6-Speed Vs 8 Speed Transmission Toyota, which one is the option?

6-speed vs 8-speed transmission Toyota, a great fight of choice in between for the Toyota user. Both of the transmission is a good option in their place. However, they have some major differences. If one is looking for a better and more powerful automatic transmission, the 8-speed is the option.

On the other hand, for a less powerful manual option, the 6-speed is the choice. Moreover, the 8 speed is better in fuel efficiency as well as lifespan. Though they have the difference, the choice is of the user.

6-speed vs 8-speed transmission Toyota

If we talk about the important component of Toyota, transmission is one of those. Not only Toyota but also for every car, transmission is the type of machinery that supplies power from the engine to the wheel. So the speed of the wheel, as well as control, will mostly depend on the transmission.

The purpose of a car is running, moving place to place using its wheel. If the wheel does not get enough controlled power from the engine, it will not move. In that case, without the transmission, the car will not move from its place a bit.

As for Toyota, it has two types of transmission. One is manual, another is automatic. Two of the most common transmission in Toyota is 6 speed and 8 speed. People often ask about the differences between these two transmissions of Toyota.

The basic and most common difference between these two is its operational mode. The 6-speed transmission is the manual transmission. On the other hand, the 8-speed transmission is the automatic transmission.

That operational difference makes so many differences in these two transmissions of Toyota. Those are the discussion people looks for because the manufacturer and retailers will not clarify the issues. So the differences are,

6-speed transmission8-speed transmission
The 6-speed transmission is manual.The 8-speed transmission is automatic.
It contains less power capacity than the 8b speed transmission.Compare to a 6-speed transmission, it contains more power capacity.
As for the internal friction, it has a higher range than 8 speeds.This one has lower internal friction than the 6-speed transmission.
Less compact.More compact.
It gives less fuel efficiency.It will provide a higher rate of fuel efficiency.
This one lasts less time compare to 8 speeds.Because of high-speed torque conversion, it runs for a longer time.
The weight of this transmission is a little higher than the 8 speed.It has less weight than the 6-speed transmission.

 As we can see that both the transmission is way too different from each other. When one is looking for a replacement for their dead transmission, they look for the better option. As for the 6-speed transmission, it is something backdated choice.

The 8-speed transmission is more powerful than the 6-speed transmission. Also, the 8-speed transmission can convert the torque at a high speed that offers quick engagement. That means less friction and tear on the clutches. Resulting in, long life to the transmission.

Besides, the 8-speed transmission is well known for its high fuel efficiency. Because of modern technology in it, it works faster and burns less fuel. As from research, the 8-speed transmission can save 11% compared to the 6-speed transmission.

An additional comparison of the 8 speed and 6-speed transmission is the operation. The 8-speed transmission offer extremely smooth shits compare to 6 speed. Even the driver cannot sense the shifting.

6-Speed Vs 8 Speed Transmission Toyota, which one is the option?

Nothing in this world is evergreen. So do the automobile pieces of equipment. Anything in the car will fade away with time. The more one will use the less they will run. It is true for the Toyota transmission too. After a time they may have to replace their transmission.

Since it supplies power from the engine to the wheel, it is one of the most important pieces of equipment. Therefore, One has to think wisely at the time of replacement because a wrong pick can cost a fortune.

As for a choice between 6-speed and 8-speed transmission, 8-speed will be the better option as this one is the powerful one with less internal friction. Also, the 8-speed transmission burns less fuel making it extremely fuel-efficient.

Therefore, one can go for the 8-speed transmission option over the 6-peed.


One indeed has to give great care while replacing any of the equipment of their Toyota. It will become mandatory when the thing is about something like a transmission. As for 6-speed vs 8-speed transmission Toyota, 8 speed is the option.

However, people can have a different opinion for any specific version of Toyota because not every version of Toyota will be suitable for the automatic 8-speed transmission. Therefore, the choice will be on the user. They need to understand the anatomy of their car properly to make a wise choice.

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