Is the V12 Engine Cost too much?

V12 Engine Cost depends on the manufacturer, manufacturing process, and production cost. Also, the place the consumer is buying the car or engine will vary its cost. Mostly, one will find verities of the engine depending on the manufacturer.

They preserve the voltage to 12 v but change other specifications like HP and rpm. This makes variation so that the consumer can have different options.

To get more detailed information on the cost of the v12 engine, one can look below.

V12 Engine Cost

One of the most powerful engines on the market is the V12 engine. This engine has 12 cylinders to imagine the amount of power. It will provide smoother power delivery and a piston firing at every 60 degrees of crankshaft location, ensuring the smoothest power delivery.

So one can imagine the expense of the engine. All the renowned automobile manufacturers like Rolls Royals, Toyota, etc., use the V12 engine in their cars. Moreover, the price of the engine will depend on some factors like fuel Capacity and horsepower.

Normally, a 6.0 L V12 engine with 650 horsepower, 7800 rpm, and 485 feet torque will cost around $20,000 at the minimum range and $60,000 or more at the maximum range on average.

 However, the price can go higher according to the manufacturer, type of the engine, and its power level. Normally, automobiles car use two types of engines, 2AR-FE and 2AZ-FE, which are inexpensive but quality.

Cylinder block materialAluminumAluminum
Cylinder head materialAluminumAluminum
Fuel TypeGasolineGasoline
Fuel SystemFuel injectionSequential MPFI
Compression ratio10.4:19.6:1 or 9.8:1
ValvetrainDual Over Head CamsDual Over Head Cams
Displacement24942362 cc
Torque167-173 lb-ft (226-235 N m)/4,000-4,100138 lb/ft, 161 lb/ft, 162 lb/ft and 165 lb/ft
Engine capacity4.4L2.4L
The specifications of these two types of engines are

The price of 2AR-FE starts from $5,522, and it can go higher. Meanwhile, the price of 2AZ-FE starts from $3000. These are the cheapest engine in the market, mainly used by Toyota.

One will find many popular options on the V12 engine in the best price range. However, below is our pick of the most popular V12 engine of all time.

V12 TDI engine6.0 L368kW1000Nm1750 to 3250pm$7,610
Toyota 1GZ-FE5 L206kW481Nm1200rpm$5,022
BMW S70/2 – fitted to the McLaren F16.1 L461kW650Nm7400 to 5600pm$ 970,000
Mercedes M120 7.3L6 L386kW750Nm X
Ferrari F1406.5 L610kW692Nmx$37,000.

Which cars use the V12 engine yet are affordable?

One will find several cars that use V12 engines yet are affordable. However, we will mention some of the popular cars below.

2003 BMW 760Li $6,942Two Year Warranty
2002 Mercedes-Benz CL600$5,990Two Year Warranty
BMW 850Ci runs$15,995Two Year Warranty
2005 Audi A8 W12 Quattro$12,995Two Year Warranty
2004 Volkswagen Phaeton$8,980
1999 Mercedes-Benz SL600$12420
1999 Toyota$ 6,261Two Year Warranty
2006 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG$18,900Two Year Warranty

Which are the most expensive car with a V12 engine?

Some of the cars with V12 engines are insanely expensive. Those cars have outstanding interiors and brilliant mechanisms with the most powerful engine. Some of those cars are,

Rolls-Royce Boat Tail$28.0 Million
Bugatti La Voiture Noire$18.7 Million
Bugatti Centodieci$9.0 Million
Mercedes-Maybach Exelero$8.0 Million
Bugatti Divo$5.8 Million
Lamborghini Veneno$4.5 Million
Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+$3.9 Million
Lamborghini Sian$3.6 million
Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport$3.6 Million
Pagani Huayra Roadster BC$3.5 Million
W Motors Lykan Hypersport$3.4 Million

Why are V12 engines so expensive?

The main reason of V12 engine is so expensive is the manufacturing system and the modern technology. Overall the manufacturing cost of the v12 engine becomes so high. That makes the manufacturer fit a price that becomes expensive for people.

However, the engine is so powerful and well-made that the expense worth it. The smoothest power delivery of the engine will take the rider to another level of comfort.

How much horsepower can a V12 engine have on the maximum range?

Since the V12 engine is one of the most powerful engines, the HP is quite high. However, different manufacturers use a different level of HP in their different cars. As for the maximum HP in the V12 engine, it is 21 000 HP with 1250 L displacement. This engine provides a power output of 20,000 HP.


If one is looking for a comfortable and safe ride, nothing is the best fit than the V12 engine. With maximum HP and rpm, this engine will deliver power most smoothly. However, people often get confused about buying V12 engine cars because V12 Engine Cost varies too much.

Sometimes the differences in the price range between the engines are thousands. That fact made people confused whether the less-priced car containing the v12 engine is not of good quality or what. Well. We have discussed all the details above. Hopefully, the detailed information will help me find the perfect choice.

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