What is the idea of modifying my car with a Toyota Corolla Body kit?

Toyota Corolla Body kit is for changing or enhancing the car’s outlook. Many people have the desire to have everything unique. With that thought, people often change the regular look of their car into something exciting.

However, this is not something inexpensive. One has to pay twice the price of the car’s actual price. Sometimesit’s more than this. If one wants to know more about body kits and car makeovers, they can look below.

Toyota Corolla Body kit

People have carvings in a car like we have cravings in food. They feel extremely passionate about different cars and their looks. Some even modify their car with different car kits. They feel joy and comfortable having something unique.

In the modification process, Toyota corolla body kits are one of the effective and reliable ways to modify the car’s look. One can make their plain boring car into something exciting and gorgeous. Surprisingly, one will find every part of the body in a different style and color.

One can buy custom bumpers ranging from around $100 to $2000, and custom bumpers’ lips range from $540 to $600. The price will depend on the design, color, and material. The more gorgeous the design, the more costly one will carry.

As for the bumpers hood, one can custom made it from around $800 to $4,000. For a rear diffuser, one will have to pay around $70 to $900. The price of this two also depends on the user’s design. Besides, one can add canards price from $45 to $245 fenders flares can cost a minimum of $80 to a maximum of $1700.

Moreover, custom side skirts, trunks, hatches, side molding, scoops will cost $519 to $1,112. $16 to $1600,$138 to $220, and around $200 respectively. 

Also, one can add a custom door, roofs, spoilers, headlights, wheel, even engine cover of the car. Front to back, up to down, one can customize every inch of the car if they want. However, it will cost them much more than the car’s regular price. It can cost double or triple or maybe more than this.

The total cost will depend on the design the user will pick and the chosen material. As for the Toyota, one will get three options in the material. Those are fiberglass, Polyurethane, and ABS plastic.

Among these three, the most expensive and well-made body kits are ABS plastic kits. Because these are machine-made and are the closest material that the actual car has, also, they are extremely easy to paint, design, and attach.

The most prevalent body kits are the fiberglass body kits because they are the most cost-effective ones. They may not give the most precision because they are almost handmade as we know human-made mistakes. So, the finish of the kits is not so good.

Less expensive than ABS but more than fiberglass, Polyurethane is made of heavy-duty mold. Those are machine-made and have a precision finish and fit. Normally, the look and the finish are solid. They can withstand small accidents, unlike fiberglass.

From here, the user will take responsibility for what they want. Ultimately, the scenario and the price will depend on the user. After the expensive makeover, one will not regret falling in love with the car. For this, they have to choose the design and the color wisely.

Does the new body kit replace the factory bumper?

When one adds body kits in their cars to enhance the car’s look, they sometimes need to replace the factory parts. It happens for the bumper of the car too. The body kit bumpers come with the necessary parts, like the body lips.

So to install the new bumpers, one has the remove the old one properly and completely. After that, they need to attach the new one to the car.

How much does it cost for a complete makeover of the car?

Doing a car makeover means adding a new body kit to the car of the user’s choice. Many people customize their car with their favorite color, anime theme, video game theme, and so on. As for the total cost of a makeover, one will not say it for sure inthe first place.

The total cost will depend on the user’s design, pattern, color, and material. However, one can assume the price at a range. For a basic or simple makeover, the cost will be around $6000 to $8000.

Moreover, for an extreme makeover, one may have to pay around $60 000. However, in most cases, the price falls below $20,000.


Hopefully, one has got answers to all their queries about the Toyota Corolla Body kit. Toyota corolla itself is an amazing ar. However, some passionate people always want something unique and extraordinary. They tend to change the look of the car by adding body kits.

However, doing a car makeover is quite expensive. Even in a simple makeover, one will have to spend thousands of dollars. It’s not like it does not worth it. But it is not something regular. Spending thousands on the look will be a waste of money for some people.

However, passion cannot be measured in value. So people can make their normal boring car into something fun with money.

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