Is it possible to attach Tacoma 6 Inch Lift 35s tier?

Tacoma 6 Inch Lift 35s is about attaching the 35s tier into 6 inches lift of the truck. Usually, the 35s tier is a big one that involves 2 to 3 inches lift as an ideal size. The action of attaching the tier in 6 inches lift will require a lot of modification the tier.

After all the work, the truck’s look will be pretty insane and unique. However, this decision will involve some drawbacks of the truck. They are mainly decreasing power and performance. Seekers may have a look below to know more about the topic.

Tacoma 6 Inch Lift 35s

Sometimes we need to fit larger tiers in the Tacoma truck. This is because the regular tier cannot withstand the journey to the off-road with a heavyweight. Here, the larger tier can withstand more weight even if the road is poorly constructed.

Among the big tier options, people often choose the 35s tier. Surprisingly, this one will increase the ground clearance with more surface area contracts. Also, it improves the traction of the driving. Along with performance, the large tier will look pretty adventurous.

With the big tier, the driver will feel like going for an adventure or hunting fortrousseau like the movies. However, the thing that came into the way was the lift size. Most of the cars have 2 to 3 inches lift, and many have 6 inches.

Here, the ideal lift for 35s is 2 to 3 inches. So, the question is whether the 6 inches lift will be adjustable for the 35s tier. It is not impossible to fit the 35s tier in 6 inches lift.

However, one will need to cut a lot of the area of the truck to fit the tier. Cutting the car is a pretty risky job to do. That will require expert help as well as a significant amount of cost. Moreover, the outcome of the decision will not be wrong.

This decision will be worthwhile if one hasa soft side for the large tier and finds it fascinating. Besides, one has to consider three significant factors of the truck before deciding. Those are Fender liner clearance, Wheel offset, and Spare wheel space.

Well, this incredible experience will not come without any disadvantages. The main cons of this decision will be less power because of the decreasing MPGs. Also, since the work will involve cutting and grinding, the truck will get some damage.

Overall, the decision of attaching the 35s tier in 6 inches lift will come with both advantages and disadvantages.


Some of us like to customize our trucks in some insane shape. Mostly, changing the truck wheels into something beast is everyone’s dream. One can change the rotation of both front and rear or any. However, 6 Inch Lift 35s tier will be pretty tricky in Tacoma.

Because the 35s tier is ideal for the 2 to 3 inches lift. If one tries to set it in 6 inches lift, they will need to make a lot of cutting and arrangement. Hopefully, one will make the right decision on what they want.

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