Draw Tite Vs Curt, what will be better for your car?

Draw Tite Vs Curt is not something complicated to discuss. This argument will not consist of any technical issues. Draw Tite has more capability in weight and tongue weight capacity. Also, it offers more variety in vehicle options than the curt.

However, in price Draw, Tite gets the minor point. People look over the price when choosing a trailer hitch from the same category. So, here Curt will be the winner. Moreover, one should look below to know more details about the topic.

Draw Tite Vs Curt

A trailer hitch is an instrument that people attach to the rare underside of their car. The occasional user connected necessary things to move from one place to another. For example, one uses a Toyota car that does not have much space in its back.

But the user needs to carry things from one place to another that require quite a place. In that case, he can buy a little carriage and attach it with the car using that towing. Now, he can drive the vehicle with all his necessary staff.

However, one has to make sure that their car can do the job. Not every vehicle has the ability to pull extra weight behind it. So the work needs extra energy in the car engine and the rear wheels. That’s the reason people have to confirm it.

While choosing a trailer hitch, people are often stuck in Draw Tite Vs Curt. The good news of the confusion is they are in the right way. Because both of the types are two of the best options available in the market, one should look for the specific differences between these two.

Draw TiteCurt
The Draw Tite trailer hitch is not assembled in the USA.The curt trailer hitch is assembled in the USA.
This trailer hitch hasa 4500 lb. towing capacityThis trailer hitch has 4000 lb. towing capacity
As for tongue weight capacity, it hasa 675 lb measurement.Curt trailer hitch hasa 600 lb. tongue weight capacity.
The finish of the hitch is Black Powder-Coated.It has a Glossy Black finish.
Compared to Curt extremely easy to install.Not easy to install compared to the Draw Tite trailer hitch.
This one has at least 4000 custom-fit vehicle applications.This one has at least 1000 custom-fit vehicle applications.
The tube design of it is square.It features a round or square tube design.
No additional accessories.It includes Brake Controllers, Wiring, Ball Mounts, and Locks.
The price is around $100.97 to $424.70The price is approximately $91.52 to  $414.55
Overall it will get 4/5 ratings.Overall, it will get 5/5 ratings.

One will not find so many differences between Draw Tite and Curt. Both of the trailer hitchesaresome of the best in the market. They offer quite a weight with maximum torque. Also, they provide a wide variety of vehicle options.

However, they have minor differences in weight, tongue weight capacity, custom fit applications, and price range.

Draw Tite Vs Curt, what will be better for your car?

Well, this is not something hard to decide. The first consideration will be the user’s car because different cars have different abilities in weight measurement of the trailer hitch. While selecting the snare, one must remember they can choose an underweight trailer hitch but not overweight.

If the weight range of the user cars is okay for both of the trailer hitch, then one can go for any of these. Since they share the almost equal specification and their performance will be the same, one should go for the cheaper version.

Because buying the same thing ata high price will be foolish. So, in that case, Curt will be the best fit. 


Overall, Draw Tite is a heavy-duty trailer hitch that will provide various options from miniature tobig cars. On the other hand, Curt is a low-cost trailer hitch with heavyweight capacity and heavy-duty performance.

Also, the Court will be more durable with the rustproof capability, unlike the Draw Tite trailer hitch. Hopefully, one has to understand all the sides of Draw Tite Vs Curt. The choice is theirs to make about which trailer hitch they will pick.

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