Which 1957 Chevy Bel Air Details one should know?

1957 Chevy Bel Air Details will describe every single detail about the car. Specifically, from manufacturing to mechanical details, this discussion will illustrate minor to major details. Firstly, this is the child of the Chevy Bel Air second generation, named the hottest car of the century.

With six different body styles and numerous color options, the users will get tremendous power from the car. Moreover, the car’s dimension varies according to the style or design of the body. Furthermore, one will have to look below to know more about the topic.

1957 Chevy Bel Air Details

1957 Chevy Bel Air Details

The amazing Chevy Bel Air is produced by the popular automotive manufacturer Chevrolet. The manufacturer started the production in 1950 with two-door hardtops. However, they have changed the series with different body styles and configurations. During the production period of the series of Chevrolet, they had seven different generations of full-size and muscle-classed cars.

Since the reader is specifically looking for the details of the 1957’s Chevy bel air, this article will illustrate the details on it. Specifically, 1957 is the model year of the second generation of this series which started in the year 1955. After the lunch of the car, it gained the title of the HOT ONE from the audience because of its fiery red color and stylish look.

Specifically, this model was designed by a famous automobile designer Bill Mitchell. He has designed six different body styles for the model. That means one will have various options of the design if they want to pick one from this model. Moreover, the transmission featured in the engines was one of the most comfortable and fast responsive.

Table: Features of 1957 Chevy Bel Air

Engine LocationFront
Drive TypeRear Wheel
TransmissionManual, Powerglide auto, and Turboglide auto.
Production Years for Series1953 – 1957
Price$2,173 to $2,900
Weight3273 lbs

However, the price range of the car in recent times is different than the initial time. In the near future, the car will be sold as vintage at an extremely high price. Now let’s have a look at the details one will get from the car.


The vehicle of Chevy 1957 of Chevrolet is one of a kind with different engine types and produced power. With this car, the buyers will get more than one option to choose from in power. They can choose anything from the criteria mentioned below.

Table: Engine Details of 1957 Chevy Bel Air

V 8  Pushrod Valvetrain Engine
Displacement4638 cc | 283.0 cu in. | 4.6 L.
Power220 BHP at 4600 RPM
Torque300 Ft-Lbs at 3000 RPM
Bore3.9 in
Stroke3.0 in
Inline 6 Engine
Displacement3859 cc | 235.5 cu in. | 3.9 L.
Power140 HP at 4200 RPM
Bore3.6 in
Stroke3.9 in
Main Bearings4
Cylinder BlockCast-iron
V8 Engine with 12- Barrel Carburetor
Displacement4343 cc | 265.0 cu in. | 4.3 L.
Power162 HP at 4400 RPM
Bore3.8 in
Stroke3.0 in
Main Bearings5
Valvetrain16 OHV
Cylinder BlockCast-iron
V7 Rochester Engine
Displacement4343 cc | 265.0 cu in. | 4.3 L.
Power170 HP at 4400 RPM
Bore3.8 in
Stroke3.0 in
Main Bearings5
Cylinder BlockCast-iron
V8 Engine
Displacement4638 cc | 283.0 cu in. | 4.6 L.
Power185 BHP
Bore3.9 in
Stroke3.0 in
Valvetrain16 OHV (


As with the different engines, the dimensions of the cars will be different for the year 1957. Mainly the six different body types will have six different dimensions. Specifically, because of the 2-door and 4-door styles of the cars will have dimensional differences.

Sedan, Nomad, Hardtop Sport Sedan

Table: 1957 Chevy Bel Air dimension

Seating Capacity6
Length200.0 in
Wheelbase115.0 in
Front Track58.0 in
Rear Track58.5 in

Sedan, Station Wagon, Convertible

Table: 1957 Chevy Bel Air dimension

Seating Capacity6
Length200.0 in
Wheelbase117.3 in
Front Track58.0 in
Rear Track58.8 in

These are all the specifications and major to minor details people should know about the 1957 Chevy. This bel air Chevy of Cheviot is one of the most stylish and versatile cars of the second generation. Even if, after decades, the stylish look of these cars will not go backdated. People will always love the overall configuration of these cars.

What is the production figure for the 1957 Chevy Bel Air?

According to Chevy, they have produced millions of Chevy Bel Air 1957 versions. Because of the popularity and consumer demand, they had to increase the production rate of this series.

Model NameProduction Number
Convertible 2 door  6 passenger47,562
Hardtop Sport Coupe 2 door  6 passenger166,426
Hardtop Sport Sedan 4 door  6 passenger137,672
Nomad 2 door  6 passenger6,103
Sedan 4 door  6 passenger254,331
Sedan 2 door  6 passenger62,751
Station Wagon 4 door  6 passenger27,375

How much is the 1957 Chevy Bel Air?

The bel Air of Chevy is one the oldest yet most popular models even in recent times. They have stopped the production of this car long before. So, one can imagine the price of the car. Initially, the price was $2757 when this was launched in the market. However, in recent times the price is so much more than the original price. It is starting at $25, 000 in recent times and can be more according to place and retailer.

What type of color is the Chevy Bel Air of 1957?

After the lunch of the 1957 Chevy Bel Air, many automotive journalists and designers called it the Hot One because of the color selection of the manufacturer. The glossy bright solid, and gradient color had taken the attention of the world. Let’s see the color option for the car.

Solid Color

Paint CodePaint Name
793Onyx Black
794Imperial Ivory
795Larkspur Blue
796Harbor Blue
797Surf Green
798Highland Green
799Tropical Turquoise
800Colonial Cream
801Canyon Coral
802Matador Red
803Coronado Yellow
804Inca Silver
805Sierra Gold
806Adobe Beige
821Dusk Pearl
823Laurel Green

Two-Tone Colors

Paint CodePaint Name
807Onyx Black / India Ivory
808Imperial Ivory / Inca Silver
809Larkspur Blue / Harbor Blue
810India Ivory / Larkspur Blue
811India Ivory / Tropical Turquoise
812Surf Green / Highland Green
813India Ivory / Surf Green
814India Ivory / Coronado Yellow
815Onyx Black / Colonial Cream
816India Ivory / Colonial Cream
817India Ivory / Canyon Coral
818Adobe Beige / Sierra Gold
819India Ivory / Matador Red
820Colonial Cream / Laurel Green
822Imperial Ivory / Dusk Pearl


If one is fascinated by the old production of the American manufacturer, they must be into the Chevrolet. Because in 19’s this manufacturer manufactured the most wonderful cars. Specifically, the 1957 Bel Air was the hottest of the century.

Hopefully, the 1957 Chevy bel air details have helped the readers to know details about the car. Now, they can check out the car physically if possible to match every detail.

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