T100 Vs Tacoma, what to know?

T100 Vs Tacoma, this conversation will lead one to an affordable and excellent option of vehicle. Mainly, they share a huge difference in the price range. One will offer so many useful features at a little extra price range. On the other hand, the other one will offer some useful features at a low price.

Moreover, T100 will be the best option if one is looking for heavy towing capacity and engine capacity. However, Tacoma will be the perfect choice for regular chores at low capacity work and less engine power.

For further information, one has to look over the discussion below on T100 and Tacoma.

T100 Vs Tacoma

Ever since the launch of the Toyota automobile manufacturer, they have been making some wonderful vehicles. For their excellent and affordable option, they have gained popularity in Asia and many parts of the world.

Form 19s, two of their best-selling and popular car series are T100 and Tacoma. Offering so many features and benefits, they become the first choice of many consumers who cannot afford a highly-priced car. To date they are in the market and customers are buying them with keen interest.

However, the fact comes in the front that which one is the best fit. To know the answer to this confusion, one needs to dive deep into their specifications and illustrate a comparison. Let’s know what they offer and how they distinguish each other.


Tacoma and T100 have differences in physical appearance. Providing different shades, they have different dimensions. The T100 sport has a Length of 209.1 inches and a height of 67.6 inches. On the other hand, Tacoma is a little shorter than the T100. It will provide a Length of 180.5 inches and a height of 61.8

Engine and Transmission

In terms of engine and transmission, they share some major differences. When the T100 has an engine of 2.7L V4, the Tacoma has a 2.5L V4 engine. However, the transmission of these is the same, which is a 5-speed manual transmission.

Moreover, the T100 will have a Horsepower of 150 HP at 4800 rpm with Net torque of 177 ft-lb at 4000 rpm. On the other hand, Tacoma will provide a Horsepower of 142 HP at 5000 rpm with Net torque of 160 ft-lb at 4000.

Fuel Economy

One of the main concerns while buying any car is fuel economy. In case the car is not fuel-economical, users will end up paying thousands of dollars for the fuel per year. The estimated Fuel Economy of T100 is 25 MPG for City and 20 MPG for Highway. On the contrary, Tacoma has a fuel economy of 29 MPG for the City and 23 MPG for the Highway.

Towing Capacity

One of the major differences one will find in these two vehicle options is the towing capacity. They distinguish by 1700 lbs. When the T100 has a towing capacity of 5200 lbs, the Tacoma has a towing capacity of 3500 lbs. one can choose any of these according to the towing capacity easily.


For some consumers, budget is a big issue. Some of them even compromise luxury features to cut down the price. Though these are the most affordable car, they have huge price differences. One can buy the T100 starting from $14,678, while the start price of Tacoma is $12238.

Table: T100 Vs Tacoma

The engine T100 is a 2.7L V4 cylinder engine.The engine of T100 is a 2.4L V4 cylinder engine.
Gasoline Fuel type.Same as T100 it features a gasoline fuel type.
The transmission of the car is a 5-speed manual.The transmission of the car is a 5-speed manual.
The fuel tank size is 24.0 gal.Fuel tank size is 15.1 gal.
The length of the car is 209.1 inches.The length of the car is 180.5 inches
The height of the car is 67.6 inches.The height of the car is 61.8 inches.
Weight is 8000 lbsWeight is 6700 lbs
Rear Wheel Drive or RWD Drivetrain type.Rear Wheel Drive or RWD Drivetrain type.
Seating option for three people.Seating option for two-person.
Horsepower is 150 HP at 4800 rpmHorsepower is 142 HP at 5000 rpm. 
Net torque is 177 ft-lb at 4000 rpmNet torque is 160 ft-lb at 4000
Fuel economy on the Highway is 25 MPGFuel economy on the Highway is 29 MPG
Fuel economy in city is 20 MPGFuel economy in city is 23 MPG
Cruising Range in highway 600.00 miMoving Range  in highway 437.90 mi
Moving Range in City 480.00 miMoving Range in City 347.30 mi
Towing capacity is 5,200 lbs.Towing capacity is 3,500 lbs.
The price starts from $14,678.Price starts from $12,238.

T100 Vs Tacoma, what to know?

T100 and Tacoma are two of the best vehicle in the automobile industry at affordable prices. However, they distinguish from each other in features and price. So, choosing one from them will be an easy option. If one is looking for a lower-priced option, then they should go for Tacoma.

Moreover, T100 will offer more engine power with more towing capacity. In that case, one has to choose T100 if they are going to use the truck so often for transporting heavyweight. But for regular and home chores use, Tacoma will serve perfectly.

Overall, the decision will be on the buyers and their needs. They should choose one, prioritizing their needs and their desire from the car.


Buying the perfect car at an affordable price is a dream of many human beings. That dream becomes hard with all the expensive options in the market. However, Toyota is one of the renowned brands that manufacture affordable cars.

Following that fact, people often find themselves in the dilemma of T100 Vs Tacoma. It is not hard to decide that T100 will be expensive but offers much more than Tacoma. However, Tacoma is less expensive, but it will offer excellent options. Finally, the consumer will need to decide what they want as a form of truck or vehicle.

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