What to know about Rav4 Prime 240v Charger?

Rav4 Prime 240v Charger is the must equipment to recharge the battery. Without charging, the battery cannot operate the car. Because Rav4 prime will need electricity to start and produce power for the motors to run the car.

Among the variant of chargers, the 240v is the most popular one. It is because this charger will take too little time to recharge the battery fully. If one picks the charger with more amps, the battery will gain its full energy within a couple of hours.

Furthermore, one can have a look below to know more details.

Rav4 Prime 240v Charger

Rav4 prime is one of the popular Toyota hybrid vehicles which have two systems to run the car. Along with gas, the car will need electric power to operate the car.  As for the electric power, the car gets from the battery attached to the main mechanism of the car.

Moreover, the battery is a combination of four-cylinder and two motors. Together those will produce at least 300HP horsepower to power up the car.  Mostly, this 18.1 kW battery will give service to 68km once it is fully charged.

One can imagine how long it will take to fully charge the battery with the home charging setup. According to research and customer review, it will take at least 13 hours to recharge the battery with a 120v charger at home.

However, with a 240v charger and charging system, the battery will take only 4.5 hours to fully charge. This one will have 3.3 kW and 16 amps power. Besides, the 6.6 kW charger with 32 amps power will charge the battery faster. For this type of charger, it will only take 2.5 hours to do the job.

Moreover, one can set up the 240v charging outlet at home or one can get it from any charging station. However, waiting for the station for that long may not be a good go thing for many people. So, getting the outlet in the home garage will be the best idea.

Most of the Rav4 prime batteries of 240v are strongly made. The manufacturer has used high-quality materials and technology. One will get fast charging capability with modern technology like connecting phone or Wi-Fi. The elegant design and solid construction of the charger will not take much time to recharge the car batteries.

Is it possible to recharge the Rav4 prime in the Tesla charging station?

Tesla is an automobile manufacturer and all its vehicles are electronic. So, instead of a gas station, they have a power station where one will find electricity. Those power stations have compatible DC power to charge the battery used in the Rav4 prime.

Is it possible to plug the Rav4 prime 240v battery into the regular outlet?

The regular outlet that normally people have in their house is for power like 120v. One can plug anything that came into this range. However, for 240v chargers, one cannot use the regular charging outlet. They will have to set up a 240v charging outlet for the job.


Selecting the right charger for the hybrid or prime Toyota is the first step to comfortably driving the car. No one will want a dead battery in the middle of the journey and middle of nowhere. However, not all gas stations will have the facility of charging the battery.

Considering the issues one can have a rav4 prime 240v charger. This will charge the battery in 4.5 hours, this is the maximum time. For less time one can choose the more powerful charger of 240v which will take only 2.5 hours. Hopefully, one can decide what they want by reading this article.

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