S Gear Car, What to know?

S Gear Car is one of the most important gear modes that people use in their car. Specifically, the model refers to Sports mode and it provides extreme power. One can run the car with maximum speed on the free highway with this mode that amplifies the name.

Moreover, it is the only effective mode to drive the car in off-road and hilly areas with both power and control. However, this is not so fueling economic mode. While using S gear mode the car will burn more fuel than ever.

Furthermore, one has to be with us till the last to know more exciting information on gear mode.

S Gear Car
S Gear Car

S Gear Car

After the revolution of technology, the automobiles industry get the most impact by it. Manufacturers are using so many technologies to make the experiences comfortable, easier, and safer for their customers. Following their motto, they have come up with an automatic transmission system instead of a manual.

To make things easier, the manufacturer uses different letters in the gear for different purposes. The different letters will put different amounts of torque and motion for different situations. As for the letter S, it stands for the word Sport. If one sets their car gear in S mode, they will get more dynamic driving with the sensitivity of the car’s throttle response.

When one puts their gear to S mode, they will feel that the car is working more smoothly and fast. Because more fuel will be injected into the cylinder with S gear that means more power will produce. Specifically, with the S model, the RPMs will get higher so does the acceleration to provide more power to the driving.

Mostly, users set the gear to S mode while driving in the curving roads or off-roads with rocks and holes in the roads. Also, hilly roads that go ups and downs will be perfect with S mode since it will provide extreme power and control.

Besides, with the S mode gear, one will get an intense driving experience on the highway too. One will get proper power and control to cross the cars coming towards at high speed. Drivers can suddenly control the vehicle to overtake cars in front of it.

However, the automatic transmission system of the car will not have only the S gear mode. Luckily, there are some other modes defined with a different letter to tell the driver to use in a different situation. So, the other gear modes are,

Others Gear Modes

An automatic car will have a PRNDS layout for the gear modes. Simply, the drivers need to know their specifications. However, some of the hybrid or highly maintained cars use Brake mode or B mode and Low gear mode or L mode.

P Gear Mode

P gear mode is basically the parking mode. Drivers use this mode when they are done with driving the car and need to park it. The time one will shift the gear to P mode, it will lock the transmission by placing rods in between the gear teeth. Resulting in the car will not move a bit from its place.

Amazingly, this mode will be effective in the sloppy area too. While in the P mode the wheel will not move a bit even in the sloppy area and the car will not move from its place.

R Gear Mode

R mode indicates the Reverse mode. As its name, the R mode gear will drive the car backward. This helps the driver while parking the car in a populated area. However, one cannot just shift the R model from the other mode. First, they have to stabilize the gear to initial mode and then shift it to R mode.

N Gear Mode

N stands for Neutral in the gear mode specification. This mode will take the system to a level where the gears will not be connected with the engine. That means the wheels will not get the power to move. The N model is quite similar to P mode but they are different. The only but major difference is P mode will put a rod to the gear teeth to completely freeze the wheel, unlike N mode.

D Gear Mode

One of the popular and most used modes in driving is the D model which stands for Drive mode. In this mode, the transmission gears will get engaged to the engine to provide enough spin to the wheels. The D mode is the most suitable model for daily driving on city roads and highway roads.

B or L Gear Mode

In the list of gear modes, the B and L is not so popular and not available in most of the car’s mode. Here, B stands for Brake mode and L stands for Low gear mode. Functionally, both of the modes are the same but they can differ based on the manufacturing construction.

Normally, B mode is for engine braking while going downhill. One can use the L mode in that case too. Specifically, these two are not regular driving modes but provide extreme control in a difficult situation.

How to start S gear mode in the car?

To shift the gear mode of the car to S or sport one will have to press the button on the gear selector. After that one will have to bring it down to the S model. One will have to remember to push to button to its previous place after using the gear. 

This little action will help the driver to get any unwanted gear while on the road. It will cause a serious consequence if one by mistake switches the gear to P directly from the S.

Where one should not use the S mode gear?

If one is driving on a highway but it is having a jam or one will need to drive their car at low speed, they must not use the S model. Because it will not bring any benefit but will burn so much fuel from the engine.

Besides, while parking the car one must not use S mode to avoid sharp acceleration. In a parking situation, they will have to put the car in P mode or N mode to stop the acceleration.

What are the disadvantages of S gear mode?

The S gear mode provides so many benefits yet it has some disadvantages too. In terms of fuel efficiency, the S gear mode is lagging behind. Since the system will inject more fuel into the cylinder while in S mode, it will burn more fuel to produce more power. In case one does not want this, they can go for the D mode instead of the S model.

What are the differences between S gear mode and D gear mode?

Normally, S stands for Sport mode, and D stands for Drive mode. One can use both of the modes in regular life driving to get enough speed and acceleration. However, the main difference they have is the road type. While driving in off-roads in a hilly area with rocks and holes, they cannot use the D model.

In that type of road, the S model will provide the required power and speed to push the car uphill with difficulties. Besides, the S mode is suitable for the highway but not with frequent stops and jams. In that case, D mode is irreplaceable. While in jam the S mode will not help but will burn so much fuel which is costly as well as harmful to the environment.

Will using S gear mode so frequently minimize the engine life?

Using the car more frequently with maximum speed and power will affect the life of the car’s mechanical system. Usually, the more we use mechanical things the more they will lose their lifespan. Specifically, in S mode, the whole system will work more than the average. The fuel tank will inject more fuel into the cylinder, the engine will produce more power and all the other instruments will work a bit more.

That means they will get tired so easily or the system will heat up more quickly than regular. Overall, it will affect the lifespan of the engine but not so much. Moreover, with proper maintenance, the effect will not be recognizable.


Driving a car requires having so much knowledge of the mechanism of the car. Otherwise, one will not be able to be a good driver. Specifically, in automatic cars, the gearbox modes are important to know. Though there are different gear modes, people tend to be more curious about the S model.

With that mode, one will get an insane amount of power, acceleration, and speed. That feature makes the car extremely suitable for Off-road driving even on the worst roads with rocks, holes, mud, and water. Hopefully, one has gotten all the necessary information on S Gear Car from the discussion above.

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