What is the 2010 Toyota Corolla Oil Type?

2010 Toyota Corolla Oil Type is something every owner should know. Because after bringing the car from the workshop one has to change the engine oil after few thousands of miles. If they do not know which oil will be the best fit, they will end up with a dead engine and a lot more.

Moreover, the Toyota manufacturer recommended 0w-20 and 5w-30 engine oil for their Camry 2010 model. Both of the oil is a perfect fit but have different viscosity and thickness levels. Different weather and driving styles will affect the choice between these two options.

However, one should read the whole article properly to know more about the differences and the suitable one.

2010 Toyota Corolla Oil Type

One may be seen in the manual book of the car that comes with it about all the recommendations. In that book, one will find the manufacturer-recommended oil type for the car engine. Among all the options and suggestions, the recommendation in the manual book is the best fit.

As for Toyota Corolla 2010 manual book, one has to change the oil of their engine after 1 year or 10, 000 miles, which come first. However, the dealerships of Toyota suggest that users should change the oil after 6 months or 5,000 mileage, whichever comes first.

Normally, the oil consumption rate of modern passenger cars like the Toyota Camry is less than 0.05%. Moreover, the maximum oil consumption rate can go to 0.5% and not more than this.

In addition, in all the modern cars there is a meter showing the oil consumption rate. If one needs to change the engine oil that screen will tell the consumer. In some cases, that screen shows that people need to change their oil before the recommended time.

So, the time of changing the oil of Toyota Camry 2010, people search for the recommended oil. Well, the manufacturer recommends for this model is 0w-20 or 5w-30. However, still, the user asks a question like which one will be best between these two.

Well, the 0w-20, this one is considered to be a low viscosity. Users choose this oil for their engine because of the perfect performance in cold weather.

The 0 in the name refers winter viscosity of the oil. Also, it has an additive to provide better performance in the winter with its multi-viscosity. Surprisingly, many modern automobiles use and come with this synthetic oil to improve engine performance.

It not only improves the engine performance, but it also boosts the environmental condition. Because in winter it loses little oil due to its lower velocity. That means no harm to the environment.

On the contrary, the 5w-30 is a type of oil or lubricant which will provide good performance in cold. Also, it will preserve good performance when the temperature goes high. This 5w oil does not only perform well in the winter, but it also gives protection in the summer.

In the name, 5 is the viscosity at low temperatures meanwhile 30 is the viscosity of summer. This is also a multi-viscosity oil that helps both winter and summer. Also, this one offers fuel economy at an excellent level.

In the debate of which one is better, one will stay neutral. Because both of the oil has different viscosity levels. One is thinnest and another one is thin. If the car engine is doing heavy-duty and high-speed work, then it’s better not to choose the 5w oil. Since it is thin it will not tackle the heavy work.

Moreover, the 0w is one of the environments friendly and economic engine oil. So, many manufacturers and many users prefer this oil. However, one can use 5w if they are living in a country of both winter and summer.

Besides, low-speed and low-duty car users can go for the 5w oil if the manufacturer suggests both of the oil. Since they differ in price, people often judge them by it which is not appropriate. One must pick according to the viscosity of the oil. Also, the use level of the car will impact the engine oil selection.

To get a proper idea let’s have a look at a comparison table of these two. Hopefully, it will make it easier for the user to select.

Table: Comparison of 0w-20 and 5w-30 engine oil of Toyota Camry 2010

Oil TypeMulti-GradeMuti-Grade
viscosity8.8 mm2/s9.5 mm2/s
Viscosity Index173154
Maximum Operating Temperature (°C)+20+25
Minimum Operating Temperature (°C)-15-35
Pour point (°C)-48-44
Flash Point (°C)206185
Preferable climateMore preferable for colder weather.More preferable for warmer weather.
ThicknessThinnest           Thin
Fuel Economy Top in the market but costlierExcellent
PerformanceProvide outstanding engine protection by fighting with engine stress: deposits, wear, and heat.Provide better protection against friction due to Thicker anti-wear film.
Suitable VehicleGasoline and Hybrid engine, Compact car, or SubcompactSUVs, trucks, small vans, and selected cars

Now, the user of the Toyota Camry 2010 has to decide which one will they go for. However, if the user is a hard and harsh driver, we will recommend the oil with higher viscosity which is 5w-30.


2010 Toyota Corolla Oil Type is recommended by the manufacturer. The recommended oils are 0w-20 and 5w-30. Therefore, the user must use the recommended oil. Otherwise, they will face many issues with the car. One of the most common issues is the high rate of oil consumption.

Resulting, they will need to change the oil so often which is costly as well as harmful for the environment. Also, the hybrid system of the car will get affected negatively if one uses low-quality oil in the engine.

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