NEMA 6-50 vs 14-50: Is NEMA 6-50 better than 14 50?NEMA 6-50 vs 14-50

Electric cars are compact and cost low to use. Proper charging is the only thing they require to perform. And the best performance comes from using the best plugs. Nemo 6-50 vs 14-50 are two plug models that still make debates.

With some legitimate necessities, all the unclear doubts will be cleared out today.

Stay with us till the end and choose the right one for you.

If the major dissimilarity gets highlighted, the Nema 6-50 comes with hots along with grounds. And it has no neutral too. For that reason, it is a little bit inexpensive with low-performing ability.

The NEMA 6-50

It’s a typical plug or charging station from the NEMA Company. The dual hot prongs in a straight line make the task through this plug.

As for the connection, this plug gets used with a 50amp of the electric circuit that can produce 250 volts. 32amps is the minimum requirement for the 6-50 plug to run.

A lengthy wire of almost eight gauges or more is required to run the Nema 6-50 plug. When it comes to connection, it can easily get attached to any outlet box that comes with a standard wall mount.

All the moderate equipment like air conditioners or heaters or else the refrigerator is the applicable one to connect with NEMA 6-50 plug.

NEMA 14-50

This plug comes with a standard amperage of 50. For that reason, it has been named the NEMA 14-50. There is no better option in the market rather than the NEMA 14-50 plug.

It’s because of all the great and high-performing features of this plug. Like the 6-50, NEMA 14-50 also contains two hots and ground. But there is an additional neutral get seen in this variant. That is why; it can perform better than the previous one.

This plug is mainly needed for the charging stations that come with 40amp of capacity. The main purpose of using the 14-50 plug is to charge up any electric vehicle. And NEMA 14-50 is completely capable of performing this task.

This high-performing plug also contains a maximum voltage ranking of 250v. And with a successful installation in the garage, this plug can smoothly deliver it charging even for the Tesla Model 3.

The Major differences between these plugs

NEMA 14-50 probably works better than the 6-50. And the entire credit goes to its neutral formula that lets the charging ability increase to a good level. But in practical use experience, the 14-50 plug requires a little bit of effort than the 6-50 model.

As a consequence, it has a stronger performing ability for the EV (Electronic Vehicles).

Talking about the 6-50, this is a typical plug that provides perfect grounding with hots. The non-existence of neutral is the only bad side of this plug.

That is why; it has lower-performing power than the 14-50. Moreover, the 6-50 plug seems easier to install in housing or nearby areas. There is a low costing issue that allows this plug for everyone. 14-50 in that case, may not appear enough worthy and useful.

Although it has a better performance rate with faster electricity flow, but the budget-friendly model will surely make a good deal among the users.

Perfect Plug for the EV

The usage of NEMA plugs for Tesla is a common thing for a long time. Both these plugs have a good value and demand among electronic vehicle users.

Especially the users who have the intention to build a customized power station in the home. These plug models came at the top of their favorite ones.

Explain the 6-50 Plug model first. This one is a typical plugging system that has some ability to charge the EV car models. It has a maximum charging ability from 6 to 50 and will be rated at Level-1 power station.

Above all, it can deliver some worthy features, such as low cost, effortless wiring, and an easy installation process. For the most positive factor, this plug gets used in a good number of all the EV models.

The very low amount of wire consumption is another great nature of this plug. For this reason, even beginner users can easily make a charging station in their home or garage.

Recommended Plug for Tesla

Tesla is the most common and top-ranked model in the Electronic Vehicle nation.

Back in the previous times, Tesla has launched their car models with 14-50 plug charging capabilities. And it was the certified model to use for the Tesla Model 3. But over time, it has lost the demand.

Even though the 14-50 plug model is formed with dual hots and ground as well as a neutral, it consumes more expense to install. On the other hand, lots of wires require placing this plug as the power station.

Since Tesla has supplied their Model 3 with a 14-50 plug requirement, the users were quite dissatisfied.

As a result, the company started to provide 6-50 for charging purposes. It was small, easy and less costly than the other one. And in terms of performance, it was quite similar to the 14-50 except for the charging time.

No matter how compact and easy the 6-50 plug is, it doesn’t have the performance ability as like 14-50. According to the Tesla Company, the 14-50 plug has been rated as a Level-2 charging station for its faster and more accurate charging ability.

The company has applied the best performance ability under a friendly budget. The 6-50 plug has been issued for that reason. But when it comes to faster-charging ability, Tesla still believes in the performance of 14-50.

Still, most authorized power station from Tesla holds the 14-50 plug model for charging up the cars.

6-50 and 14-50. Which one will be the best to choose?

A perfect type of plug plays a great impact on the EV. In fact, the entire performance of the vehicle depends on it.

In that case, both these models have similar performance, quality, and safety unless the pricing and installation process get identified.

Thinking of value for money along with effortless installation and good performance. The 6-50 plug model is undoubtedly the budget killer. You’ll get similar performance at a lower cost.

14-50 has a little bit of better charging ability. But it is much more expensive and requires a lengthy installation process too. If there’s no headache about these issues, Nema 14-50 is also the perfect choice.

Just like the necessity of a perfect plug, the best interior color is also essential to observe. So don’t forget to hop into the newest article about Tesla Model 3 White interior vs Black. All your doubts will be crystal clear.

Final Thoughts

Most Electronic Vehicle users suffer in doubt. And the doubt is about choosing the best plug between Nema 6-50 vs 14-50. Having a quick sight of this relevant subject, their doubts might turn into a fixed decision.

So hurry up! Don’t leave in hesitation about the perfect plug for your ride. Choose any one of them for your beloved ride.

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