Tesla Model Y 19 vs 20-inch wheels

A car performs best or worst just because of the wheels. And when the car is Tesla, wheels are vital requirements that can’t be ignored. But the question is. Which wheel size to choose for Tesla Model Y? Well, there is a good confusion between 19 and 20 inches wheel sizes.

For that reason, this discussion will compare these two wheel sizes. Clear all your doubts about these wheels and have the proper knowledge.

If the major distinction gets highlighted. The 20 inches sized wheel has a bigger size with better performing ability than the 19 inches. Aside from that, they are the upgraded version of 19 inches. So allover performance and quality will be better.

19 Inches Wheels

The 19 inches sized wheel from Tesla is known as the Gemini wheel. Model Y has equipped this one as the standard size. The size chart of 19 inches wheel is given here.

Available coloursChrome and Black
Sidewall diameter4.52 inches
Total tread width  255mm
Total outer diameter28.04 inches
Sidewall Ratio45  

It has the perfect ability to drive in wet or dry areas. Maximum safety with gripping makes it best to drive through without any worries. This wheel size can definitely make the ride smoother for any area or surface.

And the main reason behind having this smooth riding is the wheel size. The small wheels deliver better space inside the wheels. That is why; taller-sized tires can easily adjust from the inside. So when the tires are taller in size than the wheels, a smooth riding experience is an achievement.

Besides being smooth, the 19 inches wheels got better aerodynamic performance than the other sizes. It is because of the snap-on wheel covers. They are made of plastic. For that reason, the driving range from this tire will be far better than the others.

Advantages of 19 inches wheel

  • Provides the smoothest riding experience
  • Plastic built wheel covers deliver the more aerodynamic ability
  • Comes in different variants, such as the winter package. That let the tires run in snowy or iced areas.
  • Delivers almost 530k.m of running range with a single charge


  • Wheels don’t suit up with every coloured Model Y
  • Users don’t feel the interest to use them as they are older versions
  • Poor resell value

20 inches Wheels

It’s the upgrade version of the previous one. Tesla Model Y long-range usually comes with this size. The 20 inch one is also known as the Induction Wheel. And the size chart of 20 inches is,

Available coloursChrome, black and white
Sidewall diameter4.02 inches
Total Tread Width255mm
Total outer diameter28.03 inches
Sidewall Ratio  45

As this is the upgraded size, there are some differences in appearance and performance. This wheel lets the ride feel sportier and more aggressive. The large sizing of the wheel is the main reason behind this.

On top of that, this wheel design suit the car from every angle. As the size is minimalist, putting on the tires match up perfectly. And for the short tires, the riding experience appears a little bit stiffer.

Even if the wheels are advanced, they sometimes don’t suit the car’s look. Because these wheels don’t have the bigger plastic covering in them. And the bare look sometimes seems odd as the nuts are just covered with a small plastic shield.

Advantages of 20 inches wheel

  • Very comfortable on-road performance
  • Snowy and wet roads can be covered up easily
  • Got an aggressive look that suits the ride
  • Stronger tread pattern compared to the previous one
  • Better gripping ability


  • Provides a maximum running range of 510km. That means it is slower than the previous wheel size.
  • High price compared to the 19 inches size.

Valid factors to follow

Tesla Model Y can easily be installed with any of these wheels. But there are some facts to be followed. And these will help to find out the perfect wheel size.

Driving Range

A perfect range of driving matters for Tesla users. Especially for those who go on road trips or frequently use their cars.

Tesla charging stations are available everywhere. But still, some users may demand an economy wheel size. Nineteen inched one, therefore, is best to choose.

It can deliver a better driving range rather than the 20 inched one.

Tires of the Wheels

Twenty inched size wheels probably got the best tire to perform. They have better treadwear, better gripping, and performance too. Nineteen-sized tires are also good. But not as like the updated one.

Driving Comfort

This is a tough decision to choose the actual wheel. Both of them perform almost similarly. Since the 19 inches wheel can adjust with the larger tire, it can deliver a better and smooth driving experience. Bumpy roads or potholes appear to be nothing against them.

While talking about the 20 inched one, Tesla Model Y is made for them. Though it can’t perform as same as the other wheel size. But the users claim that 20 inched wheels with the tire can make a good combination.3

Better gripping and braking ability

These are the factors that can’t be examined without having practical usage. Therefore, it only depends on the user’s feedback. As the 20 sized one comes with a better tread pattern and design, it’s surely the better one to perform.

No matter what type of road it is, 20 inched wheels will never let the tires lose their grips from the road. Braking ability is also from the top level.

The 19 inched wheel performs better too. But it is the backdated version. That is why; the latest versions will perform better than it.

The perfect Wheel for Tesla Model Y

Choosing a particular one between these two becomes tough whenever it comes to selection.

The 19 inches sized wheels come in the stock condition for the Tesla cars. They are quite impressive and perform better. But the best thing is, they have a maximum running range with a single charging. Braking and gripping are good enough too.

Talking about the 20 inched wheels. They look best and perform better. Braking and gripping feedback are outstanding. But unluckily, they can’t perform better running range like the older ones. On the side of that, they are a little bit costly too.

If the range is kept aside, the 20 inched size wheel is the best one for Tesla Model Y. Unless they don’t get taken for long trips or rides, they can perform best.

However, users don’t have to worry at all. Charging stations are nearby everywhere.

Confused about charging? Don’t you worry? Check out the comparison between the Tesla wall connector vs NEMA 14-50. It will help to find out the perfect charger for your car.

Final Verdict

The Tesla Company is going through upgrades day by day. Wheels are one of those revolutionary steps. And finally, the Tesla Model Y can 19 vs 20-inch wheels have done to explore.

It depends on whether you stay in stock condition with the 19 sized one. Or spend some bucks on the 20 inched big boys.

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