How Much Does It Cost To Paint a Tacoma?

Cost to Paint a Tacoma? The answer to this question will depend on some factors. If one plans to do the job at home, the cost will be surprisingly low. Meanwhile, with professional help, one will have to pay a high price.

Though professional painting is high,it is the right choice in the long run. Moreover, the choice of workshop and the amount of area one will need to paint will primarily affect the cost. If one wants to know more details, they may read the article properly.

Cost To Paint a Tacoma

Cost To Paint a Tacoma

People paint a car in two possible circumstances. One is when they feel like they need something unique in their vehicle. The other is to hide scratches, rust, and makeover an old car. Initially, the manufacturer provides long-lasting paint in the car.

However, some people do not like the color, so they want something and get the car for paint. Moreover, some people use the car so roughly that the look of the car fades away. That time the car requires a repaint.

In any of the cases, Tacoma painting cost will depend on some factors. For example, the individual workshop will charge differently, the current paint of the car, health of the car, area of painting, and the type of painting.

Besides, one can do the job at their garage or anywhere safe to cut the cost down. In that case, they will just need to buy the paint and the painting instrument. But if they do not have the proper knowledge or have an allergy to raw paint, they must avoid doing this.

On average, the cost will be at least $1500 in the minimum range and $7000 in the maximum range. This is the cost of doing the work by a professional. However, one can do it as DIY work at home to cut the cost by at least $1000.

The workshop charge the painting cost by the home square foot and the current painting situation. If the existing body of the car is too rusty, the cost will go a little higher. Because they will need to do extra work to remove the rust. Normally, home square foot painting cost will be,

Home Square FootAverage Total Price Range
800$500 – $3,500
1,000$700 – $3,900
1,200$900 – $4,500
1,300$1,000 – $4,800
tacoma home square foot painting cost

According to the illustrated value, it will charge to paint the Tacoma in between this price range. If one wants to paint 800 square feet of their car, they will be paying something between $500 and $3500. The minimum cost will be for doing the job at home.

If one seeks professional help, the cost will be maximum. One may think that’s a considerable price difference. Before painting the body, the workers need to do a lot of work like removing the old paint, cleaning the rust, and so on. They will not do the work for free.

Moreover, doing the repainting job by the professionals is always the right decision. Because repainting the car is about creating a new look into the vehicle. If the paint gets bumped or air bubbles, it will look the worst.

Overall, the decision will be on the owner and the range of cost. If they are lucky enough to find a low-cost but professional workshop, the price will be low, but the work will be excellent. However, having a painting experience will help there to do the job at home at minimal expense.

How much paint will one require to paint a Tacoma?

Well, the amount of paint to paint a Tacoma will depend on the skill level of the worker. If the person is a professional, they will need less paint. For a toddler, the amount of color will be too much. For example, a professional can paint the full body of Tacoma in 6 to 8 quarts.

Meanwhile, a person who is not professional may need one to two gallons of paint because they will waste a lot of colors since they will not have control over their action.

What instruments are required to paint a Tacoma at home?

If one plans to paint their Tacoma by themselves at home, they will need to buy all the necessary instruments. Painting a car is not painting a wall, so they cannot use the existing wall [painting instrument. They will need to buy everything new. The instrument they will need,

1. Paint

2. Primer

3. Masking Tape

4. Foam Brush

5. Sandpaper

6. Paint Trays

7. Solvent

8. Filtered mask

These are the most needed instrument for painting the Tacoma at home. One can cover the full work with these only.

What will be better in the case of painting Tacoma, hiring a professional, or doing it at home?

Painting something at home as DIY work may sound exciting. One may get the courage to do the job by watching helpful videos on YouTube and reading informative articles. However, in the long run, the effectiveness of the work will be compromised.

Also, if the painting work does not go the way it is supposed to go, then the whole work will look bad. Besides, removing the existing paint and rust is tough work that not everyone can do. On the other hand, a professional will do their job perfectly. Resulting the car will look brand new, and it will last for at least ten years.


This is always wise to get an overview of the cost before doing the work. As for the repainting or painting cost of Tacoma, it is quite expensive if one seeks professional help. Because of the use of extensive material in the car body, people will need deep knowledge and a lot of work.

Overall, the price of doing the job will be low if one does it by themselves, which is not suggested. However, professional help will be expensive yet long-lasting and perfect. Hopefully, one hasto understand every point of how much does it cost to paint a Tacoma, reading the details.

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