Cone Vs Flanged Lug Nuts, what to know?

Cone Vs Flanged Lug Nuts is not a logical discussion at some point. Because one cannot use the conical nuts instead of the flanged nuts. However, people want to know the differences to find out their seat type of the wheel.

So, the main difference is the seating style. The conical nuts will have a cone seating style in the hole. On the contrary, the flanged will have a flat seating style on the wheel. Also, fitting and centering are easy with the conical like more than the flanged nuts.

Therefore, to know more about the topic of lug nuts differences, be with us till the end.

Cone Vs Flanged Lug Nuts

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Cone Vs Flanged Lug Nuts

Specifically, lug nuts are something that will securely fasten the wheels in the car. The nuts will securely hold the wheels with the car. The wheels in the car run at extremely high speeds. If there is nothing to hold the wheels securely while giving them the liberty to rotate, everything will be ruined.

Here, lug nuts will do the job. They will securely hold the wheel but they will preserve the high speedy rotation of the wheel. Mostly, the nuts are made of chrome plating. The manufacturing idea is because prevent corrosion and rust in the nuts as well as in the wheels.

Initially, one has to screw the nuts onto the wheel studs, threaded rods which are fixed with each wheel hub. Those hubs are fixed to the axle which will power the wheel to move. Most modern cars have five studs that require five lug nuts.

Moreover, one will find 5 different types of lug nuts. Judging by security and reliability, people are often stuck in cone vs flanged lug nuts. However, one cannot use a nut if the nut is not fit for that specific hole of the wheel.

To have a perfect mechanism one has to select the exact nuts according to the wheel holes. If the holes are cone-shaped one has to use the cone lug nuts. In case the wheel holes are flat, one has to use the flanged nuts.

 Here we will discuss the differences between these two nuts.

Firstly, the cone or conical, or acorn, or tapered whatever the name, everyone is the same conical nuts. This is the most common lug nut and everyone has experience with this type of nut. On market, one will find two types of conical nuts. One is 60 degrees and another one is 45 degrees.

As for the 6o degree, they are common in the aftermarkets wheel. Meanwhile, the 45-degree conical nuts are comparatively wide and large. Commonly, the circle track and NASCAR style race cars use these nuts.

On the contrary, the flange style nuts are not so popular. One can fit these nuts in the small recess on the wheel. The ATVs, UTVs, Go-Karts, and other off-road vehicles use this type of nuts.

Another must mentionable difference between these two nuts is the ease of work. The conical nuts are so easy to work with and centered on. However, this is not the case with the flanged nuts. They are the opposite of the conical nuts.

One will feel so hard and frustrating to work with and centered the wheel. Centering the nuts in the wheels is extremely tricky because they have a small barrel.

How to select the right lug nuts for a specific hole?

To know which lug nuts the perfect fit is for any specific wheel one has to go through some steps. Those are,

1) Thread Size

2) Thread Pitch                                                            

3) Seat Type

4) Length/Dimensions

5) Finish/Color

Firstly, one has to find out the thread size and thread pitch. One will need a gadget for the work. They will find it in the hardware store. Now, it’s time to find the seat type of the nuts in the wheel. The most common type of seat is conical, flange, mug, flat, and ET.

After that one has to find out the dimension of the lug nuts and match it with the thread size. At finishing, one has to select the color of the nuts. Since the market hasa variety of color options, one can choose any of them.


Hopefully, one has got all their answers on Cone Vs Flanged Lug Nuts. Lug nuts are one of the crucial parts of the wheel assembly. If one failed to select the best-fitted nuts they will end up the unbearable vibration and even accidents.

So, inthe first place, one has to select the proper nuts between several nut types according to their wheel. We have already discussed the way to select the proper lug nuts above. Now, one can choose the nuts properly for a specific wheel type.

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