BMW Foxwell Nt510 Reviews, will it be worth buying?

Foxwell Nt510 will discuss the functionalities of the device. Mainly, this one is designed for BMW but can be used in some other cars. Specifically, this one will read the data of the car in both running and idle mode.

Moreover, one can store the data to analyze the previous and present data. Amazingly, this device can solve many problems, like erasing data. Also, this will give a lifetime free updates service, which will allow the user to enjoy every new feature. Furthermore, one has to look below to know more details.

BMW Foxwell Nt510
BMW Foxwell Nt510

Foxwell Nt510 Reviews

If one searches for the best device which can scan the full system of BMW automotive, the name Foxwell nt510 will pop up at first. This device is the perfect Obd2 Code Reader Bidirectional Diagnosis for BMW. This device has tools like SRS, EPB, SAS, TPS, and so on to do the scanning job.

This insanely simple but amazingly efficient device will perfectly decrease the maintenance cost of BMW. That’s why professionals extremely rely on this device for their work. Wonderfully, this device will identify every single problem of the car accurately and fast.

If one wants to keep their car’s maintenance cost low, nothing will be better than this device. Most of the time, users can sense that their car is having issues, but they fail to understand where the issue is. However, with this Foxwell Nt510 device, they can now. One can simply use the device in their car to identify the problem. Luckily most of the problem is too simple that the owner can easily solve the issue.

That means the biggest worry of the owners may turn out to be a simple problem. If they did go to the workshops to solve the issue, they would have to pay at least $150 to $200 for the simplest issue, even no issue. However, with that device, one can cut that service charge from their monthly or yearly maintenance cost.

In the next section, we will dive deep into the details of the device.

Features of Foxwell Nt510>It will read and clear diagnostic error codes from BMW and a wide range of vehicles.
> This can read live data stream info.
> Users will have a DataStream graph display.
> It can read vehicle and ECU information.
> The functions of the device include ABS calibration, PDF regeneration, ECM replacement, etc.
>Features multi-language menus and code definitions.
> Speedy test functions
> One can use it with OBDI and OBDII cars.
> IT features a TF memory card for data backup and software updates.
> Comes with lifetime free update.

Now let’s see the functionalities and features of this code reader in detail.

User friendly

Some of the code readers of BMW or any other vehicle have a complicated user interface. However, this one has an extremely user-friendly user interface. Anyone with zero knowledge of the BMW code reader can use this device following the instructions.

Besides, the device has a large TFT screen for easy reading and scanning. One can see easily and perfectly on the screen. Unlike some other devices, this one will have an eye-soothing light that will be extremely visible under sunlight.


Amazingly, this Foxwell code reader designed especially for BMW has a durable and strong construction. The manufacturer has used high-grade and heavy-duty plastic material in the main construction. They claimed that the body of this device could withstand extreme hardship easily.

Also, it will fit in the tight places of the car. One can use it randomly also by giving force to it. It will withstand when it is about scanning the car in any situation.


When it is about holding and using a device for a long time, comfort is another criterion that we look for. For example, while buying a new mobile phone, one always checks how it feels to touch, hold, carry, and use that particular phone. If they feel comfortable with it then they buy it.

With this code reader comfort term is almost similar to buying a mobile phone. One will have to carry, hold, and use the device for a long time. So, it is important that the users feel comfortable. Luckily, the 7.9 by 1.5 by 3.9 inches and 1.6 pound Foxwell Nt510 will provide enough grip and comfort. Also, the button on the device is perfectly aligned for better usability.

Main Functions

The Foxwell Nt510 will have the latest software, which will support at least 10 OBD test modules. Specifically, the functions of the device are,


TPMS or a tire pressure monitoring system will monitor the air pressure of the tier. It is one of the crucial parts to check. Because if anyhow the tier pressure goes too low or too high than the optimal range, it will cause issues like tier burst in the middle of the road. Sometimes it causes serious damage to the car and possibly causes an accident.

EPB Service

Controlling the electronic parking brake service is another necessity of the car, which cannot be done barehanded. In this situation, the Foxwell Nt510 will help to read the code allowing the user to perform and maintain EPB service. This includes activation and deactivation of the electronic brake system. Also, opening or closing of brake pads. Besides, one can set the brakes after the installation of new brake discs or pads.

SAS Calibration 

Calibration of a different part of the car is important maintenance after every new installation or accident. However, with this mentioned device, one can only calibrate the steering angle sensor or SAS. After the new calibration, SAS will forget all the past information and make room for new information.

Oil Reset

We have to use oil in different parts of the car. Mainly, we use oil for lubrication purposes in the engine and the brake. However, after a fixed mileage, the oil loses its quality and requires immediate replacement. But it is hard to know from the outside that the oil is all black and burned. Here this Foxwell NT510 will help with it by resetting the oil replacement light.


The term Diesel Particulates Filter Regeneration is required after every dedicated mile. Sometimes the car warning light turned come on even if the service is required because the car’s diesel particulates filter is blocked. The code reader device will regenerate the system and turn OFF the light in this scenario.

ABS Service

Using the Foxwell Nt510 device, one can temporarily control and active the ABS of the car. It requires when one works with the wheel and the suspension system.

Special Function

Like some other scanners, this one will also diagnose transmission, replace the battery, tilt the sunroof, and many more.

Read and Clear codes.

Users will find many problems with the car easily and fast. One can read the data provided by the device easily and know what’s going wrong with their car. Also, they can solve some of the problems by erasing or deleting the existing codes with this device.


One of the amazing features of Foxwell is it can store the reading along with freezing and displaying frame data. Besides, it can display the data of a running car both in text and graph, which help the owner notice any problem.


The display of the device is 2.8 inches TFT with enough brightness. One will see the readings on the screen even under the sun.


In case one does not know English, this device will have Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, and German languages on the menu. One can simply select the language and enjoy the device in their preferred language.

Speedy test function

One may think that the device will take time to process the functional data. However, this device is too fast and can process data at a high speed. One will immediately get their result from the car on specific functions.

Lifetime Free Upgrade

Another wonderful thing about Foxwell Nt510 is one can update the device like a smartphone for free. For this, one needs to register on their official website and enjoy every new update of the device without buying a new one.


According to our experts and their research, the overall performance of the device is pretty impressive. They had to use the device for a few months and illustrated some key points on their experience. As for their experience, the device will have 7.6 out of 10 in overall performance.

To find the overall performance, they categorized it in accuracy, connectivity, compatibility, readability, build quality, usability, customer support, and tech support. Overall, usability got the highest point which is 8.4 because this device is extremely easy to use with its easy design and broad and bright screen.

The accuracy of the device got the lowest point of 7.4. It’s not like the device is not accurate. Indeed the device is accurate but not 100% as we know that the automotive mechanism is quite complicated. So, it will be foolish to expect that this simple device will solve every single problem of the car. However, this device performs pretty well compared to other code readers on the market. Surely, one will not regret their decision to buy the device.

Table: Performance Level of Foxwell Nt510

Performance Level of Foxwell Nt510KeyValue
Tech Support7.6
Build Quality7.7
Customer support7.7
Overall Performance7.6
performance of Foxwell Nt510

Is Foxwell NT510 expensive?

The price of the device will vary according to place. If one buys the device directly from the manufacturer, it may cost less. However, one will have to pay around $180 to $190 for a Foxwell Nt510 device from any online marketplace.

According to the functionalities and features, this device will provide, the price is nothing. At that low price, one will get professional help for their favorite vehicle. Also, this inexpensive, simple device will minimize many maintenance costs. So an overall perspective, the price of this extraordinary device is nothing.

What are the disadvantages of Foxwell NT510?

The amazing code reader Foxwell Nt510 does not have any functional disadvantages. According to the customer reviews, this device works pretty well with various cars. However, there are some minor disadvantages that the user will face.

Mainly, this device is dedicatedly made for BMW and preprogrammed for BMW. If one wants to use it for another manufacturer, they will have to reprogram the device. The device’s overall look seems a little backdated because of the silicon button of the device. It seems like a more manual device than a smart device. The manufacturer should improve the design and look of the device.

With which vehicle the Foxwell Nt510 is compatible?

Mainly, the Foxwell Nt510 code reader is designed for BMW. The time one buys the device, it will be preprogrammed for the BMW. However, one can reprogram the device with a new program for their preferable vehicles. Amazingly, this device will provide an accurate reading for almost every type of vehicle. One can bring the device if they have the vehicles below.

Compatible car of Foxwell Nt510 code reader or scanner device.Chrysler
Honda, etc.


Taking care of the car is important to keep the car healthy. However, for BMW, the maintenance cost is way too high. Many people have paid too many maintenance costs in 5 years that they could buy another car with that money. It is because they need to run to the workshop for the smallest problem.

However, the Foxwell code reader will minimize the maintenance cost for BMW owners as well as other automotive. This is specially programmed to find out issues in the car. Hopefully, one has got enough information from the above discussion on Foxwell Nt510 Reviews.

Resources: User Manuals | Foxwell Diag

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