Corded Mobile Connector Vs Gen 2, what to know?

Corded Mobile Connector Vs. Gen 2, before going any further, the seekers of the information must know, Tesla no longer adds the Corded or Gen 1 mobile connector with Tesla after 2018. Specifically, the differences between these two are major. Mainly the price range and performance.

Though gen1 is more expensive than gen 2, it is not as good as the other. Comparatively, gen two will provide secure and reliable service overcoming all the cons of gen 1. To know details on it, be with us till the end.

Corded Mobile Connector Vs Gen 2

Both the Corded Mobile Connector and Gen 2 is the charger option for Tesla. In every model of Tesla, one will have to have at least one charger to charge the battery. In the charging option, the user will have three different levels. Those levels will offer different amounts of speed, power, and efficiency.

Mostly, type three is discussed because of the fastest charging and maximum power. However, the least used and known type is type one. Moreover, the most popular type is type two, which is available almost in every residential and commercial area.

Specifically, level one will offer 120v charging, level two will offer 220v charging, and finally, level three will offer a 480v charging option. For more information on the three charging levels of Tesla, one must read the Tesla Charging 110v Vs. 220v Vs 480v. Before going any further, this one will help gather some knowledge to understand the differences between these two chargers.

The different chargers of Tesla will have different levels of charging. However, almost all the chargers will be suitable for levels two and three. As for our differences, the corded mobile connector or the gen one charger is the old one. Mostly, the first-generation Tesla comes with this charger. People buying any model of Tesla after the 2018 manufacturing year will get the gen two chargers. Before that, all the cars will have the first generation charger.

At this point, one can imagine the differences between these two mobile connectors. The first one is the old one and the second one is the recent one. So it is sure that the gen two mobile connectors will have some major advantages over gen 1. Tesla has improved their lacking of gen one charger in gen 2. Specifically, the less adaptor option and the overheating problem of gen 1 are no longer a thing in gen 2.

Let’s illustrate the detailed differences between these two options of tesla charger.

Table: Corded Mobile Connector Vs Gen 2

Corded Mobile Connector or Gen 1Gen 2
Comes with the first generation tesla.Comes with the second generation tesla.
Generates 2.3kW to 3.7kW of powerThis one will also generate 2.3kW to 3.7kW of power
16A 11kW Red commando adaptor is included.32A 7kW Blue commando adaptor is included.
Forty amps to 80 amps power outlet.32 amps power outlet.
It will be compatible with a 100v to 240v outlet.Only for the 240v outlet.
It falls into charging levels one and two.This one is charging level two.
It features a 13A 3-pin plug and a 2A Blue Commando SocketIt features a 13A 3-pin plug and an a16A Blue Commando socket
The charger is single or three-phased.Along with single-phase inversion, it will have automatic phase inversion.
It features a rest button.It does not have a rest button.
The cladding of the cable is thicker.The cladding of the cable is thinner.
This one has NEMA 4x rating.This one has NEMA 3r Rating
Features limited adaptors.Features more adaptors.
It has overheating issue.It does not have any overheating issues.
This one will come with a round storage bag.This one will come with a square storage bag.
The price of this charger will be around $400.The price of this charger will be around $280.

At first appearance, the thing one will notice between gen one and gen 2 is the charger packing. Gen 1 will come with a round package, and the other one will come with a square package. So, one will know which one is what from the outside. However, they do not have so much dissimilarity in physical appearance.

Both of them will have similar widths and lengths. Even the design and color of the charger will be almost similar. However, Tesla did change some material features of the charger. In gen1, they have stainless steel handle, but it is replaced with high quality hard but comfortable to touch plastic.

The major differences between these two are the mechanical and performance issue. Mainly, they have improved a lot in the adaptors issue. Tesla has had limited adaptors in gen1, a big problem for the users. Impressively, they have changed that limitation to advantage in gen2. Specifically, gen1 offers 16A 11kW Red commando adaptor, and 32A 7kW Blue commando adaptor is included with gen2.

As for the power outlet of these two, gen1 offers 40 amps power outlet that offers 40 amps to 80 amps onboard charging. On the other hand, the gen2 has 32 amps power outlet. Some may think it is a drawback which is not the case. Everything with gen2 is an improvement of gen1. Gen2 offers every good of the bad of gen1.

Here the motto of minimizing the power outlet is to remove the overheating issue of the charger. In gen1, there were multiple records of the accident because of the overheating. However, Tesla successfully removed the issue and made a circuit that would prevent overheating.

Another physical difference one will notice is the thickness of the adapter, which may concern the user. Because gen1 is thicker and gen2 is thinner, that gives concern that gen2 may last shorter. However, Tesla has ensured that the charger will last at least six years.

Also, the gen1 charger will have a useful reset button absent in the gen2 charger. Supporting the issue, gen1is 11 inches in the distance between the transformer and the adaptor; meanwhile, gen two will only have 7 inches distance. That makes it easier to see the status light of the charging backside of the charger.

Moreover, the price differences between these two are eye-catchy. While the gen one is around $400, gen2 will cost not more than $300. The last possible difference between these two chargers will be the NEMA rating. Here the gen one has NEMA 4x rating, and the gen2 has a 3X rating which is not an issue. That is all we have to illustrate the differences between the corded mobile connector and gen2.

What are the similarities the corded and gen2 mobile connectors of Tesla have?

Corded Mobile Connector and Gen 2 of Tesla have quite similarities in physical appearances. At first glance, one will think both of them are the same. Also, they have a similar length which is 20 feet. Also, they have the same J1772 connector, which allows universal charging.

Moreover, the recent gen1 charging will be similar to gen 2 in terms of the speed of charging. The three-pin 240v charger will provide the same time to charge the vehicles. 

Which tesla charger will not increase the electricity bill, gen1 or gen2?

At the time Tesla launched the gen1 charger, is categorized in the level 1 chagrining type with 110v capacity. However, they have upgraded the charger, which enables 110 and 240v outlets. On the contrary, the gen2 is a level 2 charger of 220v. According to the data, the charging cost will depend on the charger as well as the car model and the electricity bill rate of an individual state.

Comparatively, gen1 will cost less than gen2 in terms of charging. That means gen two will increase the electricity bill more than gen1. In case the readers want to know more about Tesla’s charging cost, they can read, does Tesla increase the electric bill.

Is it possible to plug in gen one and gen two mobile connectors in the solar panel to charge Tesla?

Charging the Tesla with solar energy with gen one and gen2 charger. Also, it is beneficial not to increase the electricity bill. However, the users get confused about whether they can charge their Tesla using the tesla charger directly from solar energy or if they need any special arrangement.

Well, the solar system for producing electricity will have a system where it will store all the energy. If one is setting up the solar panel for charging Tesla, they need to connect the mainline of the system with the Tesla charging station.

The solar panel will produce electricity and store it in the dedicated battery, and then the connection cable will pass the energy to the Tesla charging station after that one will have to simply plug in their gen1 or gen two chargers in the socket or outlet to charge their car.


Overall, both Corded Mobile Connector and Gen 2 share pretty major differences. So, it will not hard for one to find them and stand a logical explanation. Mostly, en2 will provide a better option for charging, safety, and power. However, the gen one option will be less expensive in electricity bills.

Hopefully, one has got all their answers on Corded Mobile Connector Vs. Gen 2 and remove their confusion. Now, they can choose the best possible option for their Tesla.

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