What Does Prius Power Button Orange Indicate?

The Prius Power Button Orange light indicates a primary or severe issue. One has to know all the signs and the meaning of those. If one does not want a dead car middle of anywhere, they must understand the movement of the car’s health.

The lights and shapes are the language of the vehicle by which it communicates to its user. If one ignores those signs and fails to take care of their car, it will lose its performance and die before the time. It is resulting in a high repairing cost and a low-performance car.

One may have to look into the detailed discussion below to know more about Prius orange light indicators.

Prius Power Button Orange

Toyota Prius is a hybrid car manufactured with all the modern technology. To tell the user about the malfunction and the vehicle’s health, the dashboard uses different colors or messages. Also, in another part of the primary mechanism, some lights have a different color for different situations.

As for the power button of the Prius, it has four color indicators, green, red, orange, and amber. The green light indicates that the driver already turns ON one mechanism. However, the most dangerous position is the red light.

If that light is ON, that means the car has some serious mechanical issues. One has to turn OFF the car as soon as possible if they see a red light on the power button. As for the orange light, it can indicate many things in the car. None of the items are good.

If the orange light is clicking on the power button, one has to release that it indicates a severe problem. If one keeps driving the car, it may cause a total shutdown of the car. The symptoms one will face with the orange light are,

1. Poor or reduced engine performance in speed and acceleration.

2. The engine is consuming more oil

3. The system is malfunctioning.

4. The car is shaking, or the user is feeling vibration.

5. The car is not starting.

The cause of the orange light can be many. Sometimes the car is just malfunctioning, and one needs to restart the system. If the problem is not solved after restarting the system, then the other causes can be,

Issues in the Battery cell

One may have noticed an alert, and the battery charging state is dropped just in a blink. That means the battery cell is malfunctioning or faulty.

Faulty 12V Battery

Sometimes the battery is the reason for that alert. It happens when the battery loses its lifespan. That time one has to replace the battery. For that, they can read Rav4 hybrid battery replacement cost.

Clogged Fuel Filter

The car’s fuel filter may not have any mechanical value, but it impacts the mechanical instrument. Though it does not get any mechanical issues, it gets clogged by dirt and rust. It is resulting in poor performance of the engine.

Faulty Engine

A fault in the engine is a rare case, but it happens. Sometimes the warning light turns ON in orange to tell the driver is something wrong with the machine. If they act fast on the warning, they can prevent the engine’s death in the middle of the journey.

What are the different shapes with orange glow meaning in Prius?

One will notice the orange light shape in the dashboard has a different form. This is because the serval shape means separate things in the system. Let’s have a look at those.

Spring shape

If one sees a spring-shaped orange light on the dashboard, it does not mean that the car has any issues. It only means the glow plugs begin. It happens because of the diesel engine ignition. One will have to wait until it is turned OFF to start the engine.

Circle Shape surrounded by dashes

A circle shape surrounded by dashes means a problem in the brake pad wears. One does not have to worry just now. However, they have to check the system as soon as possible. A delay can break the brake pads and cause other mechanical issues.

ABS shaped

An ABS orange warning light means issues in the ABS of the car. One has to be careful about the braking system. It is happening because maybe the anti-breaking system is not working.

Exclamation Shape

Imagine on a long road trip. The tire loses its air middle of nowhere. One must pay attention when they see the exclamation shape orange light on the dashboard. It indicates that the tier has low pressure because of soft air.

Engine Shape

It will indicate issues in the engine unit. It happens because of pollution and injection. If the light glows, one must not wait to consult with an expert because the engine unit is the most sensitive and complex mechanism that needs quick attention.

Fuel Shape

It is one of the standard issues and most happening issues. If one sees a fuel machine sign glowing up in the dashboard, it probably means that the fuel is low in the fuel tank. Sometimes, it glows for some other issues in the fuel tank.

What are the possible ways to solve the Prius Power Button Orange light issues?

The Prius Power Button Orange light alert is not a single thing. The dashboard has a different shaped sign that indicates other car issues. However, these alerts mean the car has a severe case. According to the sign, one must take the necessary steps.

Specifically, not all the orange light in the dashboard means something serious. For example, the spring-shaped orange light. It only notifies the driver about a certain issue in the engine and asks to wait to start the engine. This will help maintain the good health of the car.

Moreover, some of the sign indicates a severe issue. For instance, the engine sign requires fast action and the help of an expert.

The first thing one has to do to solve the serious issue is turn OFF the car safely. After that, call their car insurance. Then they will take the car to the expert or any automobile workshop.

The experts will find the possible issue and suggest a possible solution. However, to avoid the situation, one must take care of their car on schedule. To make things easier, they can take the Toyota care plus service.

It will not cost so much. One can have a look into How Much Does Toyota Care plus Cost for further details.

Is it safe to drive the Prius with an orange light on the power button?

In the modern car of a hybrid system, engineers have developed a self-care system in the vehicle. By different lights and shapes, the car will tell the driver if something is happening inside it. For example, one may notice two colors as an issue with red and orange cars.

The red color indicates serious issues that require immediate attention. However, the orange light is not severe as the red, but it also needs attention. For example, if one has an orange glow on the power button, the car is probably having an engine or an electrical issue.

At that time, one must drive the car to a safe place and check what’s going on. Sometimes a restart solves the issue but not always. If it’s not so important, one must avoid driving the car with the glowing orange light.

The first thing to do with it is looking for an expert nearby and treating the car according to its needs. This quick reaction to the problem will save the vehicle from a further severe issue.


Taking care of the car will increase its lifespan, and one will get the best driving experience from it. One must know all the signs and sounds of the car because this is the way the car will communicate with its owner.

The Prius Power Button Orange light indicators of different shapes tell different health issues of the car. Some of the problems are not serious, but some require speedy action. Hopefully, this article has gotten all the necessary information about the orange light message.

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