Nissan Sentra Engine Replacement Cost, will it be a wise decision?

Nissan Sentra Engine Replacement cost will be different in a different case. Here, one will have more than one option to get the job done. If one wants to go for the most effective and reliable option with long-term dependability, they will have to go for the authentic dealers of Nissan, which will cost them the most.

However, they can go for the cheapest option, which is replacing the dead one with an old engine of good health. But this option comes with so many risk factors, and no one will guarantee the engine’s lifespan like the other option. Want to know more about it? Have a look below.

Nissan Sentra Engine Replacement Cost

Nissan Sentra Engine Replacement Cost

One of the most popular car brands in the whole world is Nissan. From expensive to affordable options, one will find anything in this manufacturer. Moreover, the Nissan Sentra is another popular name in this industry that people often hear about. The engine of the mentioned name is one of the popular with tremendous power and lifespan.

However, the electrical products fade away with use and time, and so does the powerful and long-lasting Sentra. If the engine fails, one will need to change the engine or replace it with a new one or one that is still in good health.

If one plans to change their Nissan Sentra engine, they need to know that different engines will have different costs. Many factors alter the overall cost of engine replacement. Mainly the design of the engine, number of the cylinders, the complexity of the mechanism, the complexity of the design of the care system, and more.

Normally, the Nissan is 4, 6, and 8 cylinders car. Usually, the four-cylinder engine replacement cost will be less than the other two. For that, the eight-cylinder engine replacement cost will be the most compared to the others.

Before going any further, one must know the specification of the engine. Otherwise, the price may seem unfair to them.

Engine Type and Required FuelRegular Unleaded I-4
Displacement1488 – 2488 cc
Fuel SystemSequential MPI
Maximum Horsepower149 BHP at 6400 RPM
Maximum Torque146 4400 RPM
Gas Tank Size12.4 Litters
Range in City and Highway359.60 miles and 483.60 miles

The table above shows that the Nissan Sentra engine is an inline engine with four cylinders and a 12.4 litters fuel tank or gas tank. Also, it will help the car cover almost 360 miles in the city and 483 miles on the highway. Since the engine is a 4-cylinder engine, we can estimate the replacement cost as a low cost compared to others.

Specifically, the cost will be categorized into two separate sections. One is replaced with a new engine, and the other one is replaced with an old engine. In the case of the new engine, one will have to buy a new aftermarket engine or an authentic engine from the Nissan dealers. Here, in case of replacing the engine with a new one, they will have another two options. They can either go for the original dealers of Nissan, or they can go to a trustworthy automotive workshop.

First of all, replacing the Nissan Sentra engine with a new one from the original dealer will cost the most. Yet this decision will be more reliable, long-lasting, and effective. Specifically, this decision will cost in around $7500 to $9500. If we demonstrate the cost, the engine cost will be around $5000 to $6500, and the labor cost will be $2500 to $3000.

As for the second option with a new engine, the labor cost will be much less than the first one. One may have to pay $1500 to $2000 for the job if one selects any renowned workshop for the job. They will reliably work with the replacement process with professional experiences of years.

The last option is replacing the dead engine with an old engine that is still in good health. One must have to remember that they have to select any engine of the power and size described above. They may increase the power of the engine, but nothing less than that will be preferable.

They need to buy any engine which does not drive for more than 10,000 miles or 15,000 miles for better performance. Normally, an old engine’s price is not certain. The price will depend on mileage, considering any other damage, and so on. Also, different buyers will ask for a different price. However, with the mentioned mileage, one may find any engine between $2500.

For the replacement of an old engine, they cannot go for the original dealer of Nissan. They will have to find any local or trustworthy workshop. The workshop will charge more for the job than the new one because they will need to work on the old engine before attaching it to the car. It will add at least $200 to the total price described above with the labor cost.

What are the symptoms of a dying Nissan Sentra engine?

The Nisan Sentra engine will provide so many signs that it is having issues and is dying. One of the common and fastest signs is Engine Check Light. It will turn ON whenever the engine is having an issue. Also, the performance of the car will go down, and one will feel that driving is not smooth anymore.

Even if one is not experiencing any of the mentioned, they will experience less fuel economy. The engine burns more fuel than ever. The users will need to go to the fuel station so often than before. They will notice black or smelly smoke coming out of the tailpipe. That means the car is producing more carbon by burning more fuel poorly.

Also, they will feel difficult while taking turns and accelerating because the engine will not produce enough power for the job. These are the common symptoms one will face with their dying Nissan Sentra engine. However, if they understand those and take care of the engine, it will live longer.

When to check and get service to the Nissan Sentra engine?

Before dying, the engine will have some common issues. If one successfully identifies and acts upon them, the engine may live longer. The issues of the engine that requires the attention of the user are,

Issues that require attention in the engine-Ignition system faults -Transmission issues
-Bad Spark Plugs
-Loose Gas Cap or Missing Gas Cap
-O2 Sensor
-Computer output circuit issues
-Emissions control issues
-Old Battery
-Fuel and air metering systems problems

Those symptoms are serious but not so serious that one will require an engine replacement. However, if they ignore those issues, they will end up with an expensive replacement eventually. So, they need to give attention when the problem is small to avoid further bad luck.


The heart of any car is the engine. It produces power and supplies it to the four axels of the car to keep it running. So, it is not possible to keep going with a car with a dead engine. If anything goes wrong with it, one has to replace it. Ad for the Nissan Sentra engine, it is one of the long-lasting. However, it dies sooner or later.

That is the moment one will have to replace it to keep going. The cheapest option will be an old engine and working at a local workshop. However, the expensive option will be doing the work from a dealership. Hopefully, one has got delayed information from the discussion above on Nissan Sentra engine replacement cost.

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