug Socket sizes available in the market.

Spark Plug SizeApplication
14mmNewer European vehicles and newer Asian vehicles
5/8″All the new Toyota Corolla
11/16″Older Toyota Corolla
18mmSome small engines
3/4″Lawnmowers, small engines, older GM vehicles
13/16″Toyota Corolla older vehicles of large engines
7/8″Tractors, older vehicles, and aviation

Is the spark plug socket size universal?

No, the spark plug socket size is not universal. The size varies according to the vehicle and the manufacturer’s country. One has to get a similar size to create the ignition inside the cylinder to make the car run.

Besides, the car’s engine type also varies in spark plug and socket size. One can have a look at the manual book for the size. Otherwise, they can find it by themselves.

Is Toyota Corolla have a spark plug for real?

One may have a good-looking car that can grab anyone’s attention. But without the spark, plus the car is just a junk of metal. So, yeah, the corolla has spark plugs for real. Not only have, but some of them also have 4, 6, or more spark plugs.

If one is not working, they may have to change all the plug sets to make the car healthy again. However, one has to change their spark plug after every 60 000 miles of travel.


Everything about a car is sensitive. One adds to the car from every instrument inside to the fuel and external substance. One has to be very precious and detailed on those. As for the Toyota Corolla Spark Plug Socket Size, one has to find the exact size according to their car.

Since the size of the socket will vary according to vehicle model and country, people get confused. However, they can look into the manual book. If it’s not working, they can try a longer socket to measure the size. Hopefully, they will find the right size with the given information.

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