IMS Bearing Replacement Cost, what will be the consequences?

IMS Bearing Replacement Cost will be categorized into two parts which are simple and include an oil filter. The regular change will cost less than the oil-filter replacement. However, a different model of Porsche for different years will cost differently.

The highest cost of replacing the IMS bearing of any model will be the labor cost. Because of the time it takes and the work it requires, it costs a handsome amount for the labor. Furthermore, if they want to know more about the replacement cost of IMS bearing, they will have to read through the information below.

IMS Bearing Replacement Cost

IMS Bearing Replacement Cost

One of its amazing series of Porsche is the 911, an icon in the automotive industry. One of the editions to this iconic series is the IMS or Intermediate Shaft to improve the brake and gear system of the car. However, some of the years and models of this iconic Porsche got a serious issue with the IMS, which requires replacement after some time of the use. More specifically, this is the weakest problem of the factory Porsche of some model that requires attention.

The main reason behind the issue is the IMS is the build material. The material they have used in the system is not of the strong quality, which can withstand the pressure and load of the car. Also, the lubricant system of the bearing is not sufficient to tackle all the friction. Resulting in the ball of the bearings getting parts and creating a brake failure.

The saddest part is that according to research and previous customer record, some of the IMS bearings even failed after driving for only 3000 miles. That is pathetic if one is driving or owning something expensive like Porsche.

Moreover, the symptoms of a dying IMS bearing are rarely noticeable. Many users do not even know that something bad is going on in the bearing until it is finally dead. With all the consequences, the final verdict is they will have to replace the bearing with a high charge. Mainly, the cost will be divided into two categories. The new bearing cost and the labor cost. Since the job is complicated and tiring, the labor cost will be much.

Specifically, the total cost will be around $2000 to $2500. In this, the labor cost will be not less than $1100. This is for the single-row bearing cost. If one has to replace all the bearings, then the cost will be double this.

Moreover, the labor cost of replacing the IMS bearing of Porsche will be different for different models and years. Let’s see the labor cost of the most problematic model of IMS bearing in Porsche.

Porsche Boxster 986

So, the IMS bearing replacement cost of 986 of 911 will be,

IMS Bearing Replacement (Ceramic and Manual)£1,249
IMS Bearing Replacement & New Clutch (Ceramic and automatic)£1,449
Single Row Pro IMS Bearing Replacement (Ceramic and Tiptronic)£1,349

Porsche Boxster 987 (up to 2006) 

In case one just brought the car and has the issue, they have to keep in mind the new model of 987 will cost one little bit more than the old one.

IMS Bearing Replacement (Ceramic and Manual)£1,199
IMS Bearing Replacement & New Clutch (Ceramic and Automatic)£1,449
Single Row Pro IMS Bearing Replacement (Ceramic and Tiptronic)£1,349

Porsche 996

Another expensive IMS-bearing replacement is the 996 model of the iconic 911 series. Because of the powerful mechanism and highly designed system, replacing the IMS is more time-consuming and loads of work.

IMS Bearing Replacement (996 C2 Manual and Ceramic)£1,249
IMS Bearing Replacement & Clutch (996 C2 Manual and Ceramic)£1,499
IMS Bearing Replacement (996 C2 Manual and Ceramic)£1,299
IMS Bearing Replacement & Clutch (996 C2 Manual and Ceramic)£1,549
IMS Bearing Replacement (996 C2 Tiptronic and Ceramic)£1,399
IMS Bearing Replacement (996 C2 Tiptronic and Ceramic)£1,449

Porsche 997 Gen 1

Like the 996 models of Porsche, the IMS bearing replacement cost of 997 will be higher since the manufacturing year, and the design of the system is almost similar.

IMS Bearing Replacement (997 C2 & C2S Manual and Ceramic)£1,249
IMS Bearing Replacement & Clutch (997 C2 & C2S Manual)£1,499 
 IMS Bearing Replacement (997 C4S Manual and Ceramic)£1,299 
 IMS Bearing Replacement & Clutch (997 C4S Manual)£1,549 
 IMS Bearing Replacement (997 C2 & C2S Tiptronic and Ceramic)£1,399 
 IMS Bearing Replacement (997 C4S Tiptronic and Ceramic)£1,449 

Which model of Porsche has the IMS bearing issue?

Honestly speaking, the early double-row bearing was not at fault. They barely used to fail. However, the new edition of the single IMS bearing started failing after its launch back in 2006. It continued from 2000 to 2008. The failure rate of those IMS bearing was 8%, and many of the cars used to fail after driving for only 3000 miles. Mainly, the 911 series and some specific models of the series were at most fault, as the 996 model of the series for a certain time.

IMS Bearing Issue– All 986 Boxster models. – 987 Cayman & Boxster models up to engine number 61504715 – All 996 models (not including GT and Turbo models) – 997 3.6ltr with M96/05 up to engine number 6950745

What are the symptoms of a failing IMS bearing in Porsche?

Unfortunately, catching the failing IMS bearing before anything bad happens is rare. Because the symptom of the failure is rarely noticeable. However, in most cases, the main symptom is that catastrophic damage to the engine happens. Also, it faces oil sludge because the original bearing is sealed, and all the debris inside with no way out.

Besides, one will listen to the ball bearings falling apart in extreme moments. Finally, they will fall apart.

When will one know that their IMS bearing needs replacement?

One of the common issues with the IMS bearing problem is the catastrophic failure of the engine. If the engine is having poor performance, then it is possible that the IMS is at fault. Also, if one notices any metallic debris in the oil filter of the engine, it is a must that the debris is coming from the IMS bearing and it requires immediate replacement.


Bearing is one of the crucial parts of any car. Many companies like Porsche have tried many things to improve the performance of their bearings. Many attempts get successful, but many were complete failures like the IMS bearing of Porsche.

After the first launch, they found out that this thing has a poor lifespan. Even some of the IMS bearing failed in 3000 miles and need expensive repairing. Hopefully, readers have found out every single detailregardingIMS bearing replacement costs from the discussion above.

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