How much will be the BMW N20 Timing Chain Replacement Cost?

BMW N20 Timing Chain Replacement Cost will depend on the age of the car and other damage to the car. Overall, only changing the timing chain, even in good health BMW N20 engine, will cost a lot of money because the work involves complexity, a tremendous amount of time as well as patience.

Moreover, one will have to seek help from certified BMW dealers for the job. Otherwise, they may ruin the main engine. Furthermore, the reader will have to read the details illustrated below for more information.

BMW N20 Timing Chain Replacement Cost

BMW N20 is a 2L 122cc petrol engine that has the timing chain as a significant part of the system. Here, the timing chain is like any other chain used in the bicycle, but it has more meaning and power here. In each cylinder firing of the engine, the timing chain will ensure proper timing of opening and closing of it. That means this chain will particularly synchronize the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft for proper timing.

Specifically, the BMW N20 timing chain will run for 90,000 miles or nine years. Sometimes the chain runs for less than the claimed time and more than that. Whichever the time and situation, one will have it replace the chain if it is gone bad. There is no alternative to replacing the chain, even if it will cost so much.

Because one cannot operate the BMW without the chain if it has it, even if the chain just starts getting damaged, the performance of the car will drop dramatically. As soon as one realizes that the chain has some issue, they will need to take it to any expert dealer and get it replaced by them.

Overall, the cost of replacing the N20 timing chain BMW will cost around $3500 to $7800. That cost will include labor costs and parts costs.

Table: BMW N20 Timing Chain Replacement Cost

BMW N20 Timing Chain Replacement CostServiceMin
LaborFor 10 Hours Labor time150 X10= 1500
For 15 Hours Labor time150 X15= 2250200 X15= 3000
200 X10= 2000
200 X15= 3000

However, this cost is too controversial because of the complexity and amount of required time. Since the timing change and all the other mechanisms of the engine are in the same box, one will have to open the whole mechanism to change the timing chain of the engine.

Only to replace the chain will the worker have to open the engine body plastic and underbody panels. After that, they will have to drain every single drop of oil from the system and disconnect the battery. Simply, one will have to remove the whole engine system from the car and disconnect every connection that came to the engine and gone from the engine.

Now one can imagine how much difficult and complex the work is and how much time it will require to remove, fix, and attach everything back in its place. Also, people often make mistakes while doing the work, even if they are experts. The overall situation increases the price range of replacing the timing chain of the BMW N20 engine compared to others.

What type of parts will require to replace the BMW N20 timing chain?

Replacing the BMW N20 timing chain is a big deal that requires many tools and kits. Normally, all those kits are professional and will not be common in the home toolbox. We have illustrated the possible tools one will need for the job below.

BMW N20 Timing Chain Replacement required tools2x Floor
Socket16mm S
Hex Socket5mm
Hex Socket
BarBMW N20 N26
Timing Tool Kit
BMW Flex
Plate Lock Tool
BMW N20 N26
Balance Shaft Seal Tool Kit

What signs will indicate that one needs to replace the BMW N20 timing chain?

The car will show several symptoms which will indicate a bad timing chain in the engine. The users or owners will have to notice those signs to know that they have a bad timing chain. Specifically, those symptoms are,

1. One will see damage and rage in the inner and outer edge.

2. Teeth of the engine are frayed.

3. Cracks will be visible on both sides of the belt.

4. Uncertainty in starting the engine and sudden power loss.

5. Exhaust smoke coming from the pipe.

6. Ticking sound coming from the motor.

7. Oil Leak from the timing chain box.

8. A dead engine is a final consequence.


One of the most complicated jobs on the BMW N20 engine is replacing the timing chain. One may think of doing it at home, watching some tutorials, and reading some articles. It can be the biggest mistake of someone’s life because this complex and time-consuming work requires a high level of expertise. Even the experienced and skilled person makes mistakes while doing so.

In case any toddler takes the initiative, they will surely damage the main engine and cause an unbelievable expense. Hopefully, one has got every point on the BMW N20 Timing Chain replacement cost.

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