Why the 2007 Toyota Camry oil consumption rate is too high?

Toyota Camry Oil Consumption will depend on some factors. Mostly, the new car consumes less oil but the old one consumes at least ¼ more than the new one. However, sometimes the new one uses too much more than the recommended rate.

The main reason for this problem is the engine design and the harsh driving of the user. Also, people sometimes use poor quality and low-viscosity oil. Thus, one has to maintain the car as the manufacturer suggested them to do.

One has to be with us and read the article till the end to know all the information about oil consumption.

2007 Toyota Camry Oil Consumption

2007 Toyota Camry Oil Consumption

Since the launch of the Toyota Camry 2007, many people have reported that their car is consuming oil more than normal. Till now it is one of the major problems with all the Toyota Camry of this particular series.

According to oil experts and researchers, the normal oil consumption rate of modern passenger’s cars like the Toyota Camry is less than 0.05%. Moreover, the maximum oil consumption rate can go to 0.5% and not more than this.

However, some of the old vehicles can consume more oil than the average rate. Because if it’s old it needs to do some extra work. Extra work means burning extra oil from the engine. So, the oil consumption rates go higher than the average.

According to the Toyota Camry 2007 manual book, one has to change the oil of their engine after 1 year or 10, 000 miles, which come first. However, the dealerships of Toyota suggest that users should change the oil after 6 months or 5,000 mileage, whichever comes first.

In addition, in all the modern cars there is a meter showing the oil consumption rate. If one needs to change the engine oil that screen will tell the consumer. In some cases, that screen shows that people need to change their oil before the recommended time.

Sometimes they need to change the oil after 1,000 mileage or use the car for 2 months. Which is quite frustrating. Because changing the oil so often is expensive as well as harmful for the environment. Besides, it concerns the user that everything inside the car is not doing fine.

So, what are the reasons that cause that high rate of oil consumption in Toyota Camry 2007? It is necessary that the consumer knows the issues. Well, the cause of consuming too much will can be many.

Causes of High Engine Oil Consumption

1. Engine Design of the car. Some of the engines consume so much oil like 1.7 quarters per mile or 1L per 1000 km, which is huge.

2. The second most common issue of the engine consuming too much oil is the driving style of the driver. If the driver is driving in a rush and speed with higher RPM that means everything inside the car is working too much. It will cause the engine to consume more oil.

3. If the car is old and the seal and gasket are not conditions, the engine oil consumes oil like a monster. Because the oil will find its way around the seal and it will leak.

4. Another reason is the high temperature of the engine. If the engine having high temperature than normal, the oil will get thinner. Resulting, it will reach the combustion chamber and it will burn with the fuel.

5. Using engine oil of too low viscosity than the recommended one will cause a high oil consumption rate. Because the oil will be too thin and the engine will use too much.

Along with the described reason of high oil consumption rate of the engine, there are some other reasons. Those are not so common but happened sometimes. However, one has to find the possible solution of the cause if they face it.

Possible Solution of High Consumption of Engine Oil

1. The first and most reliable way to stop the high consumption of engine oil is using the recommended oil. The manual book that came with the car will tell everything about the car. So, one must read it carefully and find out the recommended oil for that car engine.

As for the Toyota Camry 2007, the manufacturer recommended either 0W-20 or 5W-20 oil. In case one is confused between this two can read 0W-20 VS 5W-20.

Besides, while purchasing the engine oil one have to make sure they have chosen the right dealership. Because poor quality engine oil can cause the issue even if the name is the same.

2. Secondly, one has to properly maintain their engine. They have to change their engine oil as soon as the screen tells them to change the engine oil. One must not drive the car if they need to change the oil. If they do so, the engine will be unhealthy and then it will consume more oil.

To know more about the maintenance of the car one can read Toyota Rav4 Hybrid Maintenance Cost.

3. The final solution will be replacing the damaged internal parts of the engine. Also, if the engine is too old and leaking oil one has to change the engine. For this one can read 2az Fe Vs 2ar Fe.

Some other parts of the car may be injured and need replacement like the flex pipe. For this one can have a look into Toyota Camry Flex Pipe Repair Cost.

Now the user has to decide if they are facing a high oil consumption rate with their Toyota Camry 2007. After that, they have to find the possible causes and solutions to avoid the situation in the future.


The high rate of oil consumption of the engine is one of the major issues one can have with their car. As for the Toyota Camry 2007, it is having that issue since its launch. That’s the reason people always want to know about the 2007 Toyota Camry Consumption.

Generally, the consumption of oil for that particular model should not be more than 0.05%. However, in some cases, it does consume so much more than the recommended rate. Above we have discussed the causes and possible solutions to the issue.

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