Nissan Oil Filter Wrench Size, is it necessary to choose the right size?

Nissan oil filter wrench size will depend on the size of the oil filter, which is not constant. The size will be different for different series, models, and body types. To determine the right size of the wrench, one will have to know the exact size of the oil filter. The easiest way to figure out the dilemma is to take help from the manual book of the car.

Moreover, one can measure the size of the oil filter and count the flutes, which will determine the wrench size. Besides, using a universal wrench for the job will make things easier. Looking for more information on the wrench size for Nissan? Please go through the writing below.

Nissan Oil Filter Wrench Size

Nissan Oil Filter Wrench Size

No matter what one is driving, till the thing is automotive and involves oil, it will have an oil filter. This simple thing will filter out every debris, dust, and metallic waste from the oil. The purpose of the work is to keep the oil clean and help the engine to have a smooth operation. As for the size of the Nissan oil filter, there is a different filters for different models and years.

One may ask why they need to know the size of their oil filter. Well, one of the common and regular maintenance of the Nissan will be changing the oil filter on time. Otherwise, the oil will get dirty, and the tank, as well as the engine, will get sludge.

However, one cannot just put anything in their car or their engine. They have to select the exact size of the filter for the preferable performance. But, the thing is, this is one of the easiest maintenance of the Nissan which one can do at home. They do not have to go to the workshop for this job which will cost them at least $100. They can simply bring the new filter and attach it to the engine by removing the old one.

Moreover, they will need an oil filter wrench for the job. It is also like the size of the oil filter. This is a simple adjustable wrench that will help remove and attach the oil filter. Let’s see what sizes of oil filter wrench one will get for their Nissan.

¾ inches oil filter wrench

If one has a standard 4-sided spin on their Nissan oil filter, then this wrench is the perfect fit. However, for the oil filter of a big truck, this wrench maybe not be suitable, yet some of the trucks will have the best fit. If the vehicle is a standard SUV, then probably this wrench will do the job of removing and attaching the oil filter perfectly.

13/16 inches oil filter wrench

This is one of the common oil filter wrenches, which is a perfect fit for every GM vehicle. Moreover, the square-sized oil filter mostly uses this larger wrench. If one is lucky, then the many big Nissan a truck will go accurate with this wrench.

7/8 inches oil filter wrench

This one will be a perfect fit for any vehicle. Even the larger truck will be under this category. Also, the V8 engine vehicles of Nissan will have a perfect fit with the 7/8 inches oil filter wrench. Before making any assumption, one should have a try at whether it fits or not. 15/16 inches oil filter wrench

1-inch oil filter wrench

Mainly, the larger engines use the 1 inch oil filter wrench. Specifically, this is the largest oil filter wrench available in the market. So, if one is owing to a big Nissan with a large oil tank and large oil tank filter, this is probably the best fit for their filter.

15/16 inches oil filter wrench

The last and less common size of the oil filter wrench is the 15/16 inches oil filter wrench. Normally, this one is fit for some rare agricultural trucks.

How to choose the right oil filter wrench for Nissan?

Finding the right size of oil filter wrench for Nissan will not be something hard because the manufacturer uses cup filter. To find the right size, one has to determine the model and year of the Nissan first. After that, they have to determine the right size of the oil filter and the space it is taking on the engine. Also, the amount of tightening of the oil filter in its position is needed to select the right wrench.

Normally, one will find the wrench size for working with the oil filter in the manual book of the car. They can simply go to the engine section and find the oil filter section. It is the easiest and most effective way to get the right wrench. Otherwise, they have to measure the oil filter first to determine the size of the wrench. Moreover, people can keep in mind some of the recommendations below to select the right one.

-They can try different types of oil filter wrenches if they are not sure about the size.

– Try to choose a universal oil filter wrench. It will help if one has multiple vehicles.

-An Adjustable wrenches are the best option if one is in a dilemma about the size.

How to measure the oil filter size of the Nissans?

There is a specific way to measure not only the Nissans oil filter size but also every automotive. To measure or calculate the size of the oil filter, one will have to count the number of flutes on the oil filter cap. Also, they should measure from one edge to another to make sure they get the right size. Moreover, the number of the flutes of the oil filter cap will be the number of the wrench by which one can work with the filter.


If one wants to work with the oil filter, the most equipment they will need is the oil filter wrench. If one is thinking about using the regular wrench, then they are making big mistakes. The oil filter wrench is a special kind that makes it easier to remove and install the oil filter in the automotive-like Nissan.

Hopefully, the above discussion on Nissan oil filter wrench size helped the people to select the right one. It is not something hard to do. Anyone can figure it out with the guideline above.

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