What is the difference between Audi A3 and RS3?

The S3 and RS3 are two high-class models that belong to Audi. Both these models are great in their level of performance, design, and features. Above all, whenever any of these single models get determined for purchasing, the other one gets suggested too. On a short note, they both are legendary models from Audi.

However, a common model is always required to find out from the individuals. That is why Audi S3 vs. RS3 is our main subject for doing the research. Make an overall inspection from top to bottom so that any single items don’t get excluded from observation.

difference between Audi A3 and RS3
Audi S3 vs RS3

Specifications of Audi S3 and RS3

While making a comparison between two models, the very first thing is to highlight all the key features. Here you can have them from below.

        Audi S3          Factors        Audi RS3
Sedan  Vehicle TypeSedan
2.0liter TFSI Four-cylinderEngine Pattern2.5liter Inline 5 turbo engine
7-Speed AutomaticTransmission System7-Speed Automatic
305hp @5400RPM  Maximum power400hp @4000RPM
293nm @2000RPMMaximum Torque370nm@3000RPM
All Wheel DriveDriveTrain PatternAll Wheel Drive
Five seaterSitting capacityFive seater  

Fuel Economy and capacity

        Audi S3        Factors        Audi RS3
14.5 GallonsTotal tank capacity14.5 Gallons
22MPG in the city 31MPG in the highwayFuel economy20MPG in the city 29MPG in the highway
26MPGAverage fuel range24MPG

These are all the key features of both these models. Although they are similar enough in appearance, there are more differences to observe rather than being the same. Still, they both are higher leveled performers and get chosen by a large number of users.

About Audi S3

This 5-seater sedan has been formed up with some great power for roads. The powerful and muscular 2.0-liter TFSI four-cylinder engine brings up a maximum speed of 250kpmh within the eyes blinking. The 7-speed dual-clutch automatic system delivers a smoother riding experience to the rider.

Apart from that, the fuel economy is surprisingly awesome even with this level of power. An average rate of 26Mpg in both city and highway makes it feel great and affordable. Having a top to bottom observation, this model is probably a great rival among the entire sedan models.

RS3 is one of a kind Sedan that shows a lot of aggressiveness within the native appearance. Although it is formed with some similarities to the previous one, it goes faster than them.

Having a 5cylinder turbocharged engine delivers the maximum amount of speed and power. And from that engine, it brings out 400hp that insane.

With this engine, RS3 delivers a maximum speed of 320kmph. That probably let the ride count under the supercar segment. Or else, it can be named the super sedan too.

On top of that, it also holds the typical transmission system and the drivetrain pattern.

Coming to the fuel economy, RS3 will not deliver a friendly fuel rate as expected. Still, it can bring out the 24Mpg average range, which is very impressive.

So apparently, the RS3 performs a little bit higher and more powerful than the other one. And it’s not an unusual fact. Moreover, the RS3 is the updated version of the family. Higher engine power and torque are the principal nature and delivery of it.

Some additional distinctions

As both these models have individual engine performance and fuel economy, there are some other differences too. Anyways, they can be granted as additional ones. And these are all the factors down below:

1. Interior Design

2. Exterior Look

3. Handling system

4. Power delivery and acceleration

5. Pricing

Interior design

In terms of the inner area, they both seem similar enough. The very luxurious and sleek inner part design brings out their premium feel of them. Talking about the S3 one, first, all the seats have been perfectly stitched with S signing along with aluminum inlays. A similar pattern and material are not available in the RS3 model.

In fact, it has been upgraded with high-quality Nappa leather-made seats. The signature RS engraved stitching makes it looks better and more stylish than previous ones.

In addition to being stylish, the RS3 is formed with a red-colored interior accent and virtual cockpit attachment. And lastly, the carbon fiber layered inlays complete its look and design. All these features make the RS3 more aggressive and sportier from the inner area.

Exterior look

The RS3 takes the lead in this sector too. Even though both these models contain some great looks and designs, the RS3 seems better for some valid causes.

S3 has the standard grey-coated front grille along with double-blade aluminum bars. Above all, the standard S badging at the front side fulfills the looks.

Keeping this design aside, the RS3 begins with a honeycomb black-colored front grille with the engraved S badging. That is all for the major difference in their external look.

A little bit of sleeker and better aerodynamic shape make the RS3 look gorgeous and aggressive. In the real sense, the design perfectly suits the personality and nature of the ride.

Handling System

A perfect and better handling ability can ensure a proper selection. And in terms of handling, they both remain almost at a similar level. Audi is concerned about its performance and superior handling ability.

As a result, these two models are perfectly done with Quattro all-wheel driving patterns as well as multi-link shock absorbers.

The AWD mode lets the rides have the best speeding-up ability along with superior performance. They can easily go for an uphill area, highways, or some other complicated ones with positive feedback.

Just with the drivetrain pattern, both of them are featured with the 4-link shock absorbers too. While having them, neither the S3 nor RS3 will have the least handling lacking at all.

In fact, there will be lower body rolling and stiffer feedback into the trail areas too. Therefore, these cars will feel comfortable enough, balanced, and responsive on roads.

Power delivery and acceleration

That’s probably the biggest component for bringing out the difference between them. The S3 model, as usual, holds a great engine capacity with proper acceleration. And it can make a 0 to 100km speed level within 4.4 seconds. That’s enough to get from a Sedan. But the RS3 follows no limitation. Whenever it gets pulled from 0 to 100km, it reaches in less than 4 seconds!

Though they seem simple, practical driving moments bring out the actual differences. While keeping the acceleration level aside, RS3 brings out a maximum speed of 320kmph, whereas S3 is limited to 250kmph. That means the RS3 is the best choice to go deal with.


And last but not least, pricing faces some individuality too. Since Audi S3 is a standard sedan version, it has a pricing range starting from $70,000 to $72,500. And the pricing is quite impressive according to the feature and performance.

But the RS3 version is formed with a turbocharged engine and overall better performance. Therefore, it will definitely price higher than the other one. And so it is. RS3 has a starting price from $90,000 to $108,000. Better-performing ones cost higher. That’s the universal truth.

So these are all the related factors and natures of the S3 and RS3 models. For those who love to stay decent on the road with better fuel economy and lower purchasing costs, the S3 is best for them.

But for those who are speeding freaks and love to pull the potential ride level, RS3 is surely the best one for them.

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Final Expression

Not everyone wants a similar thing from a ride. Therefore Audi S3 vs RS3 comparison has brought out some finest things. Well, now it’s perfectly known by all. They are just impressive and outstanding in their performance level, feature, and pricing.

As the RS3 costs are high, the S3 version can be purchased and tuned for better engine performance. But in the end, its will prices are almost similar and nearby to the RS3 model.

If the budget is not a matter of concern, we suggest you go with the RS3. The finest power with a higher acceleration level is great to go for. And that’s all for today.

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