What is the Mustang GT Series HP for different generations?

Mustang GT Series HP will be different for different years and models. The manufacturer first introduced the GT series in the third generation of the Mustang with tremendous power. Since that time, it has gained the ultimate attention of the car enthusiasm.

In recent times, the GT has an engine that produced the most HP with incredible speed. Specifically, it is the most powerful engine in North America. In case one is looking for more information, they should look below.

Mustang GT Series HP for different generations

Mustang GT Series HP

A well-known American automotive manufacturer Ford is the manufacturer of one of the oldest and most popular series Mustang. This series has been in production since 1964 with the tag of the longest series of the Ford manufacturer. Recently this series is in its sixth generation, and they have introduced the GT in its third generation to replace their model Cobra.

Another amazing thing about this series is it has the most powerful yet stylish vehicle, which has the highest sale rate per year. Moreover, this series is considered to be the most successful series after 1927. From the beginning, the GT, which started from the third generation of Mustang was one of the powerful series with 5.0L or 4.9L V8 engines and tremendous engine output.

Moreover, over time the manufacturer has made quite a change in the performance of the engine GT. If one looks closely at the details, one will notice the differences in engine output or HP for different generations and different years. Below our experts have illustrated a detailed analysis of the power the users will get from the GT of Mustang series.

Mustang GT series HP rate, Sixth Generation

The sixth generation of Mustang is the most recent generation with the most popular GT series. The manufacturer unveiled the generation back in 2013 but launched it in 2015. After that, they are producing vehicles under this generation till the date by modifying the different areas of the cars. Let’s have a look at the table below to know the HP rating of Mustang GT.

Table: Horsepower of sixth-generation GT

Mustang GT FastbackMustang GT ConvertibleShelby GT500
Engine TypeTi-VCTTi-VCTSupercharged Cross Plane Crank
Horsepower450 at 7,000rpm450 at 7,000rpm760 at 7,000rpm
Torque410 at 4,600rpm410 at 4,600rpm625 lb⋅ftat 5,000 rpm
Fuel Consumption16cty/25hwy/19cmb15cty/24hwy/18cmb12cty/18hwy/14cmb

Mustang GT series rate, Fifth Generation

From the beginning of the sixth generation, Ford declined the fifth generation a year before. Moreover, this generation exists from 2004 to 2014. Since they launched, they have manufactured different GT vehicles under this generation with different engine outputs. For clear data on the statement, one can have a look below.

Table: Horsepower of fifth-generation GT

YearsModelSizeCylinderPower at rpmTorque at rpm
2005-2009Mustang GT4.6 LV8300 HP (224 kW) at 5750320 lb⋅ft (434 N⋅m) at 4500
2010Mustang GT4.6 LV8315 HP (235 kW) at 6000325 lb⋅ft (441 N⋅m) at 4250
2011-2012Mustang GT5.0 LV8412 HP (307 kW) at 6500390 lb⋅ft (529 N⋅m) at 4250
2013-2014Mustang GT5.0 LV8420 HP (313 kW) at 6500390 lb⋅ft (529 N⋅m) at 4250
2010Shelby GT5005.4 LSC V8540 HP (403 kW) at 6000510 lb⋅ft (691 N⋅m) at 4800
2011-2012Shelby GT5005.4 LSC V8550 HP (410 kW) at 6200510 lb-ft (691 N⋅m) at 4250
2013-2014Shelby GT5005.8 LSC V8662 HP (494 kW) at 6500631 lb-ft (856 N⋅m) at 4000

Mustang GT series HP rate, Fourth Generation

From the beginning of 1994 till 2004, the third generation of Mustang was in production. The manufacturer has produced GT of one spec but different engine output throughout the production year of the fourth generation.

1994175 HP (130 kW) at 4200 rpm245 lb⋅ft (332 N⋅m) at 2400 rpmV8
1995165 HP (123 kW) at 3800 rpm245 lb-ft (332 N⋅m) at 2000 rpm
1996205 HP (153 kW) at 4200 rpm267 lb⋅ft (362 N⋅m) at 2400 rpm
1997165 HP (123 kW) at 3800 rpm245 lb⋅ft (332 N⋅m) at 2000 rpm
1998180 HP (134 kW) at 3800 rpm245 lb⋅ft (332 N⋅m) at 2000 rpm
1999210 HP (157 kW) at 4400 rpm265 lb⋅ft (359 N⋅m) at 3200 rpm
2000200 HP (149 kW) at 4000 rpm285 lb⋅ft (386 N⋅m) at 3000 rpm

Table: Horsepower of fourth-generation GT

Mustang GT series HP rate, Third Generation

In the third generation of Mustang, Ford introduced the GT to replace the Cobra edition of the series. They have designed the car to produce the highest possible power for the user at less afford.

Table: Horsepower of third-generation GT

1994215 HP (160 kW) at4200 rpm  285 lb⋅ft(386 N·m) at 3400 rpmV8Mustang GT5.OL
1995215 HP (160 kW) at4200 rpm  285 lb⋅ft(386 N·m) at 3500 rpm
1996215 HP (160 kW) at4400 rpm  285 lb⋅ft(386 N·m) at  3500 rpm
1997215 HP (160 kW) at4400 rpm  285 lb⋅ft(386 N·m) at 3500 rpm
1998225 HP (168 kW) at4750 rpm  290 lb⋅ft(393 N·m) at 3500 rpm
1999260 HP (194 kW) at5250 rpm  302 lb⋅ft(409 N·m) at 4000 rpm
2000260 HP (194 kW) at5250 rpm  302 lb⋅ft(409 N·m) at 4000 rpm
2001260 HP (194 kW) at5250 rpm  302 lb⋅ft(409 N·m) at 4000 rpm
260 HP (194 kW) at5250 rpm  302 lb⋅ft(409 N·m) at 4000 rpm
2003260 HP (194 kW) at5250 rpm  302 lb⋅ft(409 N·m) at 4000 rpm
2004260 HP (194 kW) at5250 rpm  302 lb⋅ft(409 N·m) at 4000 rpm

What does Mustang Represent by the term GT?

Basically, Mustang is one of the popular and best-selling series of Ford and GT is one of a kind under this series. Specifically, the term GT stands for Grand Touring, which is specially designed to run with power to the longest. However, this term was an Italian term Gran Tourism discovered by an Italian.

How much HP will one get from their 5.0L Mustang GT?

In automotive history, Ford has the brightest with their Mustang series, which is one of the bestselling series. Mainly, the GT option of these series is one of a kind with tremendous power and speed. Specifically, the GT of the 5L engine will produce 460HP horsepower and 420 PF torque. Moreover, one will get 180 mph speed from the engine.

Which one is the most powerful Mustang GT?

From the first launch to now, Ford has launched a different GT under the Mustang series. If one is looking for the most powerful GT among all, then they are after the Shelby GT500, which features a 5.8L supercharged V8 engine. Specifically, this one is the most powerful engine built in North American automotive history. Specifically, this one will produce 760HP horsepower at 7,000 rpm and 625 lb-ft torque at 5,000 rpm


Hopefully, one has got the answers and cleared their confusion on Mustang GT Series HP. Being one of the most successful series of automotive history, it is continuously getting modifications by the manufacturer Ford.

 Recently, these series have the most powerful engine, which produces extreme power. Specifically, the GT, which is the recent addition to the sixth generation, is the most powerful engine in North American automotive history. Experts are assuming that Ford will continue with their GT and come up with a more extraordinary option.

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