What is the Diesel Nozzle Size?

Diesel Nozzle Size of any diesel car is a piece of important information that the owner should know. Because they cannot use any nozzle for their fuel pump. If the nozzle is bigger or smaller than the exact size, it will not serve the purpose. Mostly, it causes misfire inside the system which occurs production of less power and sometimes failure of the engine.

Moreover, one cannot use the gas nozzle in the diesel nozzle even if it is of the same size which is not real. The gas nozzle is smaller in size than the diesel nozzle. Furthermore, let’s have a look below to know more information on the topic to have a clear knowledge.

Diesel Nozzle Size

Diesel Nozzle Size

A diesel nozzle is a fuel injector that is used to refuel the engine. It is also considered to be the fuel sprayer to spray fuel inside the system. More specifically, the nozzle is the last part of the injector before the fuel enters the cylinder to create combustion. Mainly, the purpose of the nozzle is to spray fuel in the cylinder in an aimed place. It is important or one can say it is a must to create ignited inside the system to burn the fuel to create energy to drive the car further.

To spray the fuel exactly in the aimed place it is necessary for one to know the nozzle size of the sprayer. Because the distance between the nozzle and the cylinder key is different for a different car. In some cars, the key or the switch is in-depth which requires a longer nozzle. In short, the size of the diesel nozzle will be 15 mm. In case one is in confusion about the nozzle size, one can determine whether it is as % or in inches. The size of the nozzle comes with stock and stock flow. Specifically, the size is,

>30% in size which Flows 30% more than stock

>75% in size which Flows 75% more than stock

>100% in size which Flows 100% more than stock

That means whatever the size of the nozzle it will spray in that amount. The more the percentage the more area it will spray. Moreover, the nozzle size in inches will be,

Table: diesel Nozzle size chart

A4 mm16 mm-41 mm3, 40, 180, 260, and 500µm0%, 1%, 1%, 4.5%, 6.5%, 12.5%Acrylic, stainless steel
B2 mm8 mm-41 mm20 µm1%Acrylic plates
C1 mm4 mm-41 mm20 µm2%Acrylic plates
D0.50 mm2 mm-40.50 mm50 µm10%Acrylic plates, Aluminum plates
E0.25 mm1 mm-40.50 mm20 µm8%Acrylic plates, Aluminum plates

Now one can choose any size according to the depth of their fuel tank. If one is confused about the size they can read the user or owner module of their car or go to the nearby workshop. They will surely find out the nozzle size according to the manufacturer, model, and year of the car.

What is a vehicle nozzle?

A nozzle or a fuel injector is a small type of equipment or nozzle that is controlled automatically. The aim is to atomize fuel under high pressure into the engine combustor chamber for better performance. The valve of the nozzle can be controlled to open and close on command or when necessary.

Is it necessary to atomize the fuel using the nozzle?

It is extremely necessary to atomize the fuel or diesel of the car. One has to remember that if the fuel is atomized well it will burn well and produce good energy for the car. Also, with proper atomization, the diesel will provide better mileage by creating less carbon and burning the fuel properly. Besides, the exhaust pipe will produce less smoke and it will be in lower gas temperature.

Which size of nozzle will work best for diesel?

Well, the choice of the size of the diesel nozzle will completely depend on the vehicle one is driving. The type of the vehicle as well as manufacturer and model will highly alter the nozzle size. Also, the size of the injector will be responsible for the choice. Normally, a 6.0 power stroke injector of 155cc to 190cc engine uses a 30% nozzle which can make 600 HP horsepower. If one is looking for more power or the engine displacement is bigger they should go for the bigger size.

Is it possible to use a gas nozzle instead of a diesel nozzle?

In simple words, it is not possible to replace the diesel nozzle with a gas nozzle. Also, it is not possible to replace the gas nozzle with a diesel nozzle. It is because of the size of the nozzle which is different for both types. Normally, the diesel nozzle is bigger in size than the gas nozzle. So if one wants to fit the diesel nozzle instead of a gas nozzle it will not fit in the hole, it will be bigger in size. Also, one cannot put diesel in their car if it is supposed to be run with fuel. Therefore, there should not be any debate on the topic nor any thought


If one is owning an automotive vehicle they have to know many things about it. From the simplest wheel size to any major mechanical dimension is necessary for the maintenance of the car. Specifically, the nozzle size of the car is another important thing. If one somehow chooses the wrong diesel nozzle size, they will have a misfire inside the cylinder. That means the car will not get enough power to run. In some cases, the car will not even start.

Hopefully, one has to understand every detail on the sizing of the diesel nozzle which will help them select theirs.

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