Tesla Roadside Assistance Cost

There’s no surety of facing an incident. Car owners know it very well. Roadside Assistance is, therefore, a life-saving element for the riders. But what’s the Tesla roadside assistance? That’s a common question from both the Tesla users and the outsiders.

Luckily, you’re in the right article to find out the answer.

In general, there is no financial cost of roadside assistance from Tesla. They have their free policy under certain and limited warranty periods. Except for this, the policy comes with some other conditions too.

What is the Roadside Assistance?

Roadside Assistance is mainly the helpline service that the company provides to its customers. Tesla also provides similar facilities to their users.

It comes with an instant service to the vehicles whenever there is any systematic or mechanical failure. Service providing the time 24/7 increases its availability and makes it easy to perform by the Tesla users.

Roadside Assistance Policy of Tesla

The Tesla Company has debated this policy for its users. It is very beneficial and life-saving too. They claim to provide services up to 500 miles of usage. And the entire activities get issued under their limited warranty times.

Costing of Roadside Assistance from Tesla

It’s unbelievable, but the truth is that there’s no cost required in claiming the Roadside Assistance of Tesla. But the user must have come under some certified agreement and warranty.

Usually, Tesla provides their Assistance for a total of four purposes. And they are:

  • Towing the car
  • Lockout service
  • Flat tires and
  • The battery failure

Towing the car

Whenever there is any major issue that can’t be solved, the car will be taken to the nearest Tesla service center by towing. No matter where the car and the owner are. The assistance team will be there.

Lockout Service

Whenever there is a system failure in the car for any reason, the app will make issues for use. This is called the lockout situation, where the owner fails to access the car.

Roadside Assistance in that case, can let the task the done. They will be at the place and help the owner to open the car.

Flat Tires

Having flatted tires is a common thing for car riders. But it becomes an issue when two or more tires get flatted. Roadside Assistance in that case, takes care of the issue.

They provide loaner wheels to the users. So that the users may not have to face any problems, and those wheels can be used until the flatted ones get completely done to repair.

The Battery Failure

None of the Tesla users may carry an additional battery in their vehicle. And the stock might lose its lifespan due to some reason.

If the battery is out of charge and there is no charging station nearby. Tesla let their roadside assistance deliver their service in that situation too. There will be an alternative battery given to the user for emergency rescue.

If the defective battery gets repaired or charged, that will be placed again in the car. But a completely dead battery may require additional expense from the car owner. These are all facilities that Tesla provides to its users. Remember that all these offers are only applicable under a limited warranty.

Users under four years or 80,000km of ownership only can appeal for all these services.

Additional services from Tesla Roadside Assistance

Tesla delivers some other services through their roadside assistance. But they come with costs according to their usage. And these services are almost the similar ones like previous. They are:

  • Towing for having a major accident
  • Jumpstarting the car for battery failure
  • Paid roadside assistant service
  • Replacement of accessories in exchange for money

These are all the additional services that Roadside Assistance delivers through making transactions.

The necessity of Road Assistance

It’s definitely a life-saving thing to follow. Having roadside assistance means the car is free from facing any critical issue. No matter where the car, along with the owner, is. The roadside assistance will be there at your service.

Imagine the car is in an extremely remote area with no charging ability. How it will feel like to experience. Just a simple call, and the Assistance will be there to save you.

On the other hand, it will help to find out any other problems too. If an example is given, a Tesla user requested the service about flatted tires. But the mechanics later find out any other systematic failure.

For that reason, it will be helpful to work as multiple solvers.

Performing Process or Roadside Assistance by Tesla

As it has been said before. The roadside assistance completely runs under warranty policy and agreement. The new Tesla buyers will get the offer as a reward.

And the offer has its validity until the car remains within four years or running period. Maximum mile coverage under 80,000 kilometers is also applicable to obtain the offer.

They also provide 500 miles of towing facility. No charges to pay till this range whenever the car requires towing up.

Coming to the wheel replacing the policy. The loaners must return within three days as the stock gets repaired. There will be no repairing charger under the agreement.

There is no requirement for transactions in the Tesla service center. All the services will be given free of cost if the user is under warranty.

Benefits of sticking with Roadside Assistance

A lot of Tesla users stay with their roadsides assistance even after their warranty expiration. And the reason is that there is hardly any other service center that has expert mechanics like Tesla.

For that reason, Tesla users like to make expenses on their authorized hands. They are well skilled and perfectly know about cars. And their level of performance is top leveled. That is why the roadside assistant is beneficial even after the agreement expires times.

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Final Statement

So there is no Tesla Roadside Assistance Cost. Yes, there is not. Until you are out from their terms and policies. Tesla is always concerned about its customers. And it has been identified perfectly.

Stay chilled and relaxed with your ride if you’re under the authorized agreement. Nevertheless, you appeal for their service above warranty periods. There will be some bucks to go from your pocket. Believe that.

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